Very Special 3-Diamond Ring, retail $TBA
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 03-27-14

This product does not emit light of its own, so the standard review format will not be used and the product will not be assigned a rating. This website is mostly about light-emitting products, but occasionally, you'll see non-light emitting products on it too if it's something I really like.

This is a man's diamomd ring consisting of three diamonds (approx. sizes 0.70 ct. center and 0.15 ct on each side of it) on what I believe is an 18 kt. gold ring.


Photograph showing the ring in its natural habitat (on my finger of course!)

Ring was given to me by my mother as a gift for watching over my aunt Voni, who left this mortal coil on 03-13-14.

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