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This is a nice looking metal flashlight, as such things go. The Dorcy 8-LED flashlight has a brushed aluminum body with ribbed rubber inserts on the body and on the head to help you keep a grip on things.

It features 8 white LEDs in the head and runs on just two C cells, which are included with the flashlight when you buy it. So you don't have to run out and get batteries for it.

It has a heavy, solid feel to it, not like those $2.99 plastic flashlights you buy at the grocery store.


To use the Dorcy flashlight, first you have to get it out of the plastic hell it comes in. To do that, just slit the package along the length of one side with a sharp knife or razor blade - then get the flashlight and two alkaline C cells it comes with out of the package. Install the batteries (see below) and it's ready to go.

To get the flashlight to turn on, turn the tailcap clockwise (tighten) until it lights. Turn it counterclockwise (loosen) around half a turn and it ought to shut off.

To get a shot of light anytime, push the rubber end of the tailcap, and light should pour out of the other end. Release the button and it should shut off.

Although the instructions say that you should have the tailcap unscrewed 1/2 turn from "on" to get this momentary operation, I had better results with the tailcap unscrewed about 1/8 of a turn from "on". Your mileage may and probably will vary. Just experiment to find out how you like it best.

To change the batteries in the Dorcy flashlight, just unscrew & remove the tailcap, and dump the dead batteries in the nearest toilet - I mean - garbage can. Insert two new ones in the barrel, positive (+) button-end first. Replace the tailcap, and back it off a bit after the flashlight turns on. The flashlight is designed so you can't accidentally overtighten the tailcap; the light will come on when you tighten it all the way, but no harm will be done.

The tested sample draws 650mA from its 2 alkaline C cells. Because there's probably a DC-DC inverter in there, the LEDs aren't really seeing 81.25mA apiece, so this flashlight isn't driving them as hard as you might think with that current usage.

This flashlight runs about 7 hours at good brightness, then goes down the toilet. After almost 48 hours of continuous burning, it's still bright enough to find your way around with, so no, it's not a total waste.

The Dorcy 8-LED flashlight is a bit heavy, but it feels nice in the hand both because of its small size and the ribbed rubber cover over the barrel. The tailcap switch can be rotated with just one hand (the same one holding the flashlight), so you don't need to use them both to turn this flashlight on and off. It's actually quite comfortable and fits the hand nicely.

The momentary tailcap button did raise a teeny weeny little red flag for me though. The instructions say you should have the tailcap unscrewed 1/2 a turn from the constant on position in order to use the momentary tailcap button, I found it better for me to unscrew the tailcap around 1/8 of a turn from constant on, then I could use the momentary tailcap button with no loose or wobbly feeling from the tailcap.
As usual, your mileage may and probably will vary. Just play with it until it feels right for you.

Water resistance is not stated on the packaging, but a suction test did show that at least the head & barrel to be sealed well, so the flashlight would probably be fine after falling into a creek, pond, or other shallow water. There are O-rings sealing both the head and tailcap, and they should seal out nasties like rain, swimming pool splashes, dog pee, and other junk you don't want in the flashlight.

The Dorcy 8-LED flashlight has a small metal loop near the tailcap, so you can attach a lanyard of your choosing on it and have it hang from tree branches, tent ceilings, or your wrist. The flashlight is a bit large and heavy to hang around your neck, but you can do that with the right lanyard, of course.

The loop you thread the lanyard through is a bit on the small side, so take the flashlight with you to the store and try the lanyard before you buy...just to be sure the lanyard you choose will fit through the loop on the flashlight.

Beam photo at ~12".
Measured 107,000mcd at 12" using a Meterman LM631 light meter.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of the LEDs in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from WWW.TWO-CUBED.COM.

Four new Dorcy LED flashlights - including this one - were received from Dorcy around June 25 2003.

UPDATE: 07-01-03
The Dorcy 8-LED flashlight also comes in an attractive blue aluminum finish, in addition to the silvery brushed aluminum finish of the flashlight shown near the top of this web page.

A relatively minor customer service issue was handled very fast and effectively by Dorcy, so if a problem ever comes up with your Dorcy flashlight (within reason, of course), just email them and your problem will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

UPDATE: 03-05-04
I've read that all the Dorcy LED lights are to become available in Target stores by 03-12-04.

Feels good in the hand
Decent brightness for a two-cell light
Relatively cheap and commonly available batteries
Reasonably durable construction
Uses step-up circuitry so you only need 2 cells, not 3

I don't think it's too water-resistant, but would probably survive if it fell in the john or a river
Tailcap switch does not have a lock-out position
Lanyard loop can be a bit of a pain in the toilet muscle - but it is removeable if desired.

    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm white LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 8
    BEAM TYPE: Central hotspot with soft fall-off toward edge
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist tailcap on/off, momentary tailcap button
    BEZEL: Plastic lens protects LEDs which are in a reflector
    BATTERY: 2x C cells
    WATER RESISTANT: Not stated, but I believe so
    SUBMERSIBLE: Probably not
    ACCESSORIES: 2 alkaline C cells
    WARRANTY: Not explicitly stated, but presumed lifetime


    Star Rating

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