Our Pussy Cat Bear-Bear!!! (Pg. 2)
Manufactured by (God, of course!!!)
Last updated 12-04-13

The kitty cat does not emit light of its own (he's a cat for Christ sakes!!!), so the standard review format will not be used and the kitty will not be assigned a rating. This page will contain mainly just seven photographs (as of 12-03-12).

He was adopted by us on 02-02-12 (or "02 Feb. 2012" or even "Feb. 02, Twenty Stick Very-Twirly-Stick" if you prefer), and yes, he's been neutered to help control the pet population (as former The Price is Right game show host Bob Barker used to say).

He's our latest adoption to the family (which now consists of eight members: three members of Homo sapien and five members of Felis cattus) and I just love the living tweedle out of him!!!

He also produces rather faint (but easily palpable) subvocal oscillations (purring) virtually any time he's around me or gets even the slightest "pettins". He's a "glutton for love and affection" as I call him!!!

UPDATE: 11-30-13
Bear-Bear has been missing since the afternoon of 11-26-13; we've called animal control, the "dog pound", nearby veterinary offices, and pet hospitals to no avail.

To that end, I made this poster and had a hundred copies of it printed up and distributed across this city:

UPDATE: 12-04-13
Here's a graphic I made some time ago using an Atari 800 computer emulator:

No, he didn't actually uranate on my socks; I simply had to find a word ore phrase that rhymed with 'litterbox'.

And this is a graphic I made some time ago using a Commodore +4 emulator:

And no, he didn't actually eat socks; I simply had to find a word ore phrase that rhymed with 'litterbox'.


This pussy cat was not intended to be a light-emitter,
so the traditional "star" rating will not be used.

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