The Juneau Receiving Home

This is the Juneau Receiving Home.
I lived here from the late-1970s through the early-1980s, and have many fond memories of this place.

One such memory is having a roommate there for much of my stay. His name was John Robbins.
I not only considered him my roommate and best friend, I eventually considered him a brother too!!!
Perhaps not blood or by marriage, but a brother nonetheless!!!

Here are the names of some of the counselors/other staff and of some of the other residents during that time (not all names are mentioned; just ones that I clearly remember for one reason or other).

There's a group on Facebook, titled "Juneau Receivng Home Veterans" {note misspelling of "receiving"} made just for ex-residents of the Receiving Home.

(Remember that, John?) ;-)

This is another view of the Receiving Home.
Judging by the external appearance, extensive exterior (and probably
interior) remodelling has been done since I left there in 1983.

Aerial view of the facility.

Finally, this is John today
He is shown kicking back with Pili, one of his puppy dogs.

I haven't seen or heard from J.R. in at least twenty eight years, but he saw a web page stating that I was looking for him, and he gave me a jingle on 12-17-10 (or "17 Dec. 2010" if you prefer)!!!

This is Brian Harris; another Juneau Receiving Home veteran from the same time period.
(I know this photograph is furry; it was lifted from Brian's Facebook page!)

If you lived at or worked at the Juneau Receiving Home from mid-1978 through mid-1983, I'd love to hear from you!!!

Last updated 11-22-11