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BriteBrush, retail $8 (
Manufactured by Bright Choice, Inc. (
Last updated 05-26-03

Q: What do you get when you cross a toothbrush with a flashlight?

A: You get Dr. Ray Crisio's BriteBrush, a high quality toothbrush with a xenon-fill incandescent flashlight built right in the handle.

The BriteBrush's light is powered by a pair of alkaline AAA cells in the rubber-padded handle, and it can be used to light up your mouth when brushing, or unscrewed from the toothbrush head itself and used as a small flashlight for spotting the escaped pet rat going up the bathtub spigot or looking for that deodorent cap that rolled behind the toilet.


The BriteBrush is ready to go as soon as you remove it from its package. Be careful when removing the BriteBrush that you don't rip up the package too much, as there are some instructions and whatnot on the back that you will no doubt want to refer to before you throw it out.

There is a clear plastic protective cap over the toothbrush head that you'll have to pop off before you use the BriteBrush. Once you've removed and set aside this piece, you can use the BriteBrush as you would use any other toothbrush. The toothbrush features "Soft" DuPont Tynex bristles (they call them "filaments") and the brush head is replaceable when needed.

To turn the light on, turn the tailcap switch clockwise. Turn the tailcap counterclockwise to shut it off.

To use the BriteBrush like a flashlight, unscrew the toothbrush part until it comes off, and slip it into the protective cap so it doesn't get dirty. That should leave you holding just the handle portion. You can then turn it on and off the same way as before (by turning the tailcap) only this time, light comes out the end where the toothbrush part attaches to.

To change the batteries in your BriteBrush, unscrew & remove the tailcap, and dump the two dead AAA cells in that little garbage can you have next to the toilet. Drop two new AAA cells in the BriteBrush's barrel, button-end (+) first. Then, screw the tailcap back on, and then back it off (unscrew) half a turn or so once the light comes on.

I don't yet know how to change the light bulb when it pops, guess I'll be taking my BriteBrush apart before too long. :)
The BriteBrush website says the bulb lasts about 20 hours.

Here's the toothbrush head all lit up by the unit's own flashlight.

I guess I'll just have to take the BriteBrush in the bathroom and use it before I have much more additional info for this webpage.

Beam photos.
Top: With toothbrush head removed.
Bottom: With toothbrush head still in place.

Sample of the BriteBrush was provided by Lisa Tatlock at Bright Choice, Inc. in early May 2003, and is in the earliest stages of testing.

You can get replacement toothbrush heads wherever good dental products are sold, and you can also get them from the BriteBrush website if you can't find them in your area.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Bright Choice, Inc.
    PRODUCT TYPE: Lighted toothbrush/flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: Xenon incandescent
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Irregular, ring with black hole in center
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist tailcap on/off
    BEZEL: Clear window protects bulb
    BATTERY: 2 ea. AAA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Not yet measured
    SUBMERSIBLE: No, but should survive being run under faucet
    ACCESSORIES: 2x AAA alkaline cells
    WARRANTY: Unknown


    Product was lost or left behind in a move I made
    in early October 2004, and therefore, cannot be rated.


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