Terra Destroyer, protoype/not for sale
Manufactured by (User Modification, see below)
Last updated 03-31-07 (Originally received around 08-21-02)

5W Terra Destroyer

Terra Destroyer?
That's what I call this light. It doesn't have a formal name yet, because it's a prototype. The only one of its kind on the entire planet.

It's a new 5 watt Luxeon Star LED and high-powered driver board packed into a Surefire Centurion body. It runs off 2 CR123 camera batteries, and it's the brightest f$@#!ing thing I've ever seen that was LED-based.


The prototype came ready to fire. A push of the tailcap button turns it on, letting up on the button turns it off. Twisting the tailcap allowed for continuous operation. When I review a Surefire M2 Centurion in the near-future, its operating & battery changing instructions will be identical.

Unscrew & remove the tailcap. Dump. Drop in two CR123 lithium cells, button (+) end facing the front of the flashlight. Replace tailcap.

I never got a chance to run a battery runtime test. It is estimated to run 45 minutes per set.

Being an "only" prototype and one that had to be returned to its owner within a few days, I did not perform any physical testing, nor did I drop or abuse the sample in any way.

A look at the business end. The prototype was professionally assembled, and it had a good, though wider than usual beam. The wide beam is due to there being no optics available for the 5W Luxeon Star emitter; so a collimator from a 1W unit was used.

Here it is destroying a white Arc-LS.

And it just creams a light using 19 screaming white LEDs!!!
That pitiful bluish tinge to the left is that white LED flashlight.

Next is the CMG Reactor, using lithium batteries.

This is the Arc-LS, using the 2x AA pack.

Finally, this is a Lambda Illuminator. It's the only one that even tried to put up a fight.

I shined the thing at my poor Euro-Pro Bagless Stick Shark vaccum, and I think it melted a hole in the tank. Next, it boiled all the water out of my toilet, and set my bedroom curtains on fire. Good thing the fire dept. was here today testing the building's fire alarm. :o

Beam profile analysis using the ProMetric system, on loan from Radiant Imaging.

Luxeon Star lamp and driver circuit were put together by Wayne Yamaguchi (Dat2zip) at Candlepower Forums; this assembly was installed in a modified Surefire M2 bezel & body by Don McLeish (McGizmo), also of Candlepower Forums.

Here is a snippet of construction info provided by Don regarding his portion of the project:

I just checked your site and saw the page on the Terra Destroyer. Cool! I would like to add some clarification for what it's worth. I needed more room inside the bezel so I didn't reuse the pyrex lens. Instead, I used a sapphire crystal lens; thinner and much less prone to scratches. Wayne provided the LED and the driver circuit board. I connected them and fabricated the module and modified the bezel.

Both of these people have their own websites: Waynes is here, and Don's is here. There is also a lengthy discussion about this modification on Candlepower Forums, just do a search for "Terra" in the LED topics and it'll come up. (As of this writing, CPF is temporarily down so I cannot provide an exact URL).

UPDATE: 09-29-03
Follow this link to see a thread on Candlepower Forums about this light. Contains some pictures that aren't shown on this page.

Here's a WAV file that I made for this flashlight. It's the only sound file I've ever made for a flashlight. When you play this short (12K) file, imagine running toward somebody as fast as you can, shining this flashlight in their eyes. :-)

All I need now is a Gate Of Destiny to let the Terra Destroyer through. :-D

UPDATE: 03-31-07
Here is a photograph of a toy Blackwargreymon that this flashlight was named after.

    MANUFACTURER: Homebrew
    PRODUCT TYPE: Prototype 5W LS-based flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5 watt Luxeon Star emitter, green
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium flood with soft fall-off
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton + twist tailcap
    BEZEL: Artificial sapphire lens with LS optic behind it.
    BATTERY: 2x CR123A lithium
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown
    ACCESSORIES: None (Prototype/NFS)
    WARRANTY: None (Prototype/NFS)


    Prototypes & limited production user modifications are not rated.

Terra Destroyer *

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