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Last updated: 03-18-07

The ClipMate is a small, fairly bright LED headlamp. You can also remove the headband and clip it onto a belt or pants pocket to keep using it hands-free, or just hold it in your hand like a regular flashlight if that's what you want to do.

The ClipMate also clips onto the brim of a baseball hat, if you'd rather wear a hat instead of having the generous 3-point elastic strap on your head.


I think the ClipMate comes ready to use right out of the package - though you might need to put batteries in it first (see below if this is the case).

To get light, turn the bezel (the rubberised head) clockwise about 1/10th of a turn; turn the bezel counterclockwise about 1/10th of a turn and it'll go off. Flashlights just don't get too much easier than this.

I used the ClipMate in the hospital fairly often, keeping it clipped onto the steering arm of my Rascal 255 electric wheelchair/scooter thingie, and didn't encounter too many problems that way. I did have the batteries poop out on me sooner than I thought they would, but there were enough potential "causes" there that I don't believe it will happen here.

Batteries last up to 80 hours according to the package; this will have to be tested.

To change them, take the ClipMate and turn it so the bottom is facing you. On the black tailpiece, there is "open" and "close" printed in a silver color with arrows pointing counterclockwise and clockwise. Turn the tailpiece approximately 1/20th of a turn counterclockwise (in the direction of the "open" arrow), and it will pop off. Dump out the dead batteries, and install three new ones into the ClipMate's body. The two batteries at the ends go in button-end (+) first, and the battery in the center goes in flat-end (-) first.
Place the tailcap back on (about 1/20th of a turn away from being closed), and turn it clockwise (in the direction of the "close" arrow) until it snaps into place.

Test the ClipMate to be sure it lights up; remove and replace the tailpiece if it doesn't. There are springs on the tailpiece; these can sometimes become misaligned when you put the tailpiece on - removing & reinstalling the tailpiece is the answer.

Sorry about the above picture... since I got home from the hospital in early 2003 , I don't photograph very well and I haven't dyed my hair pink or green. :o
I need one of those phoney plastic or foam heads like Doug P. (Quickbeam) has for his headlight testing, but don't know where to buy one.

One thing I did find was that if you twist the head too hard counterclockwise (as if turning the light off), it can pop off, and it's a pain in the toilet muscle to get it back on right. I had that happen at least once in the hospital, and was easily able to recreate it here in my laboratory.

The ClipMate I have is equipped with three (3) white LEDs; you can also get one with green LEDs for "preserving night vision" (that's what the package says!) if you like.

The head strap is completely adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten it to fit your head. There are buckles on both the horizontal strap that goes around your head and the vertical strap that goes over it.
You can also remove the strap and clip the ClipMate to the brim of a baseball hat. They don't call it the ClipMate for nothing. :D

The ClipMate does feel a bit "front heavy" when worn on the head using the included strap or when clipped on a baseball hat, but I believe you'll get used to it quite fast. And remember, you can remove the ClipMate from whatever you clipped it on and use it like a regular flashlight if this "front heavy" feeling pisses you off. ;)

The ClipMate is also equipped with a generous neck lanyard, so you can carry it around that way, or hang it off a hook, branch, or tent ceiling.

Beam photo at 12" from target.
Measured 34,600mcd (34.6 candela) on an LM631 light meter.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LEDs in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from WWW.TWO-CUBED.COM.

Sample of the ClipMate was sent late last year (I'm guessing November 2002) by The LED Light while I was in a hospital. I apologise for its very late appearance on my website.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Looks good
Plenty of light for most tasks
Batteries are common & cheap

When worn on the head, it feels front-heavy
Bezel can come off if it's twisted counterclockwise too much

    MANUFACTURER: Streamlight, Inc.
    PRODUCT TYPE: Headlamp, clip-on flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm white LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 3
    BEAM TYPE: Round, with soft fall-off past hotspot
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist bezel on/off
    BEZEL: LEDs with reflectorized bezel, plastic lens
    BATTERY: 3x AAA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Not known or unable to measure
    SUBMERSIBLE: Not known
    ACCESSORIES: Neck lanyard, 3-point headstrap. possibly 3x AAA cells
    WARRANTY: Full lifetime


    Star Rating


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