2 in 1 Mini Money Detector UV LED

2 in 1 Mini Money Detector UV LED, availability may be spotty and localised, $??? (http://www..com)
Manufactured by (Unknown) (http://www..com)
Last updated 03-11-02

The 2 in 1 Mini Money Detector is yet another cheap chinese "POS" with a near-UV LED in it. Since the advent of high powered violet and near-UV LEDs last November, I've been seeing a whole glut of these inexpensive, cheaply-made "money detectors" appearing on the market. This light is of all-metal construction, and is powered by four tiny button cell batteries.

The sample of the 2-in-1 Mini Money Detector came ready to use, but it was assembled poorly and would not turn on. See below.

Batteries were pre-installed in the unit. There were compartments in the package for 4 more batteries, but they were empty.

The instructions on the back were written in the characteristic poorly translated "Engrish". Here is an excerpt.
    1. Make the LED light shine the money words which can check counterfeit money. It is real money if you can see the words under the light, or it is a stumer.
    2. It can be hung on the key ring to light the lock hole or as the emergency light.
    3. Press the button on the top to light.

Under battery replacement, you find this gem:
    4. Screw the end cover tightly.

This light uses four AG-3 button cells. The light comes with four already installed, and a spare set in the package. Unscrew the tailcap, and tap out the dead batteries. They will go up a Stick Shark vaccum, but they'll break a regular vaccum cleaner, so you might just want to drop them in the garbage. :)

Because button cells tend to get stuck sideways inside these small barrel type flashlight bodies, the easiest way to install them is to stack four cells, button-side facing up, on a table, and lower the flashlight barrel over them. Slip a business card or similar underneath, flip the light over, and screw the tailpiece back on.

A thin plastic insulating sleeve is present inside the barrel of the flashlight. Ensure this is still there before you load new batteries in. It is not affixed to any part of the light, so if it becomes cockeyed or slips out of position, a pin or a small screwdriver can be used to move it back into position.

When I received the unit, the whole inside portion was turned inside the barrel so the button on the outside was offset at a 45 angle with the pushbutton switch on the PCB, making it nearly impossible to activate. I nearly destroyed the test unit and broke a pair of pliers in an effort to realign the PCB. The back of the barrel on the flashlight is now all warped and bent out of shape, but I did successfully realign the parts and I now have a working sample. And a pair of pliers that need to go in the garbage can.

The 2 in 1 comes with a lobster claw type attachment and a standard split ring attached to the tailpiece with a short chain.

The LED appears to use a Uniroyal or Toyoda Gosei "Super Purple" UV LED chip, though I cannot determine who actually bought the chips and assembled them into the finished LED. Power output is on the lower end, and appears to be in the 2-3 milliwatt range with new batteries and has a wavelength estimated to be 400 to 402nm.

Despite using extra care, the light flickers occasionally when in use.

It should be noted that there is *no* advisory on the package regarding not staring into the business end of the unit. Such a caution should be present on any LED light using LEDs with wavelengths shorter than around 450nm, with LEDs that are ultra bright (greater than 1cd) and is a must when you start getting closer to 400nm, regardless of apparent intensity.


This is the smallest "money detector" type light tested to date.

Product is labelled as "2 in 1 Mini Money Detector Mini LED Light".
Part number SY-2130 is present on the face of the package.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



        MANUFACTURER: Not specified
        PRODUCT TYPE: UV "Money Detector" light
        LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, ~401nm
        No. OF LAMPS: 1
        BEAM TYPE: Roughly circular with central hot spot and soft fall-off.
        SWITCH TYPE: Momentary pushbutton
        BEZEL: LED is inset in chrome-plated receptacle. No removable parts.
        BATTERY: 4 AG-3 button cells
        ACCESSORIES: Set of batteries, split ring, spring-loaded clasp.
        WARRANTY: None specified

              PRODUCT RATING:

              DURABILITY: --
              BRIGHTNESS: --
              USEABILITY: --
              BATTERY LIFE: --
              BATTERY AVAILABILITY: --

              OVERALL SCORE: --


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