O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, retail $~11.50 (http://www.o2-cool.com...)
Manufactured by O2Cool (www.o2-cool.com)
Last updated 08-06-14

This is an electric fan, not a flashlight, laser, test instrument, or R/C vehicle -- so my standard review format will not be used and the product will be unrated. This web page will consist of just three photos and a smattering of text; in addition, the "" icon will appear appended to its listings on this website to denote the fact that this is an informational-only web page rather than a full, rated review.

This is the O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan.
Instead of sitting on a desk or floor or being handheld like many other portable fans, you simply sling this one around your neck with the handy-dandy breakaway neck cord.

A "squirrel cage"-type fan in the unit sucks air in from the front and blows it upward through a vent on the fan's upper surface, and it feeds from 2x AA cells

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

To use your spiffy new (or corroded old ) O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, install two new AA cells in it (see directly below) and THEN you can take that log off the air conditioner.

Sling the fan 'round your neck with the circular opening facing outward.

On the right side of the fan's body, you'll see a generously-sized grey slide switch. Slide this switch up (toward the output vent) to turn it on, and slide it downward (toward the battery compartment) to neutralise it.

To change the batteries when necessary, flip the fan over so that the air inlet port on its front surface is facing down.

Slide the battery door off, carry it outside, and gently place it into that wheelie bin (wheeled outdoor garbage can) filled beyond capacity with dirty diapers & mouldy pizza and crawing with maggots (fly larvae), rats, and baby brown recluse spiders...
O WAIT!!! YOU'LL NEED THAT!!! So just set it aside instead.

If necessary, remove & dispose of the two used AA cells as you see fit.
Do not use your foot to push them under the Lazy-Boy where the family cat might find them, do not attempt to flush them down the can, and for Christ sakes please do not throw them over the side of a dock where they might hit a flounder on the way down to the sea bottom.

Insert two new AA cells into the battery compartment, orienting them so that their flat-ends (-) negatives face the springs for them in each chamber, slide the battery door back on, and be done with it.

Aren't you glad that you didn't huck it into that wheelie bin that really needs some Chlorox and the hose now?

Photograph showing the unit being used in the manner in which it was intended.

My sister purchased this for me on 07-29-14; since it was a gift from a loved one, the "" icon will appear next to its listings on this website to denote the fact that no abusive or even potentially destructive testing will be performed on it.

UPDATE: 08-06-14
The following photograph shows what happened on 08-04-14 when I went to grab a pillow for my mother:

As you can see, the neck strap got caught in a box or something, the breakaway neck strap did its job, and the entire fan clattered to the floor (we just moved and there are boxes & s**t everywhere).
The fan was not damaged at all; once the batteries were reinstalled and the breakaway neck strap re-fastened, the fan was no worse for wear.

Photograph was taken with the rear-facing camera on my Galaxy Tab4 Tablet Computer.

O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan * http://www.o2-cool.com...

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