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Last updated 01-23-14

This is the Ipod Shuffle -- a very small music player that allows your music (in .MP3 format) to be played wherever you go...well, not swimming or diving of course.

This version (the Shuffle) has 2 gigabytes (2,000,000,000 bytes) of memory for storing your music.

The Ipod is what launched a plethora of other portable digital music players onto the market; it was initially released in October 2001.
This web page will give you a little history lesson on how the Ipod came into being and has become so gosh darn-diddly-arn popular today.

It outputs its audio (sound) through a standard 1/8" female stereo earphone jack.

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

Putting music on the player appears to be fairly straightforward -- if you're a Windows PC user anyway. I don't own or have access to an Apple® Macintosh of any vintage, so I'm simply not equipped to tell you how to use the Ipod with one.

First, you'll need the Itunes program installed on your computer. You can use Itunes to search for music that you already have on your pee-cee or Mac, or go to the Itunes Store and purchase songs from there.

Plug the USB dongle to a USB port on your computer and to the headphone jack on the player itself (plug it in firmly). Itunes should launch itself shortly thereafter.

Follow the directions given to you in Itunes, and you'll have music on your Ipod in no time.

This is a screen dump from my computer showing Itunes as it was launched shortly after connecting my Ipod.

As you can see, I listen to a lot of music from coin-op arcade video games, computer demo programs, and electronic music from artists like Karl Bartos and Kraftwerk.

To listen to music on your Ipod, plug the included earbuds or any other pair of earphones or headphones with a 32Ω impedence (this is quite commonplace, so you should not encounter any trouble at all in obtaining earphones or headphones with this impedence -- though it should be completely kosher to use 8Ω headphones; you'll just see a very slight decrease in battery life) into the 1/8" female stereo phone receptacle on the upper left top of the Ipod (as the unit is in your hand with the circular array of buttons facing you). Plug them in firmly, Turn the Ipod on by sliding the small switch on the upper right of the Ipod toward the left (toward the earphone jack). Slide it to the center position to have your unit play songs in sequential (alphabetical) order; slide it all the way to the left to have the unit play songs at random -- this puts the "shuffle" in Ipod Shuffle.

Around the circular center pad are four buttons; in clockwise order they are:


+ and - buttons increase and decrease the earphone volume.
>>| and |<< buttons have dual functions (actually, the |<< button has three); they skip one track ahead or behind; or if held down, act as fast-forward and rewind buttons. The |<< button instantly "rewinds" the current song playing to its beginning if it is just briefly tapped.
And the large circular pad in the center is the play / pause control.

On the top of the product in addition to the power/mode switch, there is a small button: this button activates a speech synthesizer that tells you the song's name and its performing artist.

Finally, the Ipod has a generously-sized spring-loaded clip on the back that allows you to affix it to virtually any piece of clothing. You can literally wear your music totally hands-free!

The internal battery is rechargeable, so I don't have to tell you which part to remove, kick into the garden crawling with hungry, hungry sphinx moth larvae (caterpillars) with full bladders, and then rather emphatically tell you not to.

To charge the battery, simply plug the USB dongle to a USB port on your computer and to the headphone jack on the player (plug it in firmly) itself as though you were transferring music.

It takes approx. three hours for the battery to charge -- this value assumes that the battery in the player is pretty flat.

This is a small MP3 player, not a flashlight meant to be thrashed, trashed, and abused. So I won't try to drown it in the toliet tank, bash it against a steel rod or against the concrete floor of a carport in effort to try and expose the bare Metalmarineangemon - er - the bare Metaltrailmon - um that's not it either...the bare a sec here...THE BARE METAL (guess I've been watching too much Digimon again! - now I'm just making {vulgar term for feces} up!!!), let my mother's big dog's ghost, her kitties, my kitty or my sister's kitty cat piddle (uranate) on it, hose it down with my mother's gun, run over it with a 450lb Quickie Pulse 6 motorised wheelchair, stomp on it, use a medium ball peen hammer in order to bash it open to check it for candiosity, fire it from the cannoñata, drop it down the top of Mt. Erupto (now I guess I've been watching the TV program "Viva Piñata" too much again - candiosity is usually checked with a laser-type device on a platform with a large readout (located at Piñata Central {aka. "Party Central"}), with a handheld wand that Langston Lickatoad uses, or with a pack-of-cards-sized device that Fergy Fudgehog uses; the cannoñata (also located at Piñata Central) is only used to shoot piñatas to piñata parties away from picturesque Piñata Island, and Mt. Erupto is an active volcano on Piñata Island), send it to the Daystrom Institute for additional analyses, or perform other indecencies on it that a flashlight might have to have performed on it. Therefore, this section of the Ipod Shuffle's web page will seem a bit more bare than this section of the web page on a page about a flashlight.

In fact, the photographs and textual data on this web page will probably be about "it".

Here are its environmental requirements:

Operating temperature: 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C)
Nonoperating temperature: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Operating altitude: tested up to 10,000 feet (3000 m)

There is no music demonstration audio clip because I have not yet figured out how to use the
LINE-IN function on this computer.
It was a simple process on my Emachines tower computer that I had before lightning destroyed it in mid-2013, but I have not gotten the line-in or mic input receptacles on this Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer to function yet.

Photograph of the unit's upper controls.

Audio (sound) of the voiceover announcing song titles in .MP3 format.

I recorded this by the admittely crude method of holding one of the earphone cups by the camera's mic, recording an .AVI file (movie), stripping the video information with a computer software program, and then finally using another software program to convert the resulting .WAV file into .MP3 format.

This file is 0.6832532574 megabytes (712,516 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than three and a half minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

Audio (sound) of the voiceover announcing the entire contents of my Ipod (as of 01-08-14) in .MP3 format.

Recording methodology was the same as the above audio file.

This file is 1.5554632768 megabytes (1,640,699 bytes) in length; dial-up users please be aware.
It will take no less than seven and a half minutes to load at 48.0Kbps.

Audio (sound) of the voiceover announcing the 'battery low' warning in .MP3 format.

Recording methodology was the same as the above audio files.

This file is less than 7K in size; download time should not be an issue regardless of your connection speed...unless you're on a 300BPS (often erroneously stated as '300 baud') connection of course -- but I haven't seen connection speeds that low since I was the sysop of The Toylet Bowl BBS in the 1990s.

Test unit was given to me as a Christmas present by my sister and I opened that sucker on the early evening of 12-26-13.

Because it was a gift, the "" icon will be appended to its listings on this website to denote the fact that no abusive or even potentially destructive testing will take place on it.

UPDATE: 01-04-14
If the current song is paused, pressing the
>>| or |<< buttons will skip forward or backward by one song (with each press); if the Voiceover function is engaged (this is done through Itunes), a female voice will announce the song's name and the artist who performs it. I have found this to be a very handy feature to have especially considering that the Ipod Shuffle does not have a video display!

Allows you to take your music with you; not too unlike the Sony Walkman of 1979.
VERY small!
Has an extremely handy "voiceover" feature that tells you which song is which
Has very good sound for such a little squirt!

Does not require formatting in order to add new songs

Volume setting resets to default when unit is turned off

    MANUFACTURER: Apple® Computer Co.
    PRODUCT TYPE: MP3 (audio) player
    LAMP TYPE: Bicolor LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide on/shuffle/off plus momentary pushbuttons for ctrl.
    CASE MATERIAL: Aluminum
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: Unknown capacity Li:ION internal rechargeable battery
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND MICTURITION-RESISTANT: Very light splatter-resistant at maximum
    ACCESSORIES: Earbud-type earphones, USB charger/data transfer dongle, battery (already installed)
    SIZE: 31.60mm {1.240"} W x 29mm {1.140"} H x 8.70mm {0.340"} D (incl. clothing clip)
    WEIGHT: 12.50g (0.440 oz.) incl. battery
    WARRANTY: 1 year


    Product will not be assigned a "star" rating because it is not a light-emitter or R/C vehicle.

Apple® Ipod Shuffle *

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