Update 12-19-10: Yes, I found him!!!
He called me at ~2:00pm PST on 12-17-10 (or "17 Dec. 2010" if you prefer) after seeing this web page!!!

Here are a few clues to his identity (I know this isn't a whole lot to go on, but it's all I really have!):

1: Lived at the Juneau Receiving Home in Juneau AK. USA in the late-1970s through the early-1980s.
Both of us were in our early-teens back then.
He was my roommate there for much of that time; I considered him my best friend.

2: He has a younger brother named Richard, and an older sister named Rosemary.

3: Made a slight change to the lyrics of the song "Dangerous Type" by The Cars.

The lyrics were originally:
"She's a lot like you, the dangerous type"

Changed to:
"She's a lot like you, the dangerous typewriter"

4: His catchphrase was "Breaking light bulbs while they're burning!"

5: Was an audiophile; lusted after John Peterson's rather intricate stereo system in the early-1980s.

If you know John or if you ARE him, please email me!!!