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This is a novel written by Jordon P. Papanier, director of marketing for a well-established technology firm -- and author, of course.

He has published numerous articles in local newspapers and national publications, and has appeared on television. A composer of songs and a poet, he combines his art with his technological know-how, creating rich and complex stories.

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This novel is about an FBI agent working to save young girls from sexual exploitation and to find the source of a dangerous new street drug.

For your convienence, lifted from the Fallen Lotus Petals website (minor changes to spelling and syntax performed to make it a bit more readable), is this synopsis:

FBI agent Tom Larson is no stranger to sexual abuse and young girl exploitations. When he is assigned to investigate a lost container, he soon finds himself engulfed in crimes involving the sex-slave trafficking of underage Asian girls. Faced with this case too reminiscent of a former situation of violence that included his own sisters well as working to uncover the source of a dangerous new designer drug and a plastic gun that can be transported without detection, Larson's hands are more than full. In Fallen Lotus Petals, the fast-paced novel by Jordon Papanier, readers are quickly engaged. Will the agent save these exploited young girls? Will his current love interest retain its intensity and survive the pressures placed on one man trying to save so many children from a life of crime and destitution? The author has delivered a novel that reads like a poetic journey rich with imagery, dark with sinister possibilities, often humorous, yet always tense with the edginess of reality.

The back cover of this wonderful book.

Video on YourTube with a trailer of sorts.

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