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More photographs of...cummon, you've GOT to know this one by now...take a whack at it anyway...

If you guessed Patches, ¡¡¡HUSOOS CRISTO EN UN SILLÓN DE RUEDAS, NO!!!
Itr's NIKKI of course!!!

Nikki had several bite wounds on her chest and under her right front leg on 05-14-12, so we took her to the vet. They shaved the area, drained the puss out of the wounds, gave her an antibiotic injection, and sent her home with pain medication in syringes.
No, no, no!!! Not "syringes" with needles on them; these were designed to be emptied into Nikki's mouth (preferably under her tongue for more rapid assimilation into the blood, but anywhere in the mouth was kosher) three times a day: we chose 5:30am, 1:30pm, and 9:30pm because I'm up at those times and could administer the drug at precise intervals.

This one shows the special bed I made for her on the floor using a large pillow, my ''WAKA WAKA BBS'' Embroidered Jacket, and my Rainbow Blanket which she just loves the living tweedle out of.
Unfortunately (for Nikki that is), Bear-Bear spent more time here than Nikki ever did.

All of the above photographs show Nikki doing what she likes the most:

And this one shows that Nikki isn't a tabby cat -- note the jet-black pads on her paws.

Nikki's just so cute in this picture...she looks extremely comfortable!!!

This is my special little girl on my bed shortly after I came home from flying R/C aircraft at the park -- note the radio for a helicopter is in this photograph as well as my kitty.

These two show Nikki doing what she does best: sleeping of course!!!

Nikki's never laid down here before; this is the couch in the living room.

This photograph shows my special little fuzzbomb in one of her favourite new places: the top of the cabinet on the north side of the wash room (on the opposite side of the room as the washingmachine and dryer).

This one shows her in another of her new favourite places: on my Quickie® Pulse 6 Electric Wheelchair.

This one shows my precious little angel once again imitating a fuzzbomb -- now you get why I call her, "my little fuzzbomb" hahaha!!!!

We adopted this kitty cat in July 2011; she was officially made "MY" cat in early-October 2011.

UPDATE: 05-25-12
Within the last couple of weeks, I've been singing the jingle from the 1980s toy, "My Little Pony" to Nikki with a slight alteration to the lyrics.
My version goes like this:

My little fuzzbomb,
my little fuzzbomb!


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