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Princeton Tec 'Attitude', retail $19.95
Manufactured by Princeton Tec (
Last updated 03-03-02

LED Light

The Attitude is the newest LED flashlight to push its way onto the scene.
Powered by 4 "AAA" cells, its array of 3 bright white LEDs in a transluscent blue plastic body are ready to light your way under just about any situation.

Size reference

The Attitude comes with 4 Duracell "AAA" cells and a small split ring included in the package. Once these are installed, turn the bezel (the 'head') clockwise until it comes on, and turn it counterclockwise to turn it off.

The small split ring attaches to a receptacle on the flashight's butt, and allows you to hook it up to a keyring, lanyard, or spring clip for easy carrying.

[image 4 AAA cells]
Unlike most small, cylindrical cell LED lights that run from 3 cells, the Attitude uses 4 "AAA" cells arranged so that there are two cells on each side. This keeps the length of the unit down so it handles and stores more like a penlight than some of the others. I find this to be a tidy arrangement, that allows me to carry around the Attitude where I would leave some other 3-cell light at home.

To install the batteries, place two cells in one chamber, both facing the same direction. Then fill the other chamber but install the cells the opposite way. On the bottom of the LED module, you will find (+) and (-) markings near the contacts. Place the module in the light body with the (+) contact nearest the (+) battery nipple, and screw the black bezel down.
If your Attitude fails to light, remove the bezel and rotate the LED module 180.

When I was pulling the Attitude out of its package for the first time, ol' butterfingers slipped and the light promptly clattered across the floor. It made a sound like a plastic kazoo being dropped, but there was no damage. It has since been dropped several more times with only some minor "denting" in the bezel, so it really is stronger than it looks.

Crushing it under the wheels of a heavy motorized chair didn't phase it.

The bezel has a ribbed texture that makes it a bit easier to grip when turning the Attitude on and off.

The Attitude is submersible to 500 feet, and is sealed by an O-ring that would appreciate occasional maintenance. So every now and then, clean the O-ring and threads, and lube it with silicone grease. The instructions explicitly forbid the use of any aerosol lube, so you'll need the stuff in the tube which can be found at any diver's shop or at some electronics outlets like Radio Shack.
The Attitude is currently experiencing some 'attitude' of its own in the bathroom basin, so we'll see how it comes out. It is being turned on and off several times while submerged.
(20 minutes later, the unit was still high & dry inside).

As with any good waterproof or otherwise well-sealed light, a platinum catalyst pellet is present to absorb hydrogen from the batteries. In the Attitude, this pellet is loose inside the transparent LED module assembly, and as such you may hear a slight ticking-rattling like sound when the light is shaken.

A limited lifetime warranty covers defects & damage except that caused by accidents or abuse. Oddly enough, the LEDs are not covered under this warranty, although they should last a long while because there *is* a resistor in the circuit to help prevent thermal runaway and subsequent failure.
According to the package, the LED lifetime is 10,000 hours, which is a refreshingly honest assessment considering they're probably a bit overdriven. Most other companies still quote the manufacturer's 100,000 hour lifetime even though they *know* the suckers will never last that long.

LED Light
Brightness measured at 36,900mcd.

The Attitude has a noticeably bluer than usual tint, which is especially evident when used near compact fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Although this isn't necessarily a negative, some people *may* be turned off by the color.

LED Light LED Light
The LED module of the Attitude. First, right-side up, with LEDs showing. Then, upside down, with battery contacts showing.

The light arrived with a catalogue and a letter that simply read, "With compliments, Princeton Tec". There is no indication as to whom deserves to be thanked for the sample. If this is you, please pipe up.
(D.Cozzone of Princeton Tec finally did own up to the deed. Thanks for the evaluation unit. I'll be sure to beat it up good for you. :)

UPDATE 09-01-01:
Light stayed dry inside after 20 minutes in a sink, as well it should. During this time, it was turned on and off several times while submerged. I am not equipped to test in deeper water.

Bright S.O.B. for its size.
Case appears quite durable.
Small enough to carry in the pockets of some types of clothing.
Uses relatively easy to find batteries.
Weatherproof and submersible.

The area behind the bezel glows fairly brightly - this may offend some who value their night vision.
Lens is easily scratched and is thinner than expected.

    MANUFACTURER: Princeton Tec
    PRODUCT TYPE: Small, double-barrel style sportslight
    LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, white
    No. OF LAMPS: 3
    BEAM TYPE: Central hotspot with smooth fall-off
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist bezel on/off
    BEZEL: Ribbed plastic bezel with thin transparent window
    BATTERY: 4 AAA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Not yet measured
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to several hundred feet
    ACCESSORIES: Duracell batteries, split ring
    WARRANTY: Full lifetime


Princeton Tec 'Attitude' * Princeton Tec (

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