Mini Keychain Video Recorder, retail $7.99
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 08-16-14

This product does not emit light of its own, so the standard review format will not be used and the product will not be assigned a rating. This website is mostly about light-emitting products, but occasionally, you'll see non-light emitting products on it too if it's something I use regularly and/or really like (this camera meets the first of those two criteria!). It *DOES* have an LED in it, so it's at least a bit germane to the theme of this website.

The Rechargeable Mini Keychain Video Recorder is a small, rather "handy-dandy" digital camera that also functions as a video camera.

It is sized appropriately small that you can use it as a key fob, and it has a rechargeable battery so you never have to worry about purchasing disposable batteries for it.

It is small and light enough that you can use it for aerial videography on medium-sized or larger R/C airplanes and 400-size or larger R/C helis.

 Size of product w/hand to show scale SIZE

Charge the included battery first (see directly below), set up the unit (again see directly below -- you only need do this once) and THEN you can go shoot those tiger swallowtail caterpillars (larvae).

Turn the camera on by pressing & holding the second button down from the upper right of the camera's body for approx. three seconds; a yellow light will come on at this point.

Shoot a still photo by pressing & releasing the topmost button.

Record video by pressing & holding the topmost button for approx. three seconds; the yellow light will flash three times when it's time to release the button.

When you want to stop recording video, press & release that topmost button.

The Rechargeable Mini Keychain Video Recorder is rechargeable and does not need disposable batteries, so I don't have to you which part to remove, throw down a mouse hole so that the mice become uranated (pissed off) at it, and cover it in mouse pellets and then rather emphatically tell you not to.

To charge it, simply connect the small emnd of the furnished USB cable into the female receptacle for it on the left side of the camera's body near the front, and plug the larger end into any USB receptacle on your laptop or desktop computer.

To set up the camera on your computer (this only needs to be done once!), go to your computer's START menu, select MY COMPUTER from it, and look for a new disk drive -- the screen should show this camera as Removeable Drive (E:) {the "E:" could be any other letter after "C" depending on how your computer is set up}

Use a program like Notepad or other simple text editor to create a file called, 'INIT.TAG" with the following contents:

Type the date & time to match your local date & time of course. Save it to the camera's root directory as INIT.TAG; the camera should now appear on your computer as pictured below:

The camera will now do all of the driving as it were.
From this point forward, the camera will come up on your PC like this:

Your photos & videos will be located in the subdirectory (folder) labelled DCIM.

The Rechargeable Mini Keychain Video Recorder is designed to be used as a digital camera, not as flashlight meant to be carried around, thrashed, trashed, and abused; so I won't try to drown it in the toliet tank, bash it against a steel rod or against the concrete floor of a carport, let my mother's big dog's ghost, her cats, my sister's kitty cats, or my little furkid spring a leak (uranate) all over it, run over it with a 450lb Celebrity motorised wheelchair, stomp on it, use a medium or large ball peen hammer in order to bash it open to check it for candiosity, fire it from the cannoñata, drop it down the top of Mt. Erupto (I guess I've been watching the TV program "Viva Piñata" too much again - candiosity is usually checked with a laser-type device on a platform with a large readout (located at Piñata Central {aka. "Party Central"}), with a handheld wand that Langston Lickatoad uses, or with a pack-of-cards-sized device that Fergy Fudgehog uses; the cannoñata (also located at Piñata Central) is only used to shoot piñatas to piñata parties away from picturesque Piñata Island, and Mt. Erupto is an active volcano on Piñata Island), send it to the Daystrom Institute for additional analysis, or perform other indecencies on it that a flashlight might have to have performed on it. So this section of the Rechargeable Mini Keychain Video Recorder's web page will be ***SIGNIFICANTLY*** more bare than this section of the web page on a page about a flashlight.

In fact, the four photographs & three screen dumps on this web page and that video (located directly below) may very well be "it".

Photograph taken outdoors under clear skies.

This photo shows how I have the camera mounted to my Syma S031G R/C Coaxial Helicopter for some aerial videography.
The two lower "buttons" (with the packing tape covering them) are dummy buttons that do nothing, so it was perfectly kosher to tape over them.


I attempted to shoot an aerial video using my my Syma S031G R/C Coaxial Helicopter as the 'host', but the heli experienced multiple blade strikes and soon busted both of its lower main rotor blades -- thusly necessitating my having to order a replacement set.

Product was purchased on Ebay on 05-22-14 and was received on 05-31-14.
I purchased it because I wanted to do a bit of aerial videography from my Syma S031G R/C Coaxial Helicopter.

This camera appears defective though, so I ordered another.

UPDATE: 07-16-14
I had this camera affixed to a R/C helicopter for aerial videography on 07-14-14, the heli got blown down by a strong puff of wind, and crashed rather violently -- at the moment of impact I could see parts exploding everywhere! The helicopter was easily repairable, but the little memory chip used by the camera was blown clear of the wreckage and became lost (yes, I conducted an exhaustive search for it). As a result, the dreadful, " Failed or was destroyed during/after testing" icon will be appended to its listings on this website for at least a month -- it'll be early-August before I can purchase a replacement and I'll have to wait at least an additional ten days for it to arrive from China.

UPDATE: 07-28-14
I used the memory chip from another heli that has an onboard camera, however, this camera no longer charges its internal battery so now I'm back to using the one with no audio -- but at least I can still record video with it.

Since it has partially lost its functionality, the dreadful "" icon will be appended to its listings on this website to denote that the product has partially failed yet still retains some functionality.

UPDATE: 08-04-14
I love this little camera so much (and the price isn't too shabby either) that I ordered a third one on 08-01-14 to replace the two crash-damaged cameras -- one no longer accepts a battery charge and the mic popped out of the other one.

UPDATE: 08-16-14
The replacement arrived on 08-14-14.
That's all people, nothing to see along now!

O poo!!!
The replacement is defective -- it neither turns on & off nor accepts a charge.
I've already contacted the vendor to see what my recourse is.

Great video & photo quality
for the price!
Speaking of "price", the price is most definitely right!


No display, so you really don't know if the camera is recording or not

    PRODUCT TYPE: Keychain-sized digital video + still camera
    No. OF LAMPS: N/A
    SWITCH TYPE: 2 pushbuttons
    CASE MATERIAL: Plastic
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: Internal 3.70 volts rechargeable battery
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND URANATION-RESISTANT: Very light splatter-resistance at maximum
    ACCESSORIES: USB charging/data transfer cable, keychain attachment
    SIZE: 51mm L x 33mm W x 14mm T
    WEIGHT: 17.90g (0.630 oz.) (incl. keychain), ( oz.) without keychain
    COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE: Unknown, though presumably China or Hong Kong
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Product is not intended to be used as a light emitter,
    so the conventional "star" rating will not be used.

Rechargeable Mini Keychain Video Recorder *

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