Double Barrel 4-AAA + Luxeon Star

User Modification: Double Barrel + LS, retail -NFS-
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Last updated 03-01-02

This unique flashlight started off life as an Energizer Double Barrel 4-AAA incandescent. A user of Candlepower Forums removed the original lamp assembly and replaced it with one of the new Lumileds "Luxeon Star" LEDs.


Functionally, the modified light is much like the original. Pressing the rubberized button turns it on, pressing the button again turns it off. The major change is the way the batteries are loaded, and the way it makes light.

The original Double Barrel used 4 "AAA" cells; this modified version uses 3 batteries and a special dummy cell containing a resistor. Without the dummy cell, the expensive Luxeon Star emitter would blow up rather quickly, leaving you only to throw the corpse of the flashlight in the outside garbage can, muttering a stream of obscenities all the way back to the house. :o

This shot shows how the batteries load into the unit. In this picture, the flashlight is lying on its side with the Energizer logo showing upside-down, and the switch button facing you. Those who end up with these lights can use this page as a reference for replacing batteries should you lose the instructions you are provided with.

When changing batteries, remove only one endcap at a time because they are not interchangeable with one another in this modified installation. Tip out the contents of the battery compartment (either two batteries, or a battery & a resistor tube). Replace the batteries with new ones, and reverse the procedure you removed them with. In the barrel with the resistor tube in it, put that in first, and then the battery.

This modification appears very professional, and it looks like the flashlight was supposed to come this way. The barrel of the flashlight is made of a thick aluminum, and has a colored (not hard anodized) finish on the outside. A thick gasket is present between the head and body, and there are O rings on the two tailcaps. Though this light is not submersible, it should hold up fine in bad weather.

This is a closeup of the modification itself. A Luxeon Star LED is mounted on an aluminum slug in a precise location in the center (relative to the flashlight's reflector); surrounded by a second thick aluminum disc that serves both as an alignment platform and a heatsink for the LED. I have not attempted to pull the modification apart, knowing I might not be able to reassemble it.

Beam photo.
As you can see, there is a problem with one large batch of white Luxeon Star LEDs that is in circulation: instead of white, they emit a sickly yellow-green color, as if somebody let their outdoor swimming pool go to pot for a year and then had a keg party and invited all the guests to use the pool as a urinator. Ouch!!

Modification was originally intended to be a white Luxeon LED, but due to a very odd batch of these, some of these modded flashlights that have been made lately are emitting light with a urinous yellow-green tint. This is the so-called "pee green" Luxeon that's been discussed on Candlepower Forums.

As this is a user modification, it will not be rated or graded like a commercial product.
A detailed breakdown of this light's modification can be found at

Battery life will be tested as time permits.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

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