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LED Light

This C.C. Expedition (also known as the Trek-7) is the fraternal twin brother to the white Expedition. Both lights come in a hard plastic case and feature a twist-to-operate switch and a powerful array of 7 blinding LEDs.

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To use this flashlight, install three "C" cells (see below) and close it back up. To turn it on, give the head a clockwise twist until it comes on; turn it counterclockwise to shut it off.
It comes with a lanyard covered in a rubber hose, allowing it to be carried by the wrist and dragged through the bushes with little fear of loss.

This light uses three "C" cells, which are cheap and easily available anywhere. Like many other lights, you unscrew the head until it comes off, dump out the dead batteries, and drop in three new ones button-side (+) up.
This light has the LED board and a retaining ring loose inside there, so don't just open it up over a garbage can, or you will trash all the goodies inside. After your batteries are in, lay the LED board down in there facing LED-side up, drop in the plastic ring with the faceted side facing outwards, and screw the end cap back down. That's it.

The batteries are rated to last approximately 40 hours at high brilliance, and hundreds of additional hours at a reduced level..

Like its twin brother, this light appears to be reasonably sturdy, although some of the plastic components seem more brittle than I had expected. If you screw the end cap down too tightly, there is a possibility that you might crack or even break it. The bezel is made from G.E. Lexan (tm), which is the toughtest transparent plastic made, so the possibility of actual breakage is probably minimal.

The light also rattles quite noticably when you shake or move it while it is turned off; this is from the batteries fitting a little loosely inside.
Although not damaging by any means (a majority of regular flashlights also rattle this way) I wasn't quite expecting it after all of the other lights I've been testing that don't rattle.

The C.C. Expedition Green should survive the most common flashlight mishaps, such as being dropped, rolling off a table, falling into water (it's waterproof) and banging around the inside of a bag or toolbox.

That said, the green Expedition can replace just about any light you now own. It is exceptionally bright, waterproof and weatherproof, the batteries will last a long time, and replacement batteries are cheap and commonly available when you finally do have to change them. It is by far the brightest LED light I've seen (of ANY type or size), and this is its best selling point. The green LEDs can take some getting used to, as this is not really a natural color to see the world in. But it lights up that world with exceptional brilliance.

The transparent end cap is fully enclosed, protecting the LEDs inside the flashlight from accidental damage, dirt, dust, and water.

The flashlight is equipped with a pair of slots near the head which will accept nylon webbing (commonly used in various outdoor equipment & activities) and also has a hole to attach a lanyard if the one that comes with it is not to your liking. The included wrist lanyard has a soft rubber hose around the rope portion and is adjustable to snug around jacket sleeves or larger wrists. This can come in handy during tricky situations where you might lose your grip on the flashlight and drop it. The lanyard can also be used to hang the Expedition inside a tent or from a tree branch.

LED Light
Beam picture of the 7-LED powerhouse.

Testing is now underway. This is a loaner, so I cannot try to break it. :)

Brighter than crap, sturdy, weather/waterproof, tough & durable, batteries last a long time and are cheap & easy to find..

Head can be a little hard to turn, especially with very cold & wet hands. (Lube the O-rings with Dow 111 or Parker Super O-Lube clear silicone lubricant to remedy this)

          MANUFACTURER: Tek-Tite
          PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld Flashlight
          LAMP TYPE: LED, Pure green, 5mm
          No. OF LAMPS: 7
          BEAM TYPE: Predominantly circular with soft fall-off
          SWITCH TYPE: Twist-on bezel
          BEZEL: Clear lexan with ribbed walls
          BATTERY: 3 C cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: To 300 feet minimum
          ACCESSORIES: Generous padded wrist lanyard, Energizer batteries
          WARRANTY: Lifetime

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: 10
                BRIGHTNESS: 10
                USEABILITY: 6
                BATTERY LIFE: 8
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: 10

                OVERALL SCORE: 44

C.C. Expedition Green * WWW.CCRANE.COM

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