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Manufactured by Loo Loo Enerprises (
Last updated 01-31-04

If you need a keychain light, and don't have a lot of money to spend, then these are for you!

Running on either 1 CR2032 or 2 CR2016 lithium coin cells (depending on LED color), these little flashlights fit on your keychain, ready to give you a shot of light whenever and wherever you need it.


The flashlight comes to you ready to use right away.
Slide the ribbed switch on the top of the flashlight forward (toward the LED) to turn the light on, and slide it backward (toward the keychain attachment) to not get light.

These flashlights come with a medium sized split ring attached to a swivel connector on the tail end of the flashlight. You can attach it to your keys if you wish, or just stuff the light in your pocket if you wish.

Best way to disassemble and reassemble one of these lights:

1) Remove the four phillips screws with a #0 (2mm) phillips screwdriver; carefully flip light over on table.
2) Separate the halves while holding your finger on the slide switch to keep the light from flying apart.
3) Top shell half should lift off, keychain attachment may fall out. There is a receptacle for that black knobby piece on the bottom half of the light.
4) You can then lift off the switch thingie to get to the battery or batteries. Remove the battery or batteries, and dispose of or recycle it (them) as you see fit.

To reassemble:

1) Put led into bottom half of shell if it fell out. Long lead goes into the bottom of the flashlight.
2) Put the cell(s) in, making sure to get polarity correct. With the light right-side up (bottom half of the shell is what you're working with here, just so ya know), the flat (+) side faces up.
3) Put the slide switch on top of the cells, so the crescent-shaped "armature" is toward the front of the light, rather than toward the back.
4) Put the top shell half on top of switch. Be sure the keyring attachment is in its receptacle on the bottom shell.
5) While holding the light together, carefully flip it over.
6) Put the screws back in.

These instructions were provided by the person who sent the two Countycomm lights to me, and were used with permission. They were added to by me, so I guess both of us are now responsible for them.

Since I just received the lights today (01-31-04), I won't have much information for this page just yet.

The flashlights do not appear to be water-resistant or submersible, so please keep them out of fishtanks, showers, tubs, toilet bowls, snow banks, streams, rivers, puddles of tiger pee, or other sources of water or water-like liquids.

The red model doesn't seem to be all that bright, but it's still plenty bright to illuminate a keyhole or fish a pen or something out of a dark purse. No worries there.
The white model, while not as bright as it could be for a direct-drive two-cell light, still outshines the red by a considerable amount, and has a pleasant icy cool bluish-white color to its light.

According to a number of posters on Candlepower Forums, some people buy these lights just to harvest the batteries out of them and put them in something else. Lithium coin cells of types CR2032 and CR2016 can retail for $3 to $6 apiece in many areas, so buying these lights just for their batteries can sometimes be advantageous. Although I don't recommend cannibalising a perfectly good flashlight (stealing the batteries out of it and throwing the rest away), it can be to your advantage if you live in an area with high battery prices.

Beam photo of the red at ~12".
Measures 1,500mcd.
The red has a brighter square near the center with a ring around that; this is
characteristic of red LEDs and does not indicate any problem with the flashlight.

Beam photo of the white at ~12".
Measures 13,500mcd.
The white has a pleasant icy cool blue-white color to it.

Both measurements were taken on a Meterman LM631 light meter.

Lights were sent by a fan of the website, and received early on 01-31-04.
I also received a number of white LED ones in late December from another website fan.

You can buy them with red, white, or blue LEDs.

These lights can only be purchased in lots of 20 or 100, and each lot must be in one color - no "mix 'n match" within any given lot of 20 or 100 is allowed.

They can also be purchased at without the minimum quantity requirements.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: Loo Loo Enterprises
    PRODUCT TYPE: Keychain LED flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm LED, various colors
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Varies with LED color
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide on/off on flashlight's top
    BEZEL: None
    BATTERY: 1xCR2032 or 2xCR2016
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Some light splash resistance only
    ACCESSORIES: Splitring, battery(ies)
    WARRANTY: Unknown/TBA


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Countycomm $1 LED Lights *

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