Terriermon (Digimon) Toy, retail $TBA (www.digimon.wikia.com...)
Manufactured by Banpresto (www.banpresto.co.jp
Last updated 03-14-11

This (of course) is Terriermon.

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This is fairly simple really...it's a Terriermon (Digimon plush) {stuffed critter} with a "rip thing" in its base that is (I believe anyway) supposed to allow the toy to spin on the floor.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was 46 and still liked Digimon -- but I like SpongeBob SquarePants and Viva Piņata as well.

I put him on this website because he was Henry Wong's partner digimon and I thought that he was kinda cool (or "kool" or "kewl").


Terriermon's champion form is Gargomon, his ultimate form is Rapidmon, and his mega form is Megagargomon.

I think he's supposed to spin when you sharply pull the "rip thing" out; but this particular example does little more than emit a buzzing noise (see video of this farther down this web page).

Although Terriermon is not very water-resistant, I don't yet know if he's machine washable and/or machine dryable or not -- probably *NOT* though.

No minimum age limit is shown on the labelling; however I would probably not give this product to children younger than 6 years of age -- there is a possibility that a younger child might pull something off or bite into something on him and subsequently choke on the batting (filler) material or try to put the plastic "rip thing" in his mouth or even put an eye out with it.

This is a video on YourTube showing how this Terriermon toy doesn't do a whole lot other than make a buzzing noise (which may or may not be audible here unless you turn your speakers or earphones up a bit) when the "rip-thing" is pulled. The kitty cat that appears in some of this video is Patches.

Yes, I tried it on bare floor with much the same results.

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Audio file (.WAV format) of the Digimon title (theme) song for season 3.

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This Terriermon toy/plush was purchased on Ebay in early-2004.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

    MANUFACTURER: Banpresto
    PRODUCT TYPE: Plush toy with (I believe) inbuilt top
    No. OF LAMPS: N/A
    CASE MATERIAL: Soft plush material over some sort of batting; hard plastic base
    BEZEL: N/A
    ACCESSORIES: "Rip thing" to activate top
    WARRANTY: Unknown/TBA


    Product was not intended to be a light-emitter or test instrument, so the traditional "star" rating will not be used.

Impmon (Digimon Plush) *

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