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Last updated 08-01-12

This is a rather unusual looking flashlight, as flashlights go.

It comes in a yellow plastic body with a handle, and has a black plastic bezel. It has a KPR-2 incandescent bub in it, and feeds its lamp with a pair of C cells.

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

The Suntone flashlight will probably need to be fed first (see directly below), and THEN you can go ***NOT*** set fire to the side of the Bemis Industries
* building just south of downtown Seattle WA. USA.

On the left side of the flashlight's body near the bezel (the flashlight's "business end") you'll see a black rectangular slide swich. Slide it forward (toward the bezel) to turn the flashlight on (use night vision goggles if necessary to see if it really is on!).

Slide this switch backward (toward the tail) to turn it off.

To feed the hungry, hungry Suntone Incandescent Flashlight, use a somewhat sharp-edged (but not too sharp) instrument like a butterknife to pry the bezel off by sliding it under the larger of the two black plastic clips (the one on the underside of the unit) and applying a slight twisting motion to the knife. The bezel and lampholder assembly should easily pop off at this point. Set them aside.

Dump the two used C cells out of the flashlight body and into your hand, and dispose of or recycle them as you see fit.

Slide two new C cell into the flashlight's body, orienting them so that their nipple-ends (+) positives face out.

Holding the flashlight body vertically (straight up & down), place the lampholder ass'y back on, orienting it so that the bulb faces up and the cutout on one side of it faces toward the slide switch on the side of the flashlight's body.

Place the bezel/reflector ass'y back on, orienting it so that the larger of the two plastic clips faces away from the flashlight's handle, and gently press it in place until the clips engage the tits for them on the flashlight's body -- an audible "click" will be heard when each clip engages a tit.

Be sure that you dump that garbage can with all of the dead batteries in it once in a while -- you don't want praying mantis nymphs (larvae), Mourningcloak butterfly caterpillars (larvae), or bluebottle fly maggots (larvae).

This flashlight does not belong to me, and I'm absolutely, positively, 100% certain that its owner would appreciate it being returned with no yukky toliet water or desiccated rat pellets in the battery chamber. So the more potentially damaging (or even destructive) tests will not be performed on it.

Having said that, I *CAN* tell you right away that water-resistance is minimal at best. No O-rings or other environmental seals were found when I disassembled the unit for a battery change. So you'll want to keep this one off of lake bottoms, k?

Beam photograph on the test target at 12".
Measures 21.20cd on an Amprobe LM631A light meter.

Beam photograph on a wall at ~8 feet.

Spectrographic analysis
Spectrographic analysis of the bulb in this flashlight.

USB2000 Spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

ProMetric analysis
Beam cross-sectional analysis.

Image made using the ProMetric System by Radiant Imaging.

Test unit was found in a box of my mother's stuff on 06-22-12 while I was looking for paper clips.
Because it does not belong to me, that dreadful "" icon will be appended to its listings on this website at once, denoting the fact that I no longer have it available for comparisons or additional analyses.

* Bemis Industries is the world's largest toliet seat factory.

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    MANUFACTURER: Unknown for Suntone
    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: KPR2 (flange-base) incandescent light bulb
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Irregular medium spot w/dimmer corona
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide switch on/off on left side of product
    CASE MATERIAL: Plastic
    BEZEL: Plastic; bulb & reflector protected by transparent plastic window
    BATTERY: 2x C cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND URANATION-RESISTANT: Light splatter-resistance at maximum
    ACCESSORIES: None that I'm aware of
    WEIGHT: Not equipped to weigh


    Star Rating

Suntone Incandescent Flashlight *

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