24-LED 120 Volt AC Bulb, retail $12.20 (http://cgi.ebay.com...)
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 06-10-06

I don't know what I'm supposed to call this bulb, so I guess I'll just call it a bulb.

What this is is a 120 volt AC lamp with a medium screw base that fits into pretty much any United States household light receptacle where an incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb currently resides.

I don't believe these bulbs can be used on a dimmer circuit, so please don't screw one of these in a dimming receptacle, or you might let out all of the magic smoke, or even cause the bulb to overheat and break or start a fire. And you don't want one of those things (fires), trust me.

I believe this bulb is designed to replace spotlight bulbs in fixtures designed to accomodate them. But you can use it in any 120 volts AC fixture, as long as you can live with the spot this bulb produces.


To use this bulb, just find a fixture you want to use it in, unscrew and throw the old bulb (love to hear those things pop!!!), and screw this bulb into the socket in its place. If you're adverse to breaking things, gently place the old bulb on a washrag or something in a drawer full of really soft fuzzy things. ;-)

Since this bulb was designed exclusively to be powered by 110-120VAC, this section can and will be skipped.

This bulb is made primarily of glass with a porcelain or ceramic ring just above the screw base. So it CAN become broken if dropped, thrown, or otherwise abused.
Handle it as you would an ordinary household light bulb, and it shouldn't give you any guff.

Since this bulb was meant to be screwed in a light receptacle and not abused, I won't whap it against a steel rod, throw it in a toilet bowl, stomp on it, run over it, or inflict other punishments upon it that might be inflicted upon regular flashlights. So this section will be rather short.

The beam that comes out of this bulb is a very slightly bluish-white, and shows no rings, blotches, or other artifacts that might be present in a product using a much lesser number of LEDs.

I measured a peak temperature of 166F (74.4C) along the top of the bulb, when the bulb was used base-down for at least two hours. While this is hot, it's not burning hot, and you won't burn yourself on it if you accidentally brush up against it.

Beam photo on the ceiling from about 5' away.

Photograph of the bulb, illuminated, in a desk lamp.

Test units (2 bulbs) were purchased on Ebay for $25.40, and were received on 05-26-04. The page I used is right here. When it expires on 08-18-04, use the View seller's other items link and see if these bulbs are still being sold.

UPDATE: 06-01-04
One of the two lamps has FAILED!!!
I do not know what caused the failure, but it no longer functions at all when it is screwed into a known-energized socket. :-(
I guess this is what $12.20 whirling down the {vulgar term for feces}bowl looks like. :-(

I've emailed the seller about warranty coverage, so we'll see what happens there.

UPDATE: 06-02-04
I heard back from the seller this morning, with the address to send the defective bulb to for warranty replacement. He says that a refund will be offered if the replacement bulb blows up too, because this is a NEW product.
Now that's what I call great warranty service!!!
This will figure positively into my final rating.

I sent the bulb with its original packaging back to the provided address; now all I can do is wait...

UPDATE: 06-09-04
I received the warranty replacement today, around 1:00pm PDT. I screwed it in, and yes, it works.
The website listed on the return address, www.lightobject.com appears to be the homebase. They sell such items as covert video cameras, flashlights, LEDs, Peltier coolers, etc. I did not see this light bulb on the website yet though, so please use the Ebay links I posted above to buy these.

UPDATE: 06-10-06
Both of these blubs are now deader than doorknobs...yes, I was certain to screw them into a known-working and energised socket. And both operated intermittently for several seconds at minimum, then went totally dark. I wanted to grab a spectrum of them; guess I will no longer be able to do that.


All three test samples I have tried failed rather quickly.

    PRODUCT TYPE: LED replacement bulb for 110-120VAC
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm white LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 24
    BEAM TYPE: Narrow flood with dimmer corona
    BEZEL: None
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WARRANTY: At least 30 days


    Star Rating

24-LED 120 Volts AC Bulb *

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