Color Flow Light Show LED Nightlight, retail $19.95 (
Manufactured by The Sharper Image (
Last updated 07-13-04

The Sharper Image Color Flow is a large (for a nightlight) LED nightlight. It has three LEDs inside that very slowly cycle through all the visible colors, and has a bar on top that you can press to freeze or lock the unit in the currently-displayed color. It is all plastic, except for the two AC prongs on the back.

It is powered directly from 110-120 volts AC at 60Hz by plugging into a standard 2- or 3-prong US household wall receptacle.

The Color Flow nightlight comes in two body colors: titanium and irridescent. This is the titanium finish version.


To use the nightlight, just remove it from the package, and to borrow a phrase from a TV commerical, "plug it in plug it in!"

The nightlight will slowly cycle through the visible color spectrum. To "freeze" or lock the unit at a specific color, wait until that color is displayed, then press & release the bar on the top of the nightlight. Pressing & releasing this bar again will cause the nightlight to resume cycling the colors.

There is no on/off switch or CdS photocell (electric eye), but this nightlight is dim enough and uses very little power (labelled as 0.6 watts at 120VAC) that it really doesn't need one. This lack of a switch will not figure into the rating it will eventually receive.

Because this product is exclusively powered from 110-120 volts AC 60Hz, this section can and will be skipped.

This is an LED nightlight, not a flashlight. So I won't slam it against a steel rod, try to drown it in the can, stomp on it, run over it, or subject it to other indecencies that a flashlight might be subject to. Therefore, this section will remain a bit on the bare side.

The nightlight is probably not very water-resistant, but it should have some minor degree of splash-resistance. So if you plug it in near a tub (in a GFCI outlet), I don't think a few drops of water splashed onto it will do it any harm.

It should also be able to withstand a short drop to the floor, but I don't believe it is TOO durable. So please try not to step on it if you find it on the floor; it probably wouldn't like that very well.

When it is plugged into a standard household outlet in the upper receptacle, the lower portion remains open enough that you can plug a cord into it. It does not block the entire outlet unless you plug it into the lower receptacle.

Pictures of the nightlight in an outlet.
None of these photographs were taken with photoflash.
The one on the bottom was taken with the CFL bulbs near the outlet turned on.

Test unit was purchased at the downtown Seattle Sharper Image store on 07-13-04. Cost was $19.95 plus tax ($21.71 total).
I know that TSI has some gun control horse puckey going on and that they should be boycotted by flashlight users, but this was just too cool to pass up.
A member of Candlepower Forums wanted to see a more in-depth analysis than a catalogue or web page would provide, so of course, I purchased one.

I believe the part number is SI497.
That's what it reads on the front of the instructional leaflet, anyway.

UPDATE: 00-00-00



    MANUFACTURER: The Sharper Image
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED nightlight
    No. OF LAMPS: 3 (1 each red, green, and blue)
    BEAM TYPE: Diffuse, wide-angle
    BEZEL: LEDs behind a milky plastic dome
    BATTERY: None
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Very light splash-resistance only
    WARRANTY: 1 year


    Star Rating

Color Flow Light Show LED Nightlight *

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