LEDCORP Alum. Flashlight

'Our Best Aluminum Flashlight', retail $34.95 (http://www.ledcorp.com)
Manufactured by LEDCORP (1-888-394-2001)
Last updated: May 13, 2001

LED Light

The 'Flashlight' by LEDCORP is the next step beyond the Turtlelite. It is a compact black alumininum flashlight using 4 "AA" cells, a patented LEDCORP focusable LED lamp, and a focusable reflector head. Think of it is a big 'Mini Mag' using LED technology for long battery life and pure white light.


The 'Flashlight' comes ready to use right out of the box. Press the rubberized button on the barrel until it clicks to turn it on, press it again to turn it off.
This is how flashlights should work.

With this light, you can change the beam profile from spot to flood just by turning the head.

This flashlight is unusual in that it uses 4 cells. Most LED lights only use three, so you will use more of the battery chemistry and get a longer life . When you open up the tailcap, you'll find a seperate "carriage" inside the batteries are actually installed in. Remove the batteries from this holder, and install four new ones following the polarity markings indicated in each compartment.

On one end of the battery holder, you'll see a "T" shaped metal contact; and on the other, a round or disc-shaped one. Insert the holder into the flashlight with the "T" contact facing the front of the light, so it goes in first. The disc shaped contact will now be visible in the butt of the flashlight, ready to accept the spring tailcap. Screw the tailcap back on, and be done with it. Battery life should be 100 hours or greater.
Check the Updates at the bottom of the page like usual to find out when they poop out.

LEDCORP's 'Flashlight' is easily one of the roughtest, toughest flashlights money can buy. There are very few moving parts (much fewer than even a Mag-Lite) so there is little that can go wrong. The flashlight makes a solid "whump!" sound when dropped, unlike some cheap plastic imitations. Because the "bulb" is actually an LED, there is no fragile filament to snap or go out of alignement, and no glass bulb to explode. So your light will never go out of focus permanently even from the most severe accidental fall.

The flashlight was tested in the sink and found to be waterproof - and as a result, weatherproof; but please note that it will sink like a rock. For that reason it might not be the best light to keep on your boat.

LED Light LED Light
Beam photos.
Left: Light focused to infinity (optimum focus). Notice the "spill light" off to the sides.
Right: Light unfocused to just before head loosens

As you can see by the pictures, at best focus, it is on par with the Turtlelite 1. As the head is turned, the light beam widens, much like what happens when you use an LEDCORP bulb in a Mag Lite. The light will actually allow for a wider beam, but at this point the O-ring disengages and the head spins loose on the threads. The O-ring should have been mounted about 1/4 inch higher (towards the bulb) on the barrel. This cannot be done manually, as the groove for the ring is not set up for being positioned there. As it is now, the head will disengage from the O-ring after just 1 full turn!

LED Light LED Light
Light used without reflector as an area or reading light.
Left: Light illuminating page of a coffee table book.
Right: Large book compared in size to a Turtlelite.

As you can see, when you remove the head, the bulb stays in place and the light works very well as a reading light, and evenly illuminates the pages of most any book, from pocket novels to coffee table books like the one shown above. Both pictures were taken using the 'Flashlight' as the sole source of light.

The flashlight also stands on its tail for use as a 'candle', either with or without its reflector head in place.
An ideal use for the 'Flashlight' in this mode is as a tent light.

Unlike some flashlights, this one does not have a ring or other provision for attaching a lanyard, so you can't hang it from your backpack - you have to either carry it or stow it.
For cavers & extreme outdoor sports, this might not the best light for you unless you jerry rig something to prevent loss in case it comes out of your hand.
If you lose a lot of flashlights this way, choose one of the Turtlelite models or a C.C. Expedition instead.


Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Light was found to be waterproof (only tested to 1 foot so far) and was found to be very sturdy.

Focusable beam, gives you the choice of spot or flood. Durable construction, waterproof, uses cheap & common batteries, excellent battery life. Can be stood on end for "candle" illumination, and makes a great reading light.

Some may find it heavy for a single-LED flashlight. Sinks like a rock. Head disengages from O-ring too quickly, before reaching widest possible focus.

PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld Flashlight
LAMP TYPE: LED, White, 5mm, specially ground
BEAM TYPE: Adjustable
SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton
BEZEL: Reflector & transparent window
BATTERY: 4 "AA" cells
CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Approximately 70 milliamps
SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to ??? feet. Negative buoyancy.
ACCESSORIES: Dorcy batteries
WARRANTY: Lifetime on flashlight, 10 years on bulb


'Our Best Aluminum Flashlight' * WWW.LEDCORP.COM

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