The (Not-So-Stray) Stray Kitty Stormy
Manufactured by (God, of course!!!)
Last updated 06-11-14

The kitty cat does not emit light of its own (he's a cat for Christ sakes!!!), so the standard review format will not be used and the kitty will not be assigned a rating. This page will contain mainly just thirteen photographs (as of 02-15-14).

Stormy (my mother & sister had originally named him Smokey, but they both realised a short time later that both had cats named Smokey in the past) came to our back porch around the 1st of December 2013; he would meow quite loudly for food. I soon found that I could pet him even while he ate, and eventually (just a few days actually) he would jump into my lap. When he did so, he would almost immediately start purring.

The other night (12-05-13), he jumped into my lap, and actually growled at me when I needed to get up and set him down. Talk about a LAP KITTY!!!

He's an unneutered male (we know he's a male and still has his nads because he f***ed Snowball which is another stray) -- guess we're gonna have us some black & white kittens in February 2014...but Dr. Farris will soon chop off his balls so that can't happen again!

This photo is only to show that I can pet him.
Clearly, he was somebody's pussy cat in the not-too-distant past.

The above four photos were taken on the morning of 12-16-13.

This pic of Stormy resting on top of the shelving unit by the back door was taken on the evening of 01-04-14.

This pic of Stormy sharing my bed with my special little furkid Nikki was taken on the evening of 01-27-14.

This pic of Stormy in my special little furkid Nikki's bed was taken on the evening of 01-31-14.

This pic of Stormy and Nikki on my bed together was taken on the evening of 02-06-14.

This pic simply shows Stormy coming out from under my chair on my aunt's front porch.

This foto shows Stormy asleep just outside Nikki's bed.

This pic shows Stormy in my aunt's rock garden.

This pic shows Stormy on my aunt's porch curled up in a patio chair.

This pic shows our adorable little furkid curled up sweetly asleep.

This pic shows our adorable little furkid curled up asleep on the seat of my Pride® Celebrity X3 Scooter on the afternoon of 05-25-14.

Stormy adopted us around 12-01-13.

He also produces rather faint (but easily palpable) subvocal oscillations (purring) virtually any time he's in my lap. He's a "glutton for love and affection" as I call him!!!

UPDATE: 02-04-14
My mother sexed the cat and determined that Stormy is a she, not a he.
That is, she didn't find a tallywhacker or nads.

But our vet Dr. Farris determined a bit later that he's a neutered male.


This pussy cat was not intended to be a light-emitter,
so the traditional "star" rating will not be used.

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