My Aunt's Little Girl Cally (2)
Manufactured by (God, of course!!!)
Last updated 03-18-14

(You can sort of see her "moustache", which makes her look a bit like Adolf Hitler.)

Photographs of...cummon, you've GOT to know this one by now...take a whack at it anyway...

Itr's CALLY of course!!!

The two above photographs were taken on the early-evening of 07-14-13.

This pic shows Cally on one of her favourite perches -- a little table under the dining room window.

The two above photos show Cally lying on top of her favourite box.

This is a photo of my aunt's precious little furkid lying on her new favourite towel at the foot of her bed.

This is a photo of my aunt's precious little furkid commandeering the chair that I normally sit in while I'm here.

This one shows Cally in one of her new favourite places: on my pillows.

The above three pics show Cally on her pillows in the living room.

This one shows my aunt's little furkid sitting in my chair in the dining room.

This one shows Cally sleeping in the cat bed that I purchased for my special little furkid Nikki not all that long ago.

These last eight pics of Cally were taken before my brother's girlfriend picked her up a couple of days ago (03-15-14).

And these ones were hiding in my camera.

Cally playing with a "regular" cat toy and then the dot from a laser cat toy.

That sound you hear is a boob tube with ET or OMG: Insider playing on it, and may be ignored or even muted if it pisses you off.

This video is approximately 155.006734544 megabytes (155,539,710 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than seven hundred seventy five (!) minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.
This video is definitely ***NOT*** dial-up friendly!!!

This kitty cat belongs to my aunt; she adopted her from the Humane Society when her beloved Ms. Chubbs passed away in mid-2011.

UPDATE: 03-17-14
My stepbrother's girlfriend came by on 03-15-14 to pick up Cally and take her with her following my aunt's death on 03-13-14; I did manage to take eight more photos of Cally and put those suckers on this web page; however, the "" icon will be displayed next to her listings on this website to denote the fact that no additional updates will be made to Cally's web pages here.


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