FICTIONAL BAND NAMES by "suenewtotx"
4,184 Bad Band Names as of 9-11 WTC Anniversary (09-11-08).

The Screaming Spleens Fred & Barney Are Coming To Kill YOU! Dead Cicadas Scooby-Doo Must Die The Vegetarian Cannibals The Bloody Tampons Herpes, the Band Crotch Rot Head Cheese My Burning Yeast Infection Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY! Mung Bean Casserole Assholes The Flaming Lip-Shit Dribble Zits Oozing Bungholes on Sticks I AM God Yogi Bear's Got the Clap Twitchy Snapper The Duggars Are Havin' Another Baby, OH YEAH! The Paul Anka Project Manilow's Nose The Merry Mischief Makers JARED (Jumpy and Raging Edgy Dieters) Joe Pesci's Nuts The Frozen Dingleberries Phist Phuck'd Hold da Tomadas The Cap'n Crunch Project Angry Young Tofu-Tuna Surf Dudes Bodacious Ta-Tas Penis Envy Spayed Puppies The Raucous Turds Origami Sex Gone Postal My Monkey's Left Testicle Almond Joy The G-Spotters Magilla Gorilla Sucks Bananas Chopped Liver Splinter Sliver Goodfellas, the Band Linda Blair's Chunky-Lumpy Vomit Poultry Fest Cranial Seepage Holy Headbangers Cess Pit Phallic Placenta Circumcision Rotten Incisors Mr. Rogers Does Dallas Antelope vs. Gnu Festivus! Stuck-up Tampons So What's Your Problem? Staten Island Ferry Goombas Elmer Fudd's Scrotum Dead Bratz Sinewy Snot Sinus Infection Katie Couric's Colonoscopy Snakes Alive ... There's an Elf Up My Butt! Jumping Jism! We Eat Caribou Head Lice Bahama Llamas Hail! Caesar Diarrhea Divas Aunt Jemima Was a Dyke Ma & Pa Kettle's Acid Trip Around the World in a Day Ferris Bueller Was a Righteous Dude Toe Jam Crunchies Obscure Hang Nail Deviated Septum Dr. Jekyll's Naked Hyde Martha Washington Was a Tramp Phallic Bush Acid Trip Easter Egg Mosh-Pit-Lunging Crackheads Slop Bucket My Nervous Breakdown You Ain't Gettin' Laid Chronic Halitosis Hung Like a Horse The Flying Nuns Kanga Kanga Kanga Roos Testicle Madness I AM God Don't Step on My Toe My Cheese's Fleas Rib Stab Ronald McDonald is an Alien YOU Are Not Jerry Lewis C-Section Scrotum Squeeze Gelatinous Globbular Gigabytes Get Off My Plane! Hey You My Daddy Got No Nut Sack Nut Sackin' It With Santa Testosterone Soup Help! I Got the Mange Lisa Marie Killed Elvis Get a Bra Sandra Lee Ina Garten Cut Your Hair Paula Deen Get Off the Butter Rachael Ray Shut the Hell Up The Nathan Alexander Tribute Band, aka Grammatical Error Help Me, I Suck Yikes! Dance of the Condoms Yabba-Dabba-Do Bite Me Britney's Piss Flaps Them Thar Balls on the Horizon Granulated Sugar I Hate Your Dog They Don't Like Eggs Go to Hell Anyone Seen My Flask My Grandpa's Wooden Leg Schizophrenic Mohels Molting Rabbits I've Reached a Plateau Oh My Aching Sciatica So What ... I'm Menstrual & Dying for a Brownie Shaddupa You Face Don't Make Me Come Over There I'm Gonna Pop a Cap in Your Ass KABOOM! The Billy Mays Thrill-Kill Band Hooray for the Goat's Dripping Penis Ross Perot's Ears I'm Spending the Night in the Slammer Egg Splatter Kokkroaches R Kewl I Don't Care What You Think It's the Generation Mutant Puppies on the Loose Jack Squat Kandoo Pill of Destruction Uncle Fred's Enema Eat a Peanut I Don't Want a Peanut The Gas Tank is Empty Tell Me Why Say When Chicken Cobbler Pleasant Paranoia It's Just an Analogy Hey Sailor Heavy on the Mustard Who Loves You Baby Ear Canal Lupe Velez's Sasquatch Show Stompers Eating My Mumps Marshmallow Mammaries Dangling Triceps Mexican Jumping Beans in My Esophagus Was I Talking to You Au Jus The Head Between My Shoulders Meat Beaters Suicide March The Them Grated Cheese Presenting ... Me Tendrill Fusion Get That Fish Outta the Toilet Put on Your Penis Have You Seen My Head The Groundhog Doesn't Lie I Will Die Yesterday You We Are E.D. Candied Yams & Other Treats Your Ass is Grass & I'm the Lawnmower Get Me My Dinner Woman Don't Tease My Bull I Know Where You Live They Spit Out Their Food I Don't Like That Guy Hey You! Come Back Fukk Him in the Ear Don't Sit on My Face Rachael Ray No More Donuts for You Paula Deen Sandra Lee's Had One Too Many Get in the Car Bake at 350 Paris Porn I Am an Oxymoron Ba Da Bing Sebaceous Cyst The Leaky Pipes Bronchial Spasm Epileptic Seizure Asthma Attack Gastric Gluttony Fine China Go Figure Bloody Bananas Enter at Your Own Risk Too Much Junk in the Trunk Make it Happen Made in China Talk to the Hand Exterminator on Vacation I Hate My Husband Because He Hates My Tablescape Sitting on a Stick of Dynamite I Was Born Tomorrow Minimal Scarring Frontroad Girls You Stole My Virginity Whisker-Biscuit Brush Fest They Like to Eat the Bones I Have PMS So It's Not My Fault If I Kill You Zestfully Dirty I Was Addicted To You But I Quit Because You Made My Life a Living Hell Fear of Pilgrims Find My Toothbrush Don't Let the Back Door Hit You In the Ass They Won't Let That Reindeer Play In Any of Their Reindeer Games I Can't Eat Brocoli Do You Know Where the Sun Don't Shine That Lady Is Mean Can You Pinch An Inch My Teacher Gives Too Much Homework Go Get Me a Toothpick Edge Your Lawn St. Augustine Grass Grows Like a Bitch Come To My Party My Head Will Explode Now Don't Drop the Eggs If You Smoke That Crack You'll Break Your Mother's Back TV Dinners Suck They Found Food Stuck In My Teeth My Dog Chewed His Leash My Cat's Babies Have Multiple Daddies Bubble Boy I Fell Off My Street Give Me Back My Urine Sample Don't Tell Me I Look Like Me Stop Looking At Me My Ass Hates Your Face Soup Nazi Petticoat Junction Whores Come To My Wedding I Smell Like Shit So What Horses Have Hooves You Can Pet My Piranha Sick of Anna Nicole Call Me Yesterday The Naked Brothers Band Sux Menstrual & Hating It Boy Bandz R So Overrated Don't Eat the Potato Salad Waiter There's a Dead Chicken Floating In My Soup I Found Money Air Is Free It's Okay If You Hate Us Milk Their Teats Billy Mays Is Loud This Ain't Your Aunt Louise's Nervous Breakdown The Stringy Tampons Blue Liquid Octopus Tentacles Egg On Your Face Go To Church Keep Frozen Until Ready To Use Traumatic Tantrum I Don't Know the Way Home There's No Room For the Two Of Us Inside My Head Up Yours My Cat Did Not Eat Your Hamster We Are Constipated Take Two and Call Me In the Morning Don't Say My Name Telfa Technology Keep Out of Reach of Children Inactive Ingredient Apply Liberally Our Pits Don't Smell Bulbous Nostril Pus Bucket Don't Shoot Me I'm Just the Messenger Scratching for Fleas Cap'n Crunch's Left Nut Sacriligious Religitainment! Don't Ring My Doorbell at Three A.M. Five Plus Five Does Not Equal Ten Anna Nicole Is Rotting (or "ANIS") Get Your Feet Off My Table Clean That Lint Screen An Osmond Family Debauchery I Once Went Fishing When Pigs Fly They Look My Christmas Tree is Still Up Pandemonium! Lives in My Ass Cash Only Defensive and Sugar-Free My Corpse Is a Maggot Magnet Where Are the Scissors There's a Nose On My Face Smell Our Feet Got Skunk'd Mokie-Mokie Smackdown I Hate Arms Shhhhh! You'll Wake the Baby Other Information The Groundhog Ain't Seein' His Dang Shadow This Winter Fill 'er Up But Not With Premium Amish Got It Made (AGIM) Mosquito Pie Let's Visit The Vatican I Like Mustard My Bowels Are Loose Chicken Soup Mish-Mosh Give Me Some Cake George Bush Does Not Rock My Cat's Turd Was Stuck To Her Tail I'll Vote For His Left Nut Don't Eat That Cheese Hey I Know Where You Live Vegetarian Meat Lovers Terrible Twos Pass The Salt I Like My Nuts Keep It Simple Martha Stewart Clams On The Half-Shell Ya Know Found A Noodle Charlie Chan Was Italian De-Vein That Shrimp I Saw The Coming Sy Sperling Show No Fear The Baby Cried Pill Poppers Sin Pillows I Hate My Life Cock O' Spaniel Clean Your Room Guava Is Good Roach Magnet Maggots With Butter She'll Never Menstruate Don't Tell Grandma Kiwis Make Me Itch What Are You Lookin' At Party In My Pants Off The Rag Clittoral Confusion Find My Eye Fix The Cat On Cue Seasonal Allergies Don't Blame Me I Am A Doctor Too Many Grits Come To The Field Help The Needy Those Titties Sag Play-Doh Palooza The Children Are Evil Thomas Edison Is The Devil Make Me Some Fudge The Granola Is In The Cupboard Bury Me Now Don't Sneeze Receding Hairline It'll Make You Fat Corn Is Evil Stiffy Karate Chop Did You Hear That Have Mercy Put Grandpa In The Pantry Monkey Balls Shhhh Anna Nicole Is Rotting (or "ANIS") Don't Tell Dracula There's No Blood In Those Vials Your Ass Is Grass And I'm The Lawn Mower I'll Kill You With My Nuts Joe Pesci Knows Where You Live My Heart Attack Is Over Find It Fishing In A Big Pond Anus Anger He's Not Funny Imaginary Testicles Dead And Rotting Cuz I Said So We Evolved Stephen King Wrote Some Books My Arteries Hate Butter Giada Lost A Tooth You're Fugly Butt-Kicking Slide-Rule Nerds Don't Run That Marathon Mold Crusties Crustacean Tango JC Penney Is Having A Sale So What Else Is New I Have Inspired You She Had No Hope I Can't Help That I'm An Idiot You Think I Won't Eat That Poison Sex Toy My Pustules Are Festering Don't Lock Grandma In The Attic We Soiled Our Pants It's Cold At The North Pole I Want A Taco Cheez Whizzin' It I Can't Find The Shut-off Valve Connect The Dots You Don't Belong In My Head Get Off My Porch My Cat Doesn't Lie We Hate Us Dykes On Trykes Raucous Farts Angst Is Good The Bear-Humping Rabbits That Bastard George Washington Found A Cure None For Me Thanks But Maybe Next Time I'll Drink And Drive My Pancreas Is On Fire Hemorrhoidal Seepage Do You Know The Truth There Goes My Spleen I'm Not A Rabbi Whoa Nellie Hold The Pickles But Not The Cheese Shaker Sex Party Osmond Family Orgy Onions Don't Lie Her Pimple Popped Licey Pubes Putrid Carmelized Onions Garbanzo Bean I Ate An Onion PH Balance Unbalanced Rectal Hangover Mutton Pudding I Can't See Without My Eyes The Baby Has No Hair Crack That Egg Three Horny Nuns Built A Gazebo Gnarly Gnu Gnip-Gnop Grab A Toe I Won't Shoot You Now But I Will Tomorrow Tuner Wit Tomata Bob Saget Will Kick Your Ass Don't Take Candy From The Easter Bunny Cheez Rox Salty Capers Capillary Collision Pee On The Toilet Curb Your Dog Black Bunion You Scare Us Fizz Bizz Call Me When You Find My Number Got Cramps Crazy Goiter Catheter Carnival Village Idiots Virile Llamas Peas Are Scary Pat Boone Is My Mother Beer For Breakfast Green Eggs And Ham Don't Mix Shit Smells Bad Flip That Pancake Got An STD Yeah! Chuckwagon Clowns Don't Feed Me Scrapple On My Birthday Funnel Cake Fatties Angry Young Troublemakers You Don't Have To Fish For Your Dinner Jared Fell The Heebie Jeebies Egglicious Bacon Fat In A Quandry Have You Seen My Tampon Phear Of Phallus My Head Hurts Peanut Paella Grub Sundae Sitting Shiva Tell It To The Pope It's Not Time My Ass Got Shot In The Ass Bulging Crotch Barely A Second Brady Bunch Bong Festival Incestuous Adventures Of Keith And Laurie Partridge Invasion of Bad People Get A Room The Reindeer's Teats Sleep In That Tent Kamels R Kool Milk My Teats Parental Guidance Not Suggested I Bit Off My Tongue Acid Attack Freddy Krueger Was Nice Gone To Gang Bang The Tree Cried I Was Stoned Random Thoughts I Will Be Born Don't Give Me Your Sloppy Seconds Scrimmage In My Esophagus Equally Important Met An Elf Found A Nickel You'd Better Be Nice Or Else Betty Boop Was A Fraud Shame On Us You Can't Come to My Dinner Party 'Cause I Didn't Invite You Halitosis Of The Toe Jiggle Them Nads Intimate Cesspool Put Me On A Pedestal Do I Gross You Out Shoot Me When I'm No Longer Living The Spinach Between My Teeth Ouch There's An Icicle Up My Ass Can You Eat Cake And Not Vomit Radically Dead Tease His Tonsils The Lepers Will Attack Saucy Discharge Spicy Phleghm Look At The Lame Crabs In My Crotch Vagina Starts With V My Anus Is Not Your Anus Kick A Knish Pumpkins Piss Me Off Broken Biscotti My Tits Aren't Milky Diplomas Are Extinct Pubic Toupee My Scab Is Superior Call Me A Cab And I'll Call You A Jerk My Hernia Will Amuse You I Strive See My Fist Phred Phlinstone Wuz Phat Call It A Day Roy Rogers Had A Restaurant Paul Newman Made Some Salad Dressing Sally Field Has Osteoporosis The Hey Me Cubic Bosom Fudgy Butt Your Daddy Had No Sperm Lost In Your Buttcrack Hood Ornament From Hell My Christmas Tree Is Coming To Kill You Yo Yo Yo Yo You We Are Virgins Caffiene Will Make Me Smart Machette-Weilding Toddlers Crater Cum Rachael Ray Choked On A Ritz Mario Batolli Ditch Those Clogs Ina Garten Put On Some Shoes Sandra Lee's Hangover Summer Jerk-Off Session I Put A Chicken In The Freezer Spankin' Da Monkey Jimbo And Paris' Conjugal Visit Fest Grandma Made A Meatball Head Cheese Fungus Riot The Furnace Is Lit Scrapplin' With The Amish Dam That Beaver Frankly Scarlett Crowbar Give A Damn Brad Majors (there's a band called "Janet Weiss," so I thought this would only be appropriate) Who Sank The Titanic The Puppy Isn't Housebroken And He Crapped All Over Your Shoes Madonna Kissed Britney I Like To Bathe In Pudding So What Carrot-Colored Piss Found In Really Large Buckets Can We Take That Naked Lady Home For Grandpa Don't Swallow Too Much Asprin At Once Found A Wagon Wheel In Paula Deen's Rump I Discovered America Snatch Gash Mold Killers And Other Criminals We Love To Hate Bury The Living Frank Lloyd Wright Built A House Septic Scab Charles Manson Was Framed Secondary Scrotum So What If I Like To Bathe In Pudding It's Not Unusual To Want To Be Loved By Tom Jones Malignant Mollusk Pigs Can Shit Krafty Kimchee My Lung Has A Twin Urinary Upkeep Avoid It Fertilicious Small Men With Small Penises Kicked By A Mule On Crack Goobers Are Not Raisinetes Clambake Of The Century Pie In The Eye The Bloody Henchmen Fire-Ant Hill Gob Stompin' Hoe Down Minions Of The Mud Miester Decal Of Doom Shit A Brick Havin' Paul Anka's Baby Camphor Balls Wandering Vulva Blister Warfare Lacerated Uvulas Don't Bleed They Recalled Some Peanut Butter Committed To Nothing Knotty Pine Sizzle Bitch Ovarian Omelet Particulars Of The Pig Not A Mermaid Jiffy Lube Me Alternative Uses For Q-Tips And Other Penetrable Items Porkin' Da Pig You Can Choke On Popcorn The Lawrence Welk Project Amerigo And The Vespuccis Psychadelic Panic Attack Dick Gristle Bowels Of My Ailment Chewy Chicken's Headbangers' Ball Terror Of The Tomatillo Absent Avocado Pam Anderson's Implants Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Crack House Merry Men Of Russian Descent Geraldo's Broken Nose Handlebar Mustache Decadent Gnomes Originally Unoriginal Ack Ack A Dack Dack Dack A Ack Midwest Soccer Moms' Acid Trip Ta-Dah Colostomy Bag Cha-Cha-Cha Tweezers 'n' Geezers Oily Bo-Hunk We Hate Health Food Kosher Hot-Dog Etch-A-Sketch Semi-Automatic And Out Of Control Skid Mark Piss In Your Own Pot Jism Gizzard Clint And The Eastwoods Butterfinger Finger Fuckers Jamboree Broccoli Farts Buddah Baby Bank Robbery Mah Huzband Sez Ahm Hawt Conquistador Of Madness Aunt Jemima's Fallopian Tubes Gone Awry Amish-Country Apple-Butter Naked Hugfest Christen Some Shrimp Soakin' In Brine Ed Asner's Infected Callous The Buellah Ballbreaker Tribute Band Gonadic Fever Lice Have Feelings Carrots Can't See Cosmic Heroine Size Tewwww Poisonous Leprechaun Uber-Rich Society Bitches And Their Teeny Tiny Yippy Yappy Dogs Mad But Not Angry Chunky Grass Five Bears And The Revolution Turnip Riot Of Central Park Hair Knots Can Kill Acid Crouton Attack Nimble Question Dry Battery Dissection Of Your Organs Mayor McCheese's Yeast Infection Shaddup Shattin' Up Pig Latin Snack Attack Cosmic Humdingers From Uranus Hairy Snot Booger Paradise Parade Goo Woof I Like Cement Fear The Wood Play In The Quicksand Eat Matches Don't Type Anymore Letters Picked A Nose Lived In The City Fun With Live Wires Move To The Country Don't Feed The Idiots Asswipers Anonymous Pig Snort Whisk The Batter Never A Nipple Gland Of Girth Gritty Plan To Die Shit On A Shingle Pissed On A Potato You Can't Spell Mud Without Ud I Rule You Drool Check Stub Garter Belt Free-For-All Cheeky Breadcrust Pot Smokers Gone Blind Dallas Is Not A State Mafioso Shenanigans Oogity Boogity Rocky And The Balboas Cavorting With Munchkins Teeth Of The Bullfrog I Bought A Branding Iron I Became A Fetus Stain The Wood Elephant Go Home Camels That Swing Stud Mud Come To My Funeral Toilet Burial Ground Celebration Truckers And Burpers Allowed Mashed Potatos And Leeks Are Forbidden Vile Bile Lost But Not Forgotten Have A Picnic Those Ants Ambulance Drag Racing See This Soup Mask We Can't Keep It Find My Life The Dog Knows Flaccid Shoot Some Guy They Crush Cans With Their Bare Feet The Bean Told Me To Do It Tell It To The Pickle Oozing Boil Baby Drool Previously Unheard Of Don't Trust Us Toe Jam And Other Delicacies Rockin' But Not Rollin' Son Of The Son Of The Son Of Sinus Cavity Blockage Celebration She's Not Squidly But Not Dudely Plasma Puddle Jumpers Voracious Vasectomy Reality Of The Squid Coniferous Indigo Blackberries Aren't For Soup Cleft Palates Of The Foreign Variety Existing To Be Real Of Leeches And Lilacs Cow-Tipping Party Revolution Wrath Of The Angry Inchworm Pendulous Penis Dilated Gophers With Ten Dozen Nipples Wisconsin Cheese Factory Riot Aphrodisiac Of The Malaysian Teat Fairy The Skunk's Gland Belly-Button Lint Picker's Affair Playin' On The Freeway Jerks Of Another Dimension Limp In Alabama Put The Car In Reverse Is It Normal That My Intestines Are Dragging From My Ass Spray That Walrus Egg Daddy's Baby-Bottle Madness Language Of Foreign Folks From Nowhere Pronouncable You Can't Get Cable On The Moon Lunch With A Mollusk Cookie Dough Gang-Bang Turkey Trot My Cell Phone Needs Charged Who Keyed That Lady's Car Vampires Eating Garlic Pizza Have You Stroked The Rooster's Nads Cause Of My Demise The Bloody Menstruals Smudge Pudge Mudge Fudge Tell Me The Time Or Else Your Shoe Is On The Wrong Foot Feet Can't Dance Toss That Hamster Christmas Scissors Gime Me Them Scabies Know Your Unit Chicks With No Dicks Cast-Iron Skillet Baby Fifth-Avenue Sheep Parade Find Fifty Friends Dry And Flaky Funnel Fashion Show Stop That Leaky Faucet Chip-Chopped Beef Hubba Bubba Lubba Lubba Nerds Of A New Generation Creepy Meat Fritters Jiggly Nads And The Fascinations Chicken Noodle And The Soups Five-Finger Discount You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do Ass-Cat's Fancy Pants Where Are My Drugs DNA For Sale Knee Jerk Yabba Dabba Doo Bronco Buster's Branding Iron Beer Bash Cock Certain And Stuff Jinkies Arrrrrgh Matey Can't Control My Ascot Toxic Images Make Bears' Eyes Recede (aka "TIMBER") Chukkulukka And The Fart Of Doom Brain Feathers Laugh At My Pain Sauerkraut Donuts High Society Interlopers Bounce Pass The Hoverounds Diarrhea Of The Mouth Pituary Gland Delayed Bushel O' Peat Moss Hilly And The Catwomen Chillin' On The Mayflower Salty Spit Electric Jock Strap Oppressed Opposum Piranhas Playing Dead Sphincters Wit' 'Tudes Pine Needle Soup Scribble Some Shit Savor The Mayonnaise Fling That Hash Inner Tube Ball Whackers Gene Simmons' Tongue Maxi Pads Without Wings Continued On Page Two Gingivitis On The Rocks Tomato Paste Condoms Slimy Turds Pea Skiddin' I Have Many Heads Crash The Dock Life As A Toe It's 7:05 Commas And Other Punctual Errors Gelatinous Herbicide Lice In My Rice Vlad And The Potato Impalers Zigged When He Should've Zagged Delirious Zipper Pudding Skin Squishy Brains Feet Without Soles Cookie Dough Shotgun Wedding Blues Boatload Of Crap U Need A Biscuit Got Skunk'd Acid Baths For The Elderly Pedestrian Snack Attack Chronicles Of The Castrated Retaining Fluid Batillion Of Imaginary Friends Upside-Down Blades Voluptuous Baby Butts Crocodile Wannabes Powerful Puppet People Crawling Out Of My Skin Mushy Mud Folks Hanging From A Noose My Backpack Is Stuff'd Dying To Die Craving Your Disease Haz Mat Container Leakage Poisonous Ponchos Dick On A Leash Zipper Flippers Ding-y Dong-y Ditchy Dong Battery Acid Blow Job Dingleberry Pudding Feast Lecherous Salamander Librarians Who Can't Read Muscular Bacon Sugar Bitch And Tigger Too ???????????????????????! Fist In The Face Delusional Tick Bothered By You Grampa's Soiled Britches The Ungrateful Living Asparagus Spears AA Bottom Piss Off Pretzels With Feelings Slugfest '08 Vital Organs Of Unknown Origins Don't Put That Gorilla In Jail Crunchy Canines Conference Call Rejection Mud Pie Madness Fill To Capacity Cod Liver Canker Sore Germ Of Silence Fear The Donut Potsmokers And Other Fun Characters Keep The Fish Out Of That Bowl Drinking Cup Hazard Pet Rock Booze Blast Forest Of Curious Men Kidz Don't Bop I'm Not Posh Crazy Hey It's Not Nice Comfortable In Your Naked Skin High School Musical Sux Grease Monkeys Bowling For Crumpets The People Down The Lane Are Creepy Mary Poppins' Brothel Cake Batter Lactic Acid Showdown Union Of The Polynesian Snot Pickers Satan's Bloody Nipple Givin' A Flying Fuck Dead Balls Of The 19th Century Scuba-Diving Hi-Jinkx Peanut Heads With Very Loose Bowels Shot-Glass Squid Olives In Jars Toy Soldier Sex Scandal Jingly Jangly Dingly Dangly Mask Of The Mustard Man Solder My Nerves Flaccid Penis Attack Zits On Drugs Whoop Dat Flippin' Off The Judge Burritos Can't Tell Time Squids Know Knothing Fleas Are Festive Golfin' On Your Grave Wrinkly Uvula Brazen Blasphemy Arsonists At Play WARNING! Crack-Daddy Track Coaches Crinkle-Cut Fries And The Ketchup Slurpers Manilla-Vanilla Boneless Bison Logistics Of Peat Moss Grrrrrrr Aggravated Assault Chunk Funk Cherry-Cola Chinese Noodles Pine Nut Feeding Frenzy Popsicle Goatfest Headless Gnat 5:00 On The 50 Of The Half-Hour On The 100-Millionth Of The Tomorrow Penile-Scrotal Web Of Confusion Tomato Waste Courageous Cheeze Cilantro Cake-A-Thon Kooky Corneas The Flatulent Chefs Bowels On The Loose Truckers Gone Mad Fourth Cousin Twice Removed To The Ninth Power Hanging Labia And The Saggy Scrotums Camel-Toes And Other Fashion Don'ts Brrrrrrr They Look Like That Tears Are Stupid Put That Clown Back In The Box It's-a My Birthday Not-a Your Birthday Eating Pudding With A Knife Sacred Dance Of The Jiggly Nads Spewing Spewage Quilt-Makers' Gang-Bang-A-Thon Listen To The Lump The Man Band One-Eyed Gland Glam-Bath Brigade Find That Ostrich And Feed It Well Wearin' A Bees' Nest All Stuff Clay Potatoes What Up Dawg Cabbage Can Dance Dynamite Tampon Proctologists' Tea Party Piney Discharge Really Huge Zit From Corpus Christi Grilled Cheese Boobie Blast-Off Fallen Arches Random Sayings Of Annoying Animated Stuffed Toys Cruddy Pap Smear Mold Spray Fungal Jungle Angry Infant Cussfest I Don't Like What U Have To Say Cuz U Really Really Really Do Suck Ovarian Hissy-Fit Fornicating In The Freezer Positive Pessimist Hangnails Of The Lost Oh Nuns Are Evil 247 Westwood Avenue Cameo Appearance Whyyyyyy Lick A Stamp Hooray! For Chlamydia Claim Your Prize Jibber-Jabber And The Twat Snatchers Ass Rippers And The 'Roids The Turkey Gurgle Sasquatch Pie Band Delusional Sex Life Priests That Blow Kotex Kountdown Hip-Hop Pilgrims' Matress Burning Ceremony Creepy Nose Pluckers Fact-Based Fiction March Of The Angry Zookeepers Constipated Grapes Landscapers' Beer Bash Man Diapers Christmas Clambake Ugh Dash Dot Dash Where's My Stash Cheeky Cadaver Tasty Bird Turds Keep The Frying Pan Sizzling Jay Leno's Chin Illegal Russian Immigrants Invading U.S. Shopping Malls Grampa Stop Porkin' The Pig Hoochie Chowdown Ronald McDonald's Crazy Leftist Tea Party The Doris Day Connection Us We Want Soup Go Feed Your Fat Face Blister Fetish My Ass Is A Goldmine You Can Sleep In The Doghouse Who Forgot To Pay The Cable Bill Wrecking Crew Sluts They're Just Asssholes Teeth Will Rot Shrimp Butter Biscuit Slime Blast He's Annoying But That's Okay Craving Mold Put Your Body On Hold Go Find Your Eye We Don't Bleed Illegal But Not Against The Law Carrot Cake Fiasco It's My Cheese The Crust Inside My Drawers I Made A Mess On The Floor Crotch Sniffer's Day Out Cut Up A Map They Don't Look Like They're Having Fun Bitter Almond Don't Die In The Gazebo Frozen Condom Up Yours The Unibrow Tribute Band Bean Of Distress Fixer Upper Can't Get A Break Get Your Chocolate Bar Out Of My Peanut Butter Chuck E. Cheese Extermination Day The Raucous Mutes Choking But Not Dying Ass Scrunchie And The Turd Wranglers Who Spayed That Cat Squirrel Spitters Fudgin' Da Nutz Pissy Old Folks Wearing Diapers Pick That Skunk Cabbage Good-Natured Thrill Killers That Pirate Died Eating Pizza You Need To Kiss My Ass Sha-Nubi-Nubi Moody And Depressing I Think Swimmin' Wit' Da Fishez Feelin' Testy Scrotum Scorch Operation Ass Cream The Kid Won't Shut Up Share My Banana My Neighbor's A Bitch Bible-Thumping Humpers Hamper Slut Damn Where's My Pudding He Is Oprah Must Die Crotch Rust The Metamorphic Men Vagisil Party Props Bring Your Teats Butt Muffin Freeze Frenzy Fukktastikal Spastikkal The Duggars Had Another Baby And They're Not Done Yet Punish The Tardy Twist-A-Palooza Teatsy Galloshes Maggot Smoothie It's Just A Towel Dying For A Peanut Rip-Cord Squat Thrust Dumb Bastards Psecondary Psoriasis Menopause The Band Diesel Fuel Come To My Hangover Easter Ham 150 Shopping Days Until Christmas That Drug Addict Nicole Richie Nosehair Countdown Vegan Steak What's On The Menu Rampage Of Souls They Won't Go Through With Jiff Knickers For The Kneedy Ass Hair Boogie-Woogie Jinger-Janger Give Jim-Bob The Finger Ass-Cat Stampede Serenade Of The Idiots On My Block They Won't Let Us Play Football You'd Better Watch It Skunky Fresh Fish For Dinner The Bears Will Not Hibernate This Winter Inka-Dinka-Doo Puke In The Crapper Don't Leave Without Your Keys Tired Of Being Tired You Can't Make Them The Blind Can See Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Crayons Are Not Suppositories Q-Tip Ear Assault Waxy Grass Sassy Ass Dingleberry Cookie Crew Mentho Lyptus Rabbis Without Yarmulkes Yeast Infection Showdown They Can't Eat That Horse 'Cause It's Too Tough To Chew Mounted By A Hippo Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoas Sexy Goat Asleep But Awake I Stapled My Boobs The Remote Will Kill Us Ba Ba Bo Bo Be Bop Flip Flop Udderly Teat-tastic Nowhere But Here Crotch Notch Butt Benches And Chicken Lips Throw Him A Shoe 'Cause He's Got No Feet Sexy Dudes Who Hate Sex The Sum Buy It Now Got An Eye Ticket Brisket Rodent Porn Fest You Can't Be In Our Band 'Cause You're Dead My Cat Can Kick Your Cat's Ass I Sew Chickens Keep Out Spewing Up The Dead Deranged But Okay Pick Up Your Arms Diplomatic Cum Squat I4NI Da Shiit Iz Bangin' Found A Picnic Flinchy Sphincter Broken Banana Crampy Chimp Potato Llamas Twitchy Uvula Can't Find The Cinnamon Get Your Own Spleen Big-Headed Gerbil Attack Don't Know Where To Go Yo Hold The Onion 'Cause It Smells Like Dick Don't Christen That Baby See Silly Hernia Donut Of Shame Get Your Frickin' Sweaty Hand Off My Kidney Speckly Meckly The Pickle Of Truth You Can't Put Your Cup There Head Cheese Hangover Go Shoot Time For Terrible Toddlers Lumpy Go Potty You Ain't Strong The Cursed Squirrel Balls Smile Or I'll Make You I've Got Five Good Reasons For You To Shut Up Fancy Moose We Don't Know You Milky And The Tit Smackers Get Your Own Damn Lung Sniff That Skunk Baa Baa Sheep My Leg Can Not Fall Off Went To Hell In A Handbasket Jabber Blabber Adopt-A-Thought Mazel Tov Philly Sneeze Snake We Built A Ship Poddly Pea Mollusk Of Mayhem Pinto Bean Sex Scandal Cat Scratch Turd Trap We're Good Your Mother's Mean Bake Those Beans Give It A Stir Who's Hiding The Pimp Don't Choke On Your Straw Ass Scratchem Find My Stew Lost Yer Nuts Do The Dishes Hit The Road Jack Rabbit At A Theater Near You Painting Ceramic Tile I Got Some Dentures Oh The Pain They Want Friends Swim Away Clam Crotch Boobily Groobily Eeeeeeeeek Party In A Tube Crafty Nads Kick Us Out Of Your Eye Pissing For The Fun Of It Eggshell Torture Tactic Blizzard For Sale Spam Spam Spam Holy Pisano Can't The Cat Clean Its Own Litterbox The Walkin' Talkin's Joe From Jersey Jerkin' On A Gerkhin Not A Jacket Jelly Horror Craze Constipation Not A Problem Consomm For The Toothless Stop That Spasm It Counts Consider Halitosis Five Screws And A Paper Clip It's Never Alright Jitters For All I Gave You Your Stupid Present Douchey Mama Man Hernia Feathers Oh Flocketh Can You Not Wah Wah Wahs Three Blah Blah Blahs And A Yada Yada Yada Nail Clippins' To Go Oh Whadda Ya Know Them Thar Storm Clouds Over Yonder We Must Collect 50 Payments From Two People Fine Jewelry For Night Owls Graphic Twist The Week Sod It My Pet Peed In Da Peez Extracirricular Nonsense Can You Know Nothing Cann'd Beanz Bad Bears Groovy Rubberband Thingy Aggravation Is Good Condom Of Silence Vulgar Mutes Litmus Test Cookin' Up A Storm Creating The World Time Of The Month Mud Tax Illegal Cuticle Hang Up That Phone Oh The Pain Cursor Mania Bowel Movement Psychosis Not Deservin' It Bang That Thumb Shiit On A Ritz Hot And Spicy Upchuckers Regulate The Thermostat Push Pin Headache Delirious Frenzy The Killing Team Bagel For Dinner Soup For Beggars The Man On The Moon Get A Clue Cool Mule Drainage Ditch It Saw Many Say Three Words We Can Tell It's All A Big Lie Fat Gnat Gristle Fist Party In A Cup Do You Know My Husband Don't Shop There Chopping Block Potatoes The Obsessed Fools We're Possessed Skin Will Fall Off They Ate Too Many Cheesy Grits And Got Sick Cockroach In The Fridge Banjo-Playing Doodle Whackers Comb Your Moustache Peanut Shell Combo Mix Diabeetus Can't Make Camels Out Of Potatoes Cross Your Eyes Skinny Mustard Bear Of Life It's Only You Know Hemmed Fifty Cents Less Than I Had Yesterday Seeing A Million Rubberbands Hat Hair Can't That Cat Scratch Its Own Balls Squirrel Sexscape Scrimmaging Pimps Da Fish Iz In Da Bucket Don't Be Talking To Me We Don't Like The Circus Heh Balling The Mellon Frosty Chicken Leg Oh It's No Good You Will See It There Shakin' A Leg Couch Rippers Flower Pot Chum Smokers Filed Ten Nails Box Times Box Equals Circle Trust No One Text Message Not Possibly Can It Happen Zoola-Yoola Cologne Colony They're There Their See The Mollusk Piss In A Pot We Walk The Moon Leaks Hey Don't Check Scrubgrass Mania Germacious Whack Attack Smarter Than Your Ass It Costs Money To Listen To Us Fuel For Nothing Romper Room Gin Guzzlers Fishing For Knowledge Dilapidated Whorehouse Crack Shack Packer Snacker My Butt Wants To Know You Lettuce Is The Devil You Will Not Sin If We Can Help It Pudding Is For Losers The Check Is In The Mail My Fist Wants To Meet Your Face Awwwwww Burnt Toast For Breakfast Happy Turd Lockjaw Surprise Cuff 'em Don't Smoke Around My Mother Swimming In Soup Chicken Skin Next Week Is Not Now The Drain Is Clogged The Pubic Issue Bananas For All The Bra Stuffers Feeling Gnuly Magical Camel Toe It Will Oik Not Dork Bop Wanna Cookie? Don't Bother The Old Dead Lady Upstairs Hot Cup O' Joe Buzzing With Excitement Don't Renovate Your Duplex Tin Ceilings And Brass Titties That Donkey Pissed Last Year Shellfish Entanglement Taxes 'R' Sexy Punch My Cake Dick Twister Chip Dip Headache The Satin Condoms Moldy Tartar Testicle Of Madness The Cat Can Do That See The Boy On Top Of The Treadmill Wheeeeeeeeeeeeelz Stumpin' Da Schlong My Mess Is Your Mess We Wash Our Genitals Cut The Crust It's Bad Out There Keep Your Fingers Out Of The Pudding Bruises To See They Have Candles Toe Crab Sizzly Soup Sluts We Lost Our Keys It's Poisonous Moldy Towels Ass Bomb Psychedelic Ho-Down I Need Primer Public Antagonist Crazy Naked Men With Hammers (based on a true story!) Cool Whippin' It Share Ten Germs Don't Fight With Ants Dick Stick Entourage Camel Dung Tribute Band Bulimic Yet Fat Itchy Cement No Means Poke The Cake I Saw A Naked Baby Chinese Take-Out Dinner Party Yodelin' For Sex Biscuit For Your Dog Candle Wax Drippin's Shovel This We Are Purely Fictional Cool Case Of Head Lice Lie To The Teacher 'Cuz He's Stupid Wrap No More Presents Tonight Leaky Diapers All Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent Based On A True Story They Can't Spell Can Take Off That Skirt Or You Ain't Boardin' The Plane Just G-B It Amazing Fireplace How Do You Like That Paint Color You Didn't Eat Your Dinner Tract Lighting Esophagus Of Turmoil The Bucket Is Half Empty It's A Shame Pssssssst -- Don't Say It The Church Pews Transform My Finds Pickin' Snot Who's In The Crapper Stinky Fungal Cleats Of Death (taken from personal experience) Cheeze Whiz Fanatics Go To Your Room Considerate Farter The Clipped Nose Hairs Scrotal Dance Of Doom No More Postage Stamps Got No Booty Thomas Edison Is Dead G-Stringin' It With Grandma Porcupine Party Favors Bucket O' Mercy The Bloody Rotten Testicles Tits Of Wonder Nine Frogs In My Sock Drawer They'll Shit Their Beans Tonight The Toenail Splinter Band Spike Your Own Punch Booze For The Young Fat Old Men Jogging Saggy Buttocks Zig-Zaggin' Dat Squirrel's Got Nutz Don't Put Your Stinky Dick On My Pillow Twisting Your Intestines I Fell But I Got Up You Can't Know That It's This The Zobowowwowwozskis Tuna Don't Stink Eeeeek! Shave Them Nads Zebra Spew Killer Bees On Acid I Punched Out Giada's Teeth Manifest Of The Hungry Zipper Teeth Gang Bang We Can't Sing But That's Okay With You Did You Find The Roadkill? The Pasta's In The Pot The Pos-T-Vacs Valerie Bertinelli Is Not Dead, Just Sorta Fat Britney's A Human Being, Dammit! Sugar Bear Coke High Leave Her Alone! Pain In The Vagina Pickled That Delicioso Woman (c/o Adreme!) I'm Tired Got Nothing Done They Drive Badly No Fun Here Out Of The Monkey's Wrinkly Ass Go Find A Turd Poisonous Pore The Poontangers Sizzle Fist Ten Dollars Short Of Paying The Phone Bill Wanna See? Paula Deen's Heart Attack Puddle Of Nothing The Putrid Candy Canes Late For Work 'Cuz My Alarm Clock Hates Me I Do Believe In Santa The Kids Don't Want To Go To School He'll Be Stupid It's Only Yogurt Yogurt Lesbians Crock Of Shit The Old Lady Fell It Stings The Ass-Kicker Swiffer Band Silly Gonad Don't Put Putty On That Wall Choking On Bird Seed The Only Hell Is In My Pants Crack Baby Ding-A-Ling Roosters Are Limp Pickle Fist Foot Fungus Frenzy The Rotten Waffle Project Busted Button Holes Help! There's An Earplug Stuck In My Ear Epidermal Infusion Sizzling Incision Scarrific Can't Tell Time Chopped Chicken Liver Decision Hell Is Burning Today Headache In My Car It Hurts But It's Good No More Peddlers Crummy Danish Pulled A Boner Dust For All Pissed-Off Pins They Know They Have Bowels Bowling For My Uncle's Coke Eating Is Deadly Anal Probers Of The Third Degree Naked Old People Playing Hopscotch Horsin' Around Butter For The Dead Respect The Lugnut Bloody Floss Lumpectomy For The Scissorless Scrimmage Of Idiots Taser Tots They Pick Their Noses Zit On My Chip Holy Moley I Smell That Skunk The Dead Have Opinions Two Times Ten Is Too Many Times Seeing Not Feeling Farmers Of Girth Fishly Grishly Hay Bale Nation Coconut Fusion Sexy Denture Hangnail Precipitation Hatred Of Confetti Don't Party Down There Cast-Iron Skillet Blood Bath Toilet Clog Hoopala My Throat Hurts Really Nasal Destruction Two Hits In The Left Nut, Please! The Cracked Egg Facial Mask Project Don't Lose It Again Scared Of Halloween Lights Paying For Nothing Scrotal Suck-Up Plunger Of The Little People The Praying That Our Dicks Don't Fall Off Band Miraculous Mammary Fig This Track Star Track Marks Noodles And Nodules Be Gone! Obese Anorexics Gallbladder Gone Wrong Gritty Spitwad Fire Ant Testimonial Skyscraper Sex Party Skid Marks Saran Wrap Clap Trap Slit Your Own Goddamn Wrists They Can't Make Maple Syrup Tonight Jordan Sang A Song He Played In The Spring Festival Of The Deaf Mutation On Toast Oily Non-Zit People Pleaser There's Your Tongue Goobers For All! Ubu Jubu Zu Bubu Nubu Wubu U Tee-Hee! Golfin' Wit' Goferz Feelin' Oaty They Can't Like Their Toenails All The Old People Crumbcake For Astronauts You Look Like You The Check Is In The Mail, Not! Call The Haters Titty KABOOM! Cycle Of The Spatula Pregnant Sluts In Bikinis Don't Tell The Drunk Skull Sex Peas Not In The Pod Avenue Of Llamas Destroy The Bologna Eating Peanuts With Shells Call All The Onions Cancel My Lung Gum Chewers Of Staten Island Flying Birds And Digging Moles The Dead Santas Mr. Rogers' Sweater YEAH! My Cat Killed Chuck E. Cheese Can't See The Pollution Stockings For The Sexless Got No Options The Cabbage Snatch Dolls The Crystal Lights The Mole Diggers The Rocky Horrors Blister Pack Nonsense Smelly Belly Cheese Fest Formation Of Dimes Tease The Midget Pack O' Panties Pray For The Pack Rat Suck A Snot Six More Weeks Of Winter If The Groundhog Sees Its Weiner Clambake Mascara Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout, Willis? The Barney Thrill Killers Symphony Of Idiots Beneficial Head Lice Zit Poppers Of The Third Realm Found An Umbrella The God That I Am My Wood Floor Warped Florence Henderson's Left Tit The Burnt Toast Butt Jammers Convention Cotton Candy Condom Fest Don't Spew In My Rootbeer Float Friends Of The Wannabes Who Grew Up Late? Collision Of Corn The Dust Pan Smoothies The Bronchial Chillers Giant Flying Cockroach In My Laundry Room Psychotic Nuns And Other Fun Folks Folk Art For The Starved The Meaningless Jinger Janger Jingle Them Jingly Nads Kris Kringle's Drug Addiction I Knew You When You Were Dead The Giggly G-Spots Smells Like Shit Oops! There's Oatmeal In Them Thar Rubbers Kicked By A Mule The Camel Can Count To Ten The Not-So-Elegant Sconces Beef Fat Chuck Woollery Is Not Dead Fish Knickers Hey! That's My Spleen Pea Soup Puddle Jumpers Give Back That Urine Sample Grapes Again Open Underwear Crusties In The Pool Garlic Up Your Poodle's Ass Toilet Tremors On Friday Hummus My Ass! Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass Piss On An Ant Convexed Cheering For Zippers What's In Your Wallet? Cash For Ash Martha Stewart's Ganache Fart Miester's Day Off Pretzelectomy Gob Stompers Luau Ladel This Stupid People Bother Me Delayed Cervix Constipated Knowledge Hot-Buttered Turds The Shut Ups Don Ho Suffering From Third Button-Hole Syndrome Clambake Manifest Festering Anal Blisters Bought Ten Lightbulbs Unification, Not Defication Tit-Tat My Ass Fudge Can Kill Cookie Dough Colostomy Bag It's 8:09 The Band Is Coming To Town Fire-Proof Your Gazebo Ultimate Enchilada Ass Jugglers' Day Out We're The Band Snuggling With Snails Clitoral Observation Heavage Heavy On The Nuts Gravy On The Side The Missing Spleens Army Of Addicts The G-Spot Dummies Pitch A Tent Coconut Catastrophe Wrote A Letter To Your Breast The Sleazy Ten The Oily Bo-Hunks Hawks Of Mass Destruction Desecrate This Pine-Needle Hangover Shocking Description Get A Room No No Not A No Raising Hell In The Chicken Coop Ampersand And The Asterisks Oh No It's Gonna Snow Snail Rectalingus Who Called Me A Hag? Bring Us Our Pizza Haggis, Anyone? Your Hamster That Slut Piss-Cake Tea Party Those Fat People Can't Fuck Intestinal Merriment Chuck-A-Luck-A-Buck-A-Brick Grizzly Man Lovers Spermicide For The Holy Vanna White Lost Her Letter The Mosh Pit Herpes Get Your Chocolate Out Of My Peanut Butter Warning! Warning! Warning! Gristle Of Godzilla You Heard Me Delete Ringer Program Those Pilgrims Had Zits Get The Amish To The Mall No Toes Polydactilitis-Scmeckel-Puss The Shitty Laxatives You Ain't Getting It Burl Ives Sang Some Songs The Old Man's Saggy Scrotum Walrus In My Shower Simple Pudding The Deer Can Bake Lots Of Cakes Fear Of Pineapples The Jack-o'-Lantern Jack-Me-Offs He's Only A Leper Shun The Non-Believer You Know That Lice Are Good We Can Smell Milk Sandwiches For The Stupid Heh Heh Heh Bilingual Helium Addicts Telling Time Lox Upon Our Sox All The Quarters If I Give You A Dollar, Will You Pop My Zit? Shift In The Equator Ain't Kissin' The Blarney Stone Paper Mache Giblets Partying With Oprah's Douchebag Sex Not-A-Happenin' In The City Elated For Dialation Whiff Of Jiff Crabby Patty Avoid The Mucanoid Crust On Your Potato Peaches Don't Have Pits My Money Will Do You No Good It Will Not Save You Redeem Those Plaid Stamps Italian Paparazzi Pizza Fest Speaking Fluent Peacanese Septic Seizure Sassy Squid The Dickless Don't Stomp On My Mask Bitches Without Mascara Scrapyard Sluts The Two Pricillas Confused For It Doesn't Matter The Elemental Walrus Jerks Truss Of Terror Two-Fisted Head Trauma Gene Pool Fuck-Ups Throw Away The Peanut Shells Gyrating Bowels Requiem Of All Blister-Pack Nonsense The Toad Soffits Hurry, Hurry Kiss My Ass! The Quicker Picker-Uppers The Pancake Batter Splatters (opening act for the aforementioned band) I'm Knife In My Gut Pea Soup Death Match The Constipated Pine Cones Nibblets For The Needy Hernial Transporters The National Geographics Douchebag Cat Fight Run, Forrest, Run! Day Of The Lost Dentures The Crock Pot Cocks I'll Run Two Miles Not A Giraffe Ouch It's A Mess Lint Clinchers' Mishap Evolution Of Nothing Good We Are Negative Lumpy Galoshes Wubba Wubba Tubba Budda Stir-Fry Rampage Wasabi Lube Chick Pea Piss Pot Eating Dinner With Only One Utensil There Is No "A" In "Root Beer" We'd Like To Think Cutting The Day But Not For Long Bag O' Chips Under The Bed Of Plastic Toys And Staplers Tape Rule Madness She Saw Oprah's Twat Get Some Lipo The Have It Your Ways The Greedy Spores The Kangaroo Pouches Aaaaaargh! Scallawag I'm Running 10 Miles Tomorrow Peat Moss Butcher Fest Baby Cockroach Parade Spittle In Your Scrapple The Snapple Lady Is Fat Hangnail Horror Fest Lap Man Hold My Pickle Pip Pip Doodly-Doo Very Pituitary Glandular Photo Session Can't Make Pudding Out Of Clay Keep Your Headache To Yourself Cheesy Flea Fondue They Are The Ones Mice With Ten Lice Armpit Zoology Nasal Hair Conference Call Scattered Ideas Pumped For Nothing Upperhanded Gerbils Third-Ear Deaf We Eats Critters Snobby Wannabes The Fleshy Globules Go Nads! Eating Pumpkin Pie Without The Whipped Cream Crustless Pie Doughy Phlegm Digestive Tract Enema Don't Taunt Leeza Gibbons Don Ho's Missing Thrid Testicle They Used A Dish Testicle! The Musical Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose, aka The Vinny Barbarino Tribute Band Third-World Leper Colony Not A Low-Calorie Food Crying For Almonds Whoring That Zit A Lizard's Dilemma Go Ta Skool 'Cuz Your Stoopit Chunk Style Simmering Polyps Haven't Seen Your Left Tit The Polydactyl Poligrips SPERM (Slutty Princesses Eating Raw Meat) Cough Syrup Bath Infusion No Donuts Left Over From Last Year That Girl Is Bad Vote Now! Tadpole Tongue Job Feeling Good In The Cesspool No More Shakers We Will Rock The House Open-Air Tremors Beware The Angry Shoppers Hairy Tumor Attack Dead Ben Franklin I Swallowed My Glands Leeches For Idiots Fred Mertz Was Hung Like Ten Horses Plunging Necklines Going Nowhere Wafer Snot Hooray For The Goat's Dripping Penis! Crazy Eggs Lexmark And The Z51s Cursor Maniacs My Grandma Won't Eat That Potato Wrongful Death Cases Are Good Porcupine Dildo Ten Eggs In The Fridge The Butchered Ears Oprah's Orgy Don't Fish In That Lake Labia Fruit Loops Venom And Beer My Daughter Made Some Eggs All 999,999,999,999 Of Them They Will Donate Nothing To Sally Field Penis Eye Tribute Band Fudgy The Whale Sunk The Titanic Don't Get That Amish Drunk Foliage For Fools The Mean Men Blizzard In My Pajamas The Store Is Closed Gots To Mow The Lawn The Cow Will Moo Not On This Night Scrimmage The Meek They See With Their Ears Lobotomies Are Fun! Soup Doesn't Come Cheap Chocolate Is The New Tomato Canker Sore Cheerios I Don't Like Them Thistle Mocking The Dead Jailed Rappers They Mash Glass With Their Ass Ron Jeremy That Ugly Stud Don't Bake Any Cookies 'Cause We're Out Of Flour Hob-Nobbing Door Knobs Paris Hilton And The Like Wrinkled Paper Is Blank Go To It Found Ten Of The Bunch Of Ten Of Them Tater Tot Casserole And The Duggars Secret Society Of The Kin Deodorant Woes Pubic Entanglement Rotten Milk For All Roof Shinglers Fart Fest Fungal Feet Party Favors You Can Come To My Party As Long As You Don't Come Sally Struthers Wants Your Food The Stovepipe Butt Blasters Brontosaurus Fishbone Too Nougaty Scar Zone Bowling Ten Years Ago Tongue Chomp Spitting On The Dumb Saturday Night Corn Husking Midget Perfectionism The Snorting Doorknobs 3,000,000,000,000 Talking Turkeys Talcum Powder Overdose We've Got 50 Diseases The Beef Stew Wedgies Where To Put The Corn? That Dullard Can Cuss Lack Of Talent Hey Now There's No Toilet Paper In Here Puddle Of Super Glue Staining Away Buy That Amish Some Dinner! My Cat Likes Porno Peep Show Eye Poke Caramel Cream Pudding Poopers Just A Pustule My Son's Rancid Cleats Cleavage For The Needy I Saw Uranus Mickey Mouse's Asthma Attack Parachute Malfunction The Itchy Spiderwebs Clambake Diggity Dog Found 1,000,000,000,000,000 Uses For Corn Smash The Tomato Tell Them The Truth The Pool Is Closed It's Not Labor Day Yet Clark Gable's Rotted Left Nut The Hot Topic Posers Elmo Gone Emo Dog-Cat Brew Bash Singed Brow The Dog Down The Street Won't Shut The Fuck Up Garanimalianist Wisdom Amish Pizza Power Party I Said To Stop Heckling That Funny Guy Craters Amidst Our Asses Went Is Not Gone Cheesy Undies They Smell Like Tires Bronto Burger Pillar Of Knowledge We Rule Your Snot Scrimmage At Caney Creek Scrambled Wedgies George Hamilton's Third-Degree Sunburn The Paint Needs 15 To 30 Days To Cure Stick 'Em Up! Bleached Blonde Eyebrow Eye Infection They Were A Band Sucks For A Buck Get That Turd Out Of My Boot! Screaming Fest Of Ten Dozen Fire Ants Bowling With The Lame Those Crippled Stamp Makers Aaaaaaah! They Know Their Eggs Kicked Off The Mountain By Two Angry Rams They Mean To Mean It No Thanks For Your Assistance Treble This They Suck A-Plenty Spores And More Spores! Campfire Depression Forgetting Your Cat's Name I Am A Nemesis Freaks Of The Next Generation The News Prints Bull Not Very Crispy In My Lucky Drawers Ducks Can Kill Watch Out ... Pissed Off And Not Amused Quick Refills Fecal Denominator Jonez Find That Bunion Punish Ten Onions Bi-Coastal Canker Sore Snail Trail On Toast Points Hey! Look! It's Marla Gibbs! Grabbing For White Pumpkins Fevers And Wheezers Soup Slurpers Dilemma Mismatched Brain Cells Five Packs Of Splenda Equals One Sweet 'N' Low Always Complaining Tell Your Hamster To Knock It Off I Said Maturation, Not Masturbation Wheezy's Movin' On Up Mary Tyler Moore's Hat Is Still Up In The Sky After 35 Years! Just Puke It Laverne And Shirley Were Not Lesbians The Camphor Finnekes She Feels No Pain Butt Kickers And Crab Apples Lovely Tea Party Camera-Shy Delinquents I Saw The Rain The Holy Ass Munchers Gravitational Pull Been To Alaska Fred Flinstone That Crack Dealer Joy To My Penis I Sat On A Cactus Toasty Buns! We Have An Obsession Mazel Tov! It's Labia Menorah Power To The People Who Stink Sauce Gay Narutard Don't Come Into Our Garden ... Don't Kick Our Dog ... We Pose Threats My Cat Kicked Your Retarded Son I Got Laid So Many Times Kirstie Lives In An Alley Shania Does Mark Twain My Fictional Basement Smells Like Shit Fuck Him In The Ear Sandpaper Doodle Pickers Find That Amish A Date Grinding Nuts As You Screw Pickles Are The Root Of All Evil 50 Dimes Won't Buy You That Sock Sneakers Prevent Forest Fires Lentil Soup Panic Attack Dancing To Suit Myself What If You Took The "F" Out Of "Fuck?" Ducks Know It Can Googlysaurus Drink 50 Beers In Two Seconds? The Wiggly Commodes I Said Polinator, Not Terminator 101 Rhinoplasties For The Price Of One We Know That Pimp God-Fearing Jackalopes Fusili Jerry! Cock-A-Doodle Oh No You Don't! Flank Steak Mistake Camoflauge Tampons Find Shoeless Joe's Shoes! Measles Make The Man Mayonnaise Management Paper Shredder Monkey Madness Spitting At Old Lady Boobs Halloween Madness In July Easter Parade In October Christmas All Year 'Round! Camel And The Humps The Stupid-Ass Target Commercials Thumpity-Bumpity Dong Dong Ding Dong Dingo Dingo Ding Dong Ditchy Witchy Dingy Dong Feathered By A Pimp Dumb Daddy And The Asshole Kids Itchy Titty Clamoring To Escape My Own Insanity They Milked That Horse Can Opener Look-Alike Contest It's Still 2007 Is Dick Clark Still Alive? Need A Lampshade Micro Misconceptions The SysRqs Needle-Nose Plier Nipple Clamps Singing Along With Mitch Sluts Alive! The Drakes Cakes Tribute Band 30 Seconds 'Til I Kick Your Ass Get That Amish An Ipod Approval In Progress Conveyer Belt Gigolos Pizza To Go! Three-Day Blinds Left Unsaid Wilma The Gelato Won't Freeze Grapple Your Own Tit Scary Folks Living Inside My Brain Oh No! My Head Fell Off You Can Have A Nickle For Only One Dollar Beaver Dam Mayhem Striped Pajamas Aren't Sassy Bleep Bleep Leap Sleep Bleep Pee Scroll Lock The Watch Just Beeped Bonus Coupons! Strap On Your Own Arm Cutting Cuticles With Hedge Clippers Go To The Bathroom NOW! Oh Oh Oh No Go A Simple Giraffe Silly Putty Sex Scandal You Have The Power To Prevent Nothing Give That Amish A Driver's License Piss-Pot Smudge-Pot Marie Osmond And The Family Systematic Beaver Amish Centerfold Vaginal Reunion We Are Injured Fast And Friendly Wife Swap At Shogun Restaurant Anal Refuse Da Soda Free IQ Test For Real Know Your Rights Ugly Chicks Protest Donut Debris Tell Those Kids To Stop Fishing In The Toilet Hamburger Management 101 Party Napkin Dilemma Talk To My Neighbor's Fence The Curtain Rods Without Curtains It's Early In The Morning, But Not Too Early For Coffee That Amish Left His Buggy At The Cheesecake Factory Pip Swap Aluminum Foil Wannabes Do Not Reply To 10 People Dirty Socks With Big Holes Turn Off The Computer Or The House Will Burn Down Bunions Are The New Tomatoes Drano Cocktail Time! Zit Seekers Opera Permanent Wood And The Concrete Sealants Operatic Wars Of The Sexually Challenged Get The Spittle Out Of The Kettle Make That Midget Dance Ron Jeremy And The Dick Pummelers Pancakes For All Seasons Church Of The Rusty Tire-Iron Canker-Sore Awareness Factor Caulk Cock Buy That Amish Some Stamps Do You Know Many Gay People? Living Within The Cozy Confines Of My Cat's Nutsack Martha Stewart, That Hack Orange-Peel Nazis In Da 'Hood Controlled By A Bat Stoner Go Home! Red-Carpet A-Listers Living On My Porch Anita Bryant And The Homophobes Skittles And Pork-Chops, YUM-O! Jumbo Shrimp Running On A Treadmill Don't Go To The Show 'Cause It's Gonna Snow Lunch-Muffin Hurlers On The Third Floor Fancy French-Food On A Grave-Robber's Budget Boom Boom Stay Out Of My Room You Can't Make Cheeseburgers Without The Cheese The Leftover Bullion Cubes Trini Lopez Had A Hammer Wish List For Martyrs Calvacade Of Rotten Moose Web Of Antelopes Spindle Bitch Don't Jack Up That Car Don't Let That Amish Drink And Drive Herpes Snack Attack Paint-Chip Terrorist Party Six Degrees Of Separation While Living In The Amish Farmhouse Toll-House Cookies Taking A Toll On One's Health We Said "Editorial," Not "Clitorial" The Nanette Fabres Tribute Band Lassie Don't Go Home Gee, Davey! Poop Out Those Presents Santa's Got A Boner, Oh Joy! Oy Vey, Get Rid Of That Mistletoe! Making Minestrone With One's Left Nut Cock-Rotten To The Core Hail! The Mighty Tongues Have Returned We Said "Enigmatic," Not "Enema-matic" Get That Gopher A Peanut Mall Merchants' Uprising Unique Smelly Socks Headquarters Of My Nervous Breakdown Imaginate For Only One Dollar Need A Burrito What Gives? Get That Amish To Kroger's Rakin' Da Ho Pretending To Put That Bear In Detention Maxi-Pad Mishap Fashionable Kitchen Cabinets High-Fructose Corn-Syrup Hangover Chunk-Whiz Pizza Poodle Grab-A-Thon Muskrat Parchment Paper No Cookies For Christmas This Year Do Not Re-Apply When Needed Hump Camel 1-800-WE-SUCK! The Heh, Heh, Ho, Heh, Heh, Ho, Hehs, YEAH! Barn-Raising Breast Session 10 Easy Ways To Make Steak Add Some Grommets! Blister Tooth Plaque Mania! Tartar For Sale! Fix That Tooth, Amy Winehouse You Wouldn't Like Our Band Soap-Scum Calamity Co-Signer Must Count To 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 Maxi-Pad Meal Deal We Said "Artificial," Not "Ori-ficial" Gibbon Snitch Sponge Of The Diseased Sewer Rat For A Day We Would Be Liars Dry-Erase Marker OD Sacred Burial Grounds Of The Soft-Shell Crab 10 Chickens Without Cheese Pitch-Fork Orifice Santa's Little Ho, Ho, Ho! Oral Pectorals Rectal Fork Fusion You Can't Spell Chicken Without "Ick" Calvacade Of Vomitting Fire-Ants Pickle For A Nipple? That Cat Shouldn't Eat Insulation Inkjet Tampon Transfusion Beam Me Up, 'Cause I Have No Clue! Find Your Undies, Britney Spear! Grass-Ass Glass Mass It's Hot The Beeping Clothes Dryers Stop Bleaching Your Hair, Heather Locklear! Sober Up, Sandra Lee! Time To Make The Rice Get Me To The Scrimmage, Now! Secret Society Of Amish Pizza Makers Jacks Up Your Nose We're Out Of Toilet Paper It's Staring At Me Stain Your Own Wood The Kids Will Not Like It Sassy Cross-Dresser Porcupine Suppository, We Suppose Don't Put Pancakes In The Sewer Whoa, Nelly! There's An Amish At My Dinner Table The Laundry Snorters Talentless Bungholes Roadkill Hair Rinse Septic Delusion Living In One's Own Fishtank Playing Flag Football On Route 66 I Cough On My Own Esophagus Forrest Gump And The Shrimping 5 Naked Old Lady Labias Disatrous Path To The Hidden Planet Doom Of Missing Lungs Shrimp Bloat Get Some Implants, Kelly Ripa! Seeking To Know Your Housefly Penis Snatch Don't Let That Amish Apply For A MasterCard Uterus Uprising I Got The Clapper Ding-Dong-Dong-Ding-Dick-A-Dong Toothpick Hoola Dance Blinking Zero -- Aaaaaaaaah! Enable Your Meth Inclined To Tell You To Fuck Off Pizza For Foot Fungus My Biological Clock She's A-Tickin' Herbicide Your Own Yaupon Scotch Tape On The Rocks Boner Blast-Off We Said "Di-stinguished," Not "Dick-stinguished" Vaseline Vulvasaurs Dora's Exploratory Surgery Get Your Cholesterol Level Checked, Paula Deen! Hating The Living Beans Halloween Hi-Jinks On The West-Side Highway Play-Doh For The Fingerless George Foreman Broke That Grill Sizzle And A Whizzle The Pathetic Penile Patriarchs That Amish Got A Speeding Ticket Not Going To Buzzfest Ten Marys And One Jesus The 2:30 P.M.s F1, F2, F3, F-YOU! Turkey Trot Gut Rot Don't Swear I Didn't Do It Bolty Revolt Cap'n Crunch's Crunchy Nuts Dildo Salutation Peat Moss Masturbatory Aide Don't Give Pot To That Pigeon Printable Version Denied Gumpy Go-Whop Curdled Cum Tell That Amish He's Hot DUMB (Dildo Under My Bush) No Hot Chix At The Chick-Fil-A Bahama Mama Mia Babba Girthful Bosom Girl Gone Urinal Mucanoid Flembotic Spitnoid Dedicated Specialists Of Nothing Sideshow Midgets To Be Feared Come To The Picnic If You Don't Decide To Come Abominable Snowman Semen Sample Glue Blue Blubber Bloob Blood Doob Gloom My Head Is Swimming In Your Soup Guppies For Boobies Macaroni Money For Free Raggedy Ann On The Rag Hey! Tell That Amish To Stop Making Scrapple Ass Wranglers And Underwear Smudges Chunnel! Festival Of The Secret Underground Piss Party Nipple Zippers Stop Churning That Butter, Old Amish Woman! Dead Prostitutes From Michigan Celebrating Valentine's Day Ass-Flasher Cat 1,001 Reasons To Count To 1,001 The Rats Have No Tails Hostility Amongst The Moon People Common Knowledge That Taxing Poop Is Good Beef Brisket Of Utter Confusion Gangsta Mafia Rap-A-Thon Yo, Yo, Yo, Baby -- I'll Get Da Bread And Yo Get Da Budduh Chess For The Cheeky Parquet-Floor Hop-Scotch Do I Smell Pungent? Where Is Shelley Fabres? Do You Dare To Smell Like Her? The Bare-Breasted Lactose Intolerants Ol' Crotch Da Finga The Pia Zadora Tribute Band Don't Menstruate Regularly Does Not Promote Regularity Lousy, Rotten MuthaBLEEPuhs Clamming For Cabbage Whoring For Sasquatch Balling For Latitude Automatic Decline Of Fructose Splinter Tick Bubba Gump Sump Pump Testicle Enema Mamarazzi Mania Where Is My Toe? Corn Whiskey Douche Fest Hangnail Sluts Living On Your Stoop Vagina Of Vigor The Very Salad Of Confusion 20 Times Around The Block Is Not Enough Dig That Hole, Mole! Phlegm X Don't Let That Amish Kid Roller Skate On I-45 Economically Low Levels Of Bullshit Fiery Loins Bowling With Nine Corpses Recycled Tampons It's Dangerous But Okay To Play With Molten Lava Graveyard Skeleton Mall Management Halloween For Hamsters Whoa! That Lady Has 50 Boobs Ninja Cadavers Bulimia, Is That A Country? Anorexically Challenged Make That Amish Stop Parking His Buggy In My Driveway They Won! Did You Put A Postage Stamp On That Out-Going Mail? Uprising Of Nair-Using Sluts Bring The Brisket To The Picnic Ordering Multiples Of None We Will Freshen Our Pits Uniform Of Disrespect 10-Dozen Reasons To Tell The Judge To Fuck Off Those Crotch Masters Salad Hoopala! The Bestiality Boyz Mucous And Tea Go Away, Devil Worshiper! Give That Amish Some Booze The Cookie Has Chips My Pillow Is Complete The Mismatched Pillow Cases Diggity-Dog, Figgity-Hog Holy Shit! I've Hit 3,000 Posts Someone Just Left For Work The Laundry Is Done Get The Chitlins Out Of The Freezer Ham Sandwiches For The Masses PB&J+Tunax2=Slop Don't Feed That Amish Too Many Snow Cones The Weird Folks Down The Street Don't Like Halloween Those People Need To Move Their Truck Foot Fetish 101 In Need Of An Ass Kicking We Are The Rulers Pantherus Dominus Too Many Nails To File It's Cabbage-y In This Here Neck Of The Woods The Posts Are Posted Inkjet Nazis Winken, Blinken And Stinkin' Ho Down! Kotex On A Saddle Google This Out Of Trix Not Allowed To Chew No Air For You Cavorting With The Dead At The Cemetery Texas Weather Is Currently Great! Folded The Sheets Why The Hell Would Anyone Iron Their Sheets? Have You Been To Sheetz? Holy Sheet! Billy Mays Must OxyClean The Cum From My Sheets Tell That Amish To Stop Flashing The Able Disabled Ya Wanna? The Plaster Is Peeling I Hate My Ceiling Fan The Squirrels Have Stopped Coming Organize Your Opossum Clever New Ways To Eat Fried Chicken 10 Stoners Living In One Crock-Pot Take That Amish To Six Flags Dead Folks Do Not Eat Spice Cake They Lied To That Jack-O'-Lantern's Sister Sandwich Remix Fruit-Flush Enema Those Multi-Cultural Kashi Cereal-Box People He's A Lesbian Living In A Straight Man's Body Go To The Spigot Farrah Spigot Minors Gracious Crater Fat, Dead Elvis Stop Stealing The Peanuts We Cuss Eccentric Dyslexics The Minxy Ministers Diabolic Noodle Nubs Selling 50 Potatoes For The Price Of A Tomato Endeavor Of The Fingerless Bras For The Titless Call It A Day! Don't Give That Amish A Treat Push-Pin Prophylactic People Are Not Smart 20 Reasons Not To Take A Bath If You Give The Penguin A Cookie, It'll Spit Rummaging To Be The Next Keyboard Shenanigans Clock-Face Terror Ramen-Noodle Fur Coat Hot People Can Tell Time That Bear Won't Share Vote In That Poll! The Bus Won't Let 10 More Kids On Kick That Neo-Nazi In The Scrotum You Do Not Need A Halloween Costume Jail-Bait Hoopala Whoa! Give That Amish A Free Pass To The Circus Got The Jibber-Jabbers That Old Lady With The Big Hair Cannot Drive While Text-Messaging You've Gotta Find Your Own Spit Flying Douchewads On The Horizon Call For The Biscuit Serving Nothing But Slop Aunt Jemima That Hussy Go To The Corn Smelly Armpits With Pretty Hair Fecal Foul-Out Bunions For The Smirking Tell That Amish To Pull Up Her Bloomers Medicated In Alabama They Scrimmage Under My Ass We Will Not Be Dead In 25 Days Tourette-Syndrome Party Zone Burn Some Pig Fat Snow-Pea Piss-Pot Pivot And Go! Oh Well Just Go Into That Weasel He's Jogging And Shouldn't Be Did That Dairy Cow Poop? 101 Ways To Safely Jump From 50-Story Windows The Satanic Popes Don't Fucking Go To Work Tomorrow The Snarling Few The Patchy Pubii Those Weasels Got The Rebound Emaciated Jack-O'-Lanterns Revenge Of My Toe Way Past Half-Time Enemas For Crustaceans Polio For Those Who Want It The Fiery Bowels Jibbering Testicles Drano Cocktail Time Ass-Douche Meringuee Sexy Scary Faces Taking A Dump In The Neighbor's Crock-Pot Picket-Fences For The Pain-Inflicted Marry Your Own Dog Wal-Mart Funnel-Cake Fatties Beer-Blast Piss Fest Cigarettes + Lizards = Par-tay! Young, Amish And Stoned Craptards And The Like Nail-Polish Chips And Other Catastrophes Afraid Of Freckles The Dill-Pickle Dildos Midget Band-Aid Connection Hypothermia For The Meek Whee! Let's Go Wee-Wee Lozenges Are Evil Snakes And Amphibians For A Penny Faulty Pants Zipper Left Nut Lugnut Don't Buy That Amish 10 Donuts 40 People Came Whole-Zitted, Not Half-Witted Dagger Dicks Stop Making It Up Armadillos Do Not Like Salsa Old People With 29 Hangovers Don't Give That Amish A Jello Shot We Can Find 10 Porcupines In Joe's Pants Diggin' For Wiggin' Find Your Own Plantation It's Windy In My Trachea The Pepper Jacks Tendons R Meaty Take It Easy But Rock Me Hard Fondue For Squirrels Gotta Wipe My Ass Sewer Penny Shower-Head Menstrual Monstrosity Wal-Mart Gen-Xers Trans-Affected Multi-Sexuals The Tourette-Syndrome Decision Hola! Greasy Pickle Attack How Do You Pronounce #^%*)+(*@$!:? Tell Grandma To Take The Iguana Out Of Her Pruny Old Snatch! Pooper-Scooper Droopers Spermy Enema Dilemma Disembowled And Lovin' It! Whoosh! That Cat's On Steroids Can't Eat At McDonald's 'Cause We Got No Fucking Teeth Who Put That Opossum In The Pudding? Organize That Orgy! Candlewax Lubricant Celebration Shrine Of My Ass Tampon Swap '07 Snapper Surprise! Chicken In Our Knickers Kickin' Da Ol' Man Broiled Intestinal Crap The Burger King Is Really A Queen Drag Queenz Who Look Prettier Than Chix Ultra-High Frequency In The Middle Of Nowhere The Fish Sitting In The Pan Runny Stockings But Not Runny Bowels Thank God For Lepers Vasectomy Tidbits Don't Give That Amish A Porno Magazine Angry McPisseron Is God Japanese Pizza Tonight! The Non-Existent Digits Ewww! The Cooler Is Peeing On The Porch Phat Pharm Phatty Parade Hey! I Seek Your Body Soil We ARE Figgy Pudding! Zoftic Dinosaur Vaginah Dinah Penis Revised And Updated We Have Sex And Wash Dishes Playing Russian Roulette On The Merry-Go-Round We Eat Salty Balls Pheasant Under Broken Glass Essentially Non-Existent Trix-Rabbit Breed-A-Thon Fun Crushers And The Juice Jermers Slipper Whores Don't Feed That Amish Any Spicy Calamari Doing Porno At Church Cinnamon Tampons Splinty Shins Dusty Dimebags Directorial Debut Of Eight Tiny Reindeer Elfin Tonsilectomy Pepper-Spray Dipilatory Honk If You Is A Ho Dilapidated Cum Shack Driven By Imaginary Leprechauns They Care About Ticks And Fleas Living In Thy Father's Moustache Pubic War Zone Dumb People Are Like Me The Delicate Vasectomies Waltzing Uvulas Angry Little Fetuses Barbie Dream House Nightmare Hot Jigger Pink Toupee Munchkins Tubularly Twisted Titty Attack It's November Furst Howdy, Penis Pardner! Pimpin' Yo' Ass In Yo' Mama's Crib Who Told That Amish To Go To Jareds? Lots Of Quarters Six Is Blinking CL! CL! CL! CL! Scared Of That Cat's Ass Crack Ass Cut-Ups Deli Of All Things Dramatic Crazy Folks Down The Street Gum Chompers And Homewreckers Free Checking Desolate Guinea Pigs Haggis Dimple Blind Eye Of 10-Dozen Potatoes Gynecological Overkill Can You Count To 63 On Just 10 Toes? Trick-Or-Treating With 15 Jehovah's Witnesses Fishnet Stockings For Virgins Hosanna My Ass! Deaf In The Northwest Pudding Skin Hysterical Testicle Piss On The Exterminator Imbicile Among The Dead Puppy Pukers Unlucky Fist Fuckers Medicinal Needs Of The Holy Cannibalistics Carpool Weiner Nightmare Brutha, Can You Spare 10 Dimes? We The People Suck Royal Gelatin Puddle Humpers Coo-Coo-Coo-Cool It, Coolio Goin' To The Amish Strip Club The Rolling Uvulas Sticky Undergarments The Gay Are Okay The Sausage Under Our Armpits Lawrence Welk's Polish Kielbasa Leave Those Sweat Glands Alone! Gnarlin' Gristle Whoa! That Amish Is Makin' Bacon Horse Manure Management Flaccid Peckeritis Grandpa's Moldy Britches Europe And Back In One-Tenth Of An Hour Mary Poppin' Her Cherry Chip-Chopped Mutilation Afficionados They'll Chop Off Your Balls If You Don't Give Them A Treat Lost Our Virginity Somewhere In Another State Eye-Pokers And Rib-Jabbers Unite! Snortle Crotch Christmas Jitters Santa Goes To Rehab Olivia And The Newton Johns Grease Is Not The Word Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Colonoscopy Parade If You Don't Have 10 Toes, You're FiredSimmer Shimmers Concoct Your Own Cock Vaginas! Vaginas! VAAAAAA-GINAS! No More Peas In The Deli X-Rated G-Rated Flick A Stitch In Time Saves 9 What? Jebidiah! That Whoremonger Pus Of The Month Club Announce Your Own Ass Sy Sperling And The Toupees Happy Canker-Sore Day! It Doesn't Take Too Many Fish To Fill Up Your Small Intestine They All Can Make It To The Team Party Stop Putting Chicken Bones In The Toilet Fecal Fracas Dick Fritters, Not Apple Fritters Griping 'Cause There Are No Napkins On The Table Rabies For The Whole Family! Nipple Invasion 101 Pelican Monster Aaaaaah! Elope With Your Own Antelope The Pope Iz Dope I Need A Shirt! Wiggidy Wag -- Daggidy Dig Fiery Teat Fiesta It Had To Do With It I Came Back After Lunch Tickety-Tock! It's 3:42 Leapin' Scrotum! Full-Frontal Scrotal Assault We Are Not Your Grandma's Band Social Armpit I Guess Pity Your Pituitary Gaa-Ding-Gaa-Dung Compound Word! Ramen Retards Envisioned By That Emu Chill The Gazpacho Erectile Mishaps Vow To Dig Up The Dead Eatin' Taters With Three Fishermen Don't Trust The Gorton's Fisherman Fried Lice Ain't Nice Pudding-Foot Fuck-Ups UPS Oops-athon Scumbusters Of All Religious Affiliations 90 Degrees Past Uranus Decapitated Santas Carrot Stixx And Big Dixx Barley Is Bad I See Lambs Don't Drown Your Feet In The Sludge Basket Barrel Tribute Band Tell Satan To Fuck Off Stuck Zippers And Pinched Nads Brutha Brutha Mothers Who Have No Spending Money Matchsticks For Breakfast Telekinetic Hangover Meatgrinders Are Bowling Tonight Soup For A Penny! The Innerspring Mattresses Saved 999,999,999,999,999,999 Bucks On Our Phone Bill The Governor Should Be Shot Tell That Amish Not To Flush That Dead Groundhog Down My Toilet Next Of Kin, Not Next Of Skin Spinal Spinach Lindsay Wagner Is A Sleep Number 39 Cornbread And No Mashed Potatoes Dangling Brain Cells Fast-Freeze Hangover Stagnant, Not Dead Cat-Scratch Nadfest Hygiene Hi-Jinx My Nails, They're Not Long Mud Puddle Episiotomy Had An Episode Plastic Surgery For Puppies! Spicy Douchebag Flipped Off By Half-Drunk Amish Social Network Disconnect Enemy Number 0,123,456,789,101,234,567,891,012 Whataburger, Notsuchaburger We Didn't Do It Ovaltine Whores Peat-Moss Boss Backward-Head Man Swimming In The Game Room Chinese-Checkers Panty Raid Knitting Party For The Blind Fleas In My Knickers Cha-Cha-Cha! George Washington's Waffle Toss Angry-Pissmonger's Diaper Brigade Smell My Wrath Club-Sandwich Jamboree Pimp My Poodle Biscotti Zombie Crispy-Chicken Intercourse Telekinetic Parasites Catholic Rabbis Ass-Kernel Cook-Out Ranch Dressing On The Side ASAP! Piss Spritzer On The Rocks Man Cheese Mail-Order Gonad Bullet-Proof Tampons Next Best Pussy Fest Great Grated Onions! Pickle Fungus In Our Ears Papa Roach Killed By Mama Raid It's Tough In That Sausage Casing Cast-Iron Soul Parade Of Thimbles Rachael Ray Get A Muzzle! Tell That Amish To Stop Porkin' The Hog Stream O' Piss Rotten Eggs For The Dimwitted Sad Time For Dimes Come Start Our Campfire Girl Scouts Scouting For Girls Little People Making Big Poop Walk 1,000 Miles For Nothing Amish Can't Work At McDonald's Constipated Anticpation Feces Of A Lesser Domain Fickle Old Lesbians Gorrilas Drinking Arbor Mist Format Your Own DNA Designer Genes In Touch With Coked-Up Nuns Die At The Party No Cheese And Crackers For Sale Those Numbers Do Not Compute Now But They Will Tomorrow Two Hours 'Till We Kill All It's A Hefty Commute To Get To The Toilet Marinated Marina Mania! Ole! You! Shall Hate Chalk Coffee Is Wasted On The Young Never Too Old For Dentures Backbone Of All That Is Delirious Crusty Underwear Woes Simply Not The Best Better Than Batter 10,000 Turds Cannot Fill Up The Punch-Bowl Ramen Noodle Of Deceit The Rats Cannot Come To Our Sex Party Eat Shit Phukk Phace! Turnips For The Needy I Must Hump You, Old Person! Can Of The Next Generation Of DNA Stealers Rage Of The Fig Fingered And Holed 1/2 A Sandwich Is Never Permitted The Naruto Narutards Urinary Status Of 20 Lost Onions Weiners Unite! Pesticidal Homicide Crab Lice Licorice Tonight Shoo, Shoo, Amish Hussy! Country Crotch And The Family Menstrual By Friday Couriers Forget Nothing Pledging To Be In A Nest Camping With Dead Batteries Why A Jackknife, Not A Jillknife? Don't Question How Stupid You Are Amish Coke Bust Pepper Your Own Pecker 1-2-3! There's Your Tit Chicken Sniglet Fecality Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Not A Possibility Stuebner Airline At Louetta Douchematic Old Ladies Howling At Dead Ducks Balls Can Bowl Bi-Weekly Orgies Down The Street Waxy Loins Cock Fighting With The Neighbor's Rooster Did You Send It Away? Infatuated With Dwarfs A + A = Not B - B x 1 Cigarette Joey Buttafucco Disco Days Viagra For Vagrants Put Some Pus On Your Puss Cesspool Midget Attack Christmas Already Came Last Year Clambake Clamydia Ya Ya! Modular Granite Countertops Seeing Without Eyes Is Permitted Hammertoes With 10 Bunions Where's Your Slut? She Made A Sex Party Out Of Cabbage Cussin' At The Equator That Amish Needs To Stop Feeding The Horse Playing Tennis With Bowling-Balls We Live In A Long Box Blood Comes From Gum-Drops Emulate The 20 People You Hate Billy Mays Will Not Ruin Any More Laundry Party In Your Piss-Pants High-Fivin' The Limbless Twat Knot Circumference Of Your Scrotum I Left You 10 Messages Tomorrow You Will Pick The Pine Needles From My Callous Can Christmas Trees Spit? Barking Like Vicious Rabbits Spotted Dick YUM! Burger Turd Whoa! You Didn't Put The Car In Park Belly-Button Lint Festival Can The Gay Guy Come Out Of The Closet? Fry Nothing, Paula Deen Comedic Pleaures Of Geritol Stop Hitching That Buggy, Amish Man! Decapitated Mongoose Mongolian Masterpiece Fart Fuckers And Snot Suckers Segmented Smegma (try saying that one 100 X! ) Marble Cake Sledgehammer Woe Of The Walrus That Snake Has Fire In His Ass Burning Balls Smell Rotten Charbroiled Peanuts Stuck In Oprah's Bellybutton We're Not Wannabes High School Musical Serial Killer Time To Pick Nothing Go Buy That Amish Some Condoms Vaginas Of Distinction Sulphur For The Good Of Mankind If The Farmer's Almanac Says All Hell Will Break Loose, Then It Will Don't Let 10 Elephants Tromp Thru Your Flowerbed Spikey Punch For Toddlers Will That Amish Upgrade His Sound System? Graphic Spines Army Of Pubes Much Mayonnaise Is Needed No Respect For The Penny Punch The Recluse Sick Of Nipples Bobbing Grape Heads What? You Think I Like Your Colonoscopy! Microscopic Midgets Ginger-Root Gang Bang Merry-Midget Freak Show Santa Will Fart Spankin' Da Buttuh! Zit Scone Don't Trust The Fatulent Amish Canned Burgers And Stewed Farts We Don't Like Candy Canes Man Of Mustard Millionth Tooth Carve Your Own Damn Turkey Ass Crevice Stench Soup For The Ailing? Crunch Pustule Burning Up Toilet Bowl Temper Tantrum Clorox Donuts Be Beige, Little Lady! Fuck The Sconce Nipple Hang-Ups Glandular Seculism Hey! They Rot Go Tell That Amish To Polish His Own Knob Can Beans Really Hate The Elderly? Crisco Butt Surfers Medulas Are Mean Paying Money To See That Old Lady Fart Walrus In Your Soup We Want 10 Fists Up Yours Grabbing For A Breeze Christmas Will Not Come Once A Year Next Year But Last Year Tomorrow Bunion Whackers VulvaSore Got Screwed By That Cheap Amish! Man It Hurts! Hung Lo Find Your Life It Takes Many Donuts To Build An Igloo Tomato Paste On The Rocks! Cancel The Subscription Camping In A Volcano Lava Lamp Groin Burn Bun In The Oven! Can You Lose 50 Pounds By Yesterday? Don't Tell Us If We're Dead Paint That Fence, Amish Man! Go To The Puddle Of Puke Find Three Rings For No Cash Down Head Cheese Flu Put That Peanut Butter In Your Mama's Purse Dandruff Butt Butt-Fuckers Anonymous Those Neighbors Are Swappers We Don't Share Sex With Our Neighbors Snail And Snot Three-Cheese Titty Souffle Instant Is Bad The Mice Will Look At You Dick Sneeze Hey, What Happened With That Previous Post? Pissing On Rye Toast Crab And Lice For The Nice Nipple Kickers And Other Ass Jigglers Whooooooooooooooooooo! Eatin' Spaghetti Really Big Teeth Don't Really Bite Cheeze On The Horizon Stalked By Two Amish Dudes Frisky Young Peckerheads Calming Embalment Egg On Your Big Toenail Rachael Ray Will Choke On A Triscuit Tonight! The Third Rail Is Fun The Bowel Movement Agitators Playing Hopscotch On I-80 Ass-Suck 101 Invisible Crotch Hairs Those Neighbors Are Dickless Whooooooooo Whoooooooooo Scrunchy Cum Celluloid Afterbirth Nocturnal Nipple Tomato Socialization Felatio Hornblower Frosted-Flake Drug Bust Bicycle Wannabes Jism On Your Chism Hey! That Amish Guy Has 10 Zits Count All The Nipples On My Chest Pickled Turds And Other Delicacies Not For The Squeamish, But Great For The Needy The Toenail Will Rot In Europe Busted For Being Busted For Having A Big Bust Tell The Kids To Give Santa A Kick In The Ass We Are Not Of Your Species Push-Pin Hellaciousness Five Degrees Of Separation And Then Some No, I Don't Want To Pick Up That Amish Hitch-Hiker Laugh At My Turd Bunion Old Ladies With Lack Of Menstrual Issues Sock-Fisted And Dick-Twisted Limper Than Your Aunt Jemima's Soggy Pancake Kotex Kontemporaries Pea Piss Barney Fife Is Not At All Ficticious Go See That Amish Woman's Left Tit Pickled But-Tocks Six Hours 'Til You Can Break That Window Silly Sphincters Why Oh Why Is It Why I Can Wish Why Malfunction Mayonnaise Tonight Whip Snip Collies Are Not Colorful Decaying Scrotal Song We Can't File Our Taxes Invasion Of Your Gastric Decision Mark Some Toenails Donut Of Deception Whooooooooooooooooooooo Tuna! Calamari Vaginitis Got A Goiter 10 Malicious Toenails Stop Calling That Amish Man A Wuss Don't Need No Dang Weed-Whacker In Them Trousers Stop Up Joe's Esophagus Spotted A Porno Mag At Chick-Fil-A (really, I did!) Fecal Pretenders When Will You Stop Breathing? Run Up That Credit-Card Bill A Peaceful Crap Amish-Men Dressed Like Slutty Chicks That Pregnant Little Sister Of Britney Happy Toilet Sex Tonite! Stitching Up The Potato's Cut Can Can Can They Canoe To Canada? Where To Spit The Dead Pits Giraffes For The Footed Few White Chiclets Spittle Splatter On The Way To Ron Popiel's Whorehouse Knife-Sex Quite Safe Did You Do The Donut? Kumquats, Not Cum-Twats! The Fallen Leaves Of My Mental Illness You're A Douchey Idiot Bloody Spitting Wenches Candy Canes For The Pope! Wild Pisserfest Wiggin' Out With The Amish Zest For Bad Smelling Feet Nonsensical-Uvula Tribute Band Take Three Tomatoes And Make Mine A Toenail Fungi Bungi Crap! It Stings Burning Ass Planet Calling Animals Sexually Offensive Names Christmas Party Rejects Yule-Log Stool Sample Merry Old Lice And Lots Of Rice Piss-Pot Merriment Tampon Enema Spectacular Lost Amish SUV Just A Dumbfucker Cancelled Periods I Said Clitoris, Not Clitor-Fist Is Santa A Stoner? Once A Pointsetta Grand-Penis Phobia Contracted Herpes From A Barbie Doll Polar Bears Don't Make Good Neighbors Is Paris Hilton Pregnant? Puked Brain Matter Cerebellum Assbackward The Roaming Cocks Hairy Testicle Club For Men Candy Canes Not For The Squeamish Did That Amish Man Call You A Slut? Found One's Penis In A Penny Arcade Wife Swappers And Other Friendly Folk Ficticious Reindeer Shitting On One's Front Lawn Party For The Vaginally Challenged Give Santa A Helping Hand Job Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa's Got A Ho Elves Are Not Amish Tits In The Punch Bowl No Time To Clean 25 Dozen Rectums Crabby Pattie Fucktacular Not A Good Night For Snorting Snow Peein' In Santa's Sack Get That Fucking Partridge Out Of That Fucking Pear Tree The 12 Days Of Christmas Is A Blatant Lie Eggnog Condom Frenzy KY Means King Yolk Tell That Amish That His Hat Sucks Billy Mays Got Nothing For Christmas 'Cause He's Too Loud And He Sucks Reindeer Don't Flush The Toilet How The Amish Man Stole Christmas Awwwwww, We Will Suck In 150 Days From Now Toenail Fungus Eruption Food Poisoning For The Masses Amish Don't Like Lint Fecal Matter Of Unknown Origin Cookie-Dough Puke-A-Thon Did Santa Show Us His Thong? Eight Tiny Reindeer With Eight Tiny Hard-Ons We Are That Band Dicklicious It's Easier To Go Bankrupt Than You Think Thank That Guy Garbage Can Be Fun Can O' Tuna Did That Moron Ever Show Up? Urinal Instigators Crotch Twitch Scrotal Elimination Shoot Your Own Liver Amish Sex Frolicking Go To The Goat Bloat Moat Toast To All Things That Bloat Goat Cheese On The Goaty Goat's Goatee Take A Boat To See That Goat! Magical Cheese Goat Rumbling, Tumbling, Stumbling, Rumbling, Tumbling, Bumbling Meet 10 Meaty Feet Naked Amish-Men Are Coming Bean It Oral Fixation Can Be A Blast New Year's Eve Celebratory Stew Dick Clark Got Dick Punched Punch Butt Vivacious Pancreas Streaming Blood Amish Are Krazy {sp. intentional} Life Sucks Reality Of Those Anally Influenced Pie For An Eyesore Give The Giblets To The Mayor Anal Analysis Shitmongers And Other Colorful Folks The Progresso Soup Diet Cluckathon Pepper Your Own Pork-Chops Knockin' Up Dem Be-Yotches The Amish-Man Knows Skeletons Are Stuck In My Shower Drain Aunt Jemima's Cramps If 5 x 1 = 5, Then What Is 1 x 5? Put Your Books Up Someone Else's Asshole Ass-Flinger's Delight Scoff At the Deaf We Are Not Cereal Eaters Cow Bowel Go To The Mall, Amish Wife There Are Words Too Many New Year's Day Crapathon McDonald's Bowel Attack Cling-Peach Hellraisers Fetchin' But Not Kevetchin' Pubic-Hair Waxathon Bake Us Some Bread, Amish Woman! Whoa Dick, You've Got Some Balls! We Are Your Living Sperm Techno-Savvy Amish Whores My Vagina's Cuter Than Yours Take Your Shit Out Of Your Own Dumb Ass We Stink, That's Good The Dog Cannot Cum On Your Leg Our Pee-Cock Was Kicked Cabbage Is Great For 10 Ulcers Watch This Show If You Want A Hemerrhoid Communicating With Dead Lepers Who Had Choosy Mothers Who Chose Jiff Grassy-Ass Commune Blast Body-Cavity Search Brouhaha Missing Limbs Non-Essential Nowhere Is Somewhere Parade Of The Many, Many Flatulent Flaccid Old Amishmen Peaches Will Rot Penniless, Not Penis-less Squid-Shit Fiesta Bowl AEEIIIOOOOUUUUU! I'm On A Diet, So What? Dare To Kick The Pope Will You? Find That Farm Or Else OOOOoooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooorb-UH! The Bouncy Nutsacks Coming To Clean Your Clock And Then Some Muddy Tit We Promise Not To Suck Two-Story Entry Foyers Are A Massive Waste Of Valuable Living Space That Lipitor Guy Driving A Jeep Liberty With Singing Forest Animals Brigade Of Decimals Fallen Liver Titless Antelope Aereola Raviola Chicken-Fried Turd Steak Canvassing Our Asses Old Amishmen Taking A Dump To Be Continued ... Dad Needs To Lighten Up Crotch Snitch Dick Clark Isn't Dead Yet Fleas Of The Rotten Ones Wonder Of Head Lice Fred, Da Girls'll T'ink We're Fightin'! Fun On The Third Rail And Away We Go To Hell! Just Cheese It! Weezy, That Fat Bitch! The Nun's 5th Knee Jerry Springer's 10th Testicle Gloating While Bloating Golf-Ball Anal Distress The Weedy Pubes Flip-Flop, Gnip-Gnop That Amishman Shaved His Goatee Menstrual Marathon Midget Piss Frenzy Sally Field's Shrunken Spine When Good Amish Turn Bad Risk The Butter Freeloadin' Roadkill C-Section Jamboree Saltines For The Flatulent 20 Soup For The King El-Bowin' It! Scope Mouthwash Piss Punch Blaming It On Bowling Pins Is This Yet? Whoa! We Are Amish The Cock-A-Doodle Cock-Meisters Mildew For The Soul Only 10 Lepers Per Admission The Ducks, Oh No! Fonzie Wuz Gay Look Toward The ... Go And Be Mean, Ugly Amish Man The Urge To Eat Chicken Pimpin' Yo' Grandma's Dentures The Grandpa's Diapers Rachael Ray's Got Puppy Tits, Yum-OH! Rolly-Polly Polla Deee-Yuhn Porkfest Sloshy Sandy Cocktail Time The Destructive Dildos Gymnasium For The Nutless Whoa! It's A Dick My Aunt's Got An Anal-Rententive Anus No Time To Sweep The Chimney Feelin' Fudgy The Vindictive Amish Call Out To The Corn Skull-Dude Pecker Assault It's Done That Husband That Prick DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDADUM Zebra Scoff We Have Issues Scrotum Gigantus! Urine And The Van Der Poops Amish Chicks Gone Wild Carnivorous Anus The Disruptive Phlegms Uncle Joe's 4th Butt-Cheek Toss That Amish A Coconut Farting With Midgets Pickles And Cheese Maggot Mayhem Bee Snot All Of Them Suck The Crispy Dead Toilet Training Woes Them Thar Dead Folks Living In The White House Clip-Art For The Needy The Tugg-errific Ear Lobes Those Amish Kids Can't Watch "Barney" Sticking Q-Tips Where They Don't Belong Pooping In Pews Okay With The Pope Amish Barn Sex And Other Fun Ways To Whittle Away The Hour Married To A Cadaver Tuna Twat We're Clint Eastwood, Not Clit Eastwood Barney's Purple Head ;) :o Twisted Fist Fuck Third-Rail Piss Fanatics The Vindictive Dead Hot-Tittie Jackalope Blue-Crusted Anal Phlegm Multitude Of Crippled Beggars Peanuttier And Delusional The Lactating 5 Nipples Are Not Sassy Those Saucy Amish Picked And Picked At Slivered Toenails Foot Fungus Mayonnaise Numeric Rectums Sex-Doll In The Cabbage Patch Gravitate Toward Nothing Ass-Pickle Franchise Icy Scrotum Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Ooof! Eeek! Ouch! Truckload Of Snot Day-Glo Condoms For A Penny A Piece Tits Are Loopy Silent Tomato Cesspool Cut-Ups Tits Ahoy! Bean-Dip For Truckers ANUS (a.k.a. Assholes Needing Underwear Syndrome) Mr. Fuck Phinger Clorox For Idiots Tricycle Nads Da Foot! If You Build It, We Will Cum On Stage Semi-Horrific And Self-Rightgeous 19th-Century Ass Blast Tits Alive! Amish Birth-Control Method The Dog Sniffs His Own Turd They're Italian Peein' On A Stick The Non-Flushable Toilets Amish Chicks Behaving Badly The Piddly Diddling Dicks Pus In The Eye For Kicks Dead Wannabes Screwing With Angry Old Men 22 Times A Day Ain't No Good Crash Helmets And Rusty Fence Posts Putting A Bite Back Into Crime Screw The Cat I'm Sick Lending The Amish A Bag Of Dimes Crock-Pot Suck Job Got A Bunch Of Blisters Kicking Crud Multiplying Too Many Numbers That Amish Did It Just Boo-Hoo, Lice Breaking Wind Cowlick Machette Headache Dilated Hangover Calvacade Of Tongues 5:57 A.M. Will Never Come Crotch Chop The Amish Man Wants Sex Snatch Grabbers Spermicide Gargleholics Puking Up Raisins In A Pew Picking Hannah Montana's Nose Amish Men Peeing Sitting Down Cocaine Party Muffins Fart Blockers Ammunition Ambulatory Hazards Of Those Living In Alaska Twice The Fun Of Double-Titty Parlor Games Giving Your Neighbors The Clap Amish Folks Hangin' On Da Stoop Truckload Of Warts Dogs That Don't Wag Crap, We Suck Help! That Amish Bit Me Running Away From Turds Eating Chocolate-Chip Cookies With No Chips Hell If We Suck Heel Skin Pickers Blistering Snot The Happy Menstrual Foursome Transsexual Preschool Teachers Planting Pumpkin Seeds In Satan's Anus Shut Up Fat Lady! Those Amish Are Making All The Rules Searching For Cat Street (based upon a true story ) The Popsicle Penises Wondering About That Old Lady's Sagging Tits Crapping In The Neighbor's Pants Cow-Tipping For Morons Douchebag Spinsters Cookie Monster Skull Bash That Penis! Curds And Whey Will Get You Stoned Frisky Cheeze Ode To Your Anus The Semi-Sexual Spores Sneezing Out Turds Eating Moldy Cracker Snot The Lively Dead Popcorn-y Balls Eating Chicken Nuggets From One's Crotch (based upon a true story!) Call That Guy The Rooster's Shitty Giblets Testicular War Zone Dancing Without Pity Messing With The Angry Amish Man Fecal Dilemna The Shitty Diarrheas Tell That Amish Man To Piss Somewhere Else Stepped On A Dead Frog's Spleen Sipping Pureed Intestines Through Five Straws Fecal Denominator Teapot Sex Cabbage Snatch Bitch Don't Give That Amish Any More Pot Hungover Like Rabid Easter Bunnies Untrustworthy Text Messagers So What If You Don't Like Us The Crappy Periods Ooooh, Lobster! Enlarged Nuts Of 50 Delirious Squirrels Giving That Amish The Finger Pine-Cone Nose Pickers Administering Enemas For Life Fecal Position Knowledgeable Nipple Lazy Nipple Nipple For A Day Amish Nipple Confusion Nipply Nipple Knee High In Nipples Slippery Nipple Napoleon's Third Nipple Cranky Nipple Nipple Soup Nazi Sneaky Nipple Cheap Nipple Sponge Bob's Nautical Nipple Look At Our Nipples Nipple Mania Toothy Nipple (a.ka. The Giada DeLaurentis Tribute Band) Junction Of Lost Nipples Nipple Pimple Pimp My Nipple Eat A Nipple Nipple For A Day Egg On Your Nipple Get That Nipple Amish Nipple Butter Nipples Can Spit Nipple Hattrick Talk To The Nipple Nipple-To-Go Make Mine A Nipple Barney And Friends Playing With Their Nipples In A Ditch Amish Nipple Ring Cooking With Nipples Nipple-icious Nipple, The Band Know Your Nipple Nipple In The Soup Hey, Get That Nipple Out Of My Eye! Da Nipple NIPPLE (Nipply Idiots Pimping Purple Little Elephants Go Nipple! Tablescaping With Nipples Nipple Go Home! Nip, Nip, Nip, Nipple! Just Another Nipple Great Day For Nipples Jiggly Jell-O Nipplers Scrotal Sack Of Wealth Smoking Some Pot At The End Of The Rainbow Giving Up Nothing For Lent That Idiot Go To School, Scooby-Doo Wow, They're Dead Not A Nipple That Amish Bites Humping And Dumping Little Jack Horny Little Miss Muff Diver Jack Jerked Off Over The Candlestick The Old Woman Who Pissed In A Shoe Jack Humped Jill Over The Hill (aka Jill Forgot To Take Her Pill) The Amish Man Who Sold Crack Down The Lane Da Shit Amish Drug Bust Timber Crotch Piney Gland Air Conditioning Out 10 Uvulas The Vagi-Don'ts Flushing The Toilet With 10 Angry Amish Men Stop Those Dead! Rectum Reckon The Flu! Diarrhea And The Ass Jabbers L'il Pisspot We Are The Embellish Our Nipples Partying With Dead Amish At Midnight Along I-76 Let's Shoot The Stupid Applebee's Apple All Bras Are Not The Same Your Dog Got Fixed At Difficulty Finding One's Anus Ultimate Party Space In That Scrotum Cleavage Zit His Eyes Fell Out We Are Abnormal Amish Are Not Allowed To Own Bongs Tonguing Some Sand Standing On One's Head While Attempting To Fart Exploding Spleens Just Gimme Dat Stuff Scared Of All Things Amish Anal Dissection No Amish Allowed To Piss In The Rain Give That Scumbag Some Putrid Pizza Earwax With Pus They Say Bad Words On "Tom And Jerry" (a.k.a. Here, Pussy, Pussy!) Cotton-Crotch Mishap Sweating Thru Their Genitals AAAAAAAAAA ... Tell That Amish To Sit On It Drinking Coke With One's Uvula Eruption Of Pores We Can Dunk It Tell The Pope To Stop Pissing Us Off Swingin' Wit' Yo' Mama Tickety-Tock Fuck You Mekka-Lekka-Hi-Mekka-You-Suck Sense Our Toe Jam No Time To Poop Potassium Ass Wranglers And Inbreds Get Your Own Spleen Making 27 Amish Get Naked We Don't Like Your Sandwich Hair On Our Pizza Turn Off All Night-Lights For Free Beer Teachers Are Lepers The Pope Will Not Prevent Forest Fires You Do Not Like Peat Moss Sticking Sparklers Where The Sun Don't Shine Silence The Meatball Fondling Blister-Infested Nipples During A Texas Blizzard Easter Bunny Gone Postal Follow My Fart Sniffing Out The Dead Don't Need Pancakes Pissing On 17 Dirty Haystacks Midget Orgy Not Acceptable It's Not Nice In Uranus Uncle Aunt Jiff Is Not A Lubricant Amish Men Reading Porn Mags Cottonelle Crotch Rot Tampax Temper Tantrum Keeping Kotex By The Fire Seeing 15 Blisters On One Chin Sticking The Chicken In A Rusty Pot Oily Bo-Hunks With Anal Disorders Not So Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy Dingle-ectomy For Lost Lobsters Cialis Men Gone Limp Moldy Pudding Is A Healthy Treat Amish Men Can't Jump Kicking Gizzards On The West Side Highway Swinging Both Ways Without Any Prior Knowledge It Rained In Those Condoms Don't Flush It 'til You Try It Food Can Kill The Lame Chuckwagon Sex Scandal Feedin' Foot Pickins' To Needy Amish Kids Crotch-Crab Snot-Grab Beasty Feast Back-Sassin' Grubs Digging One's Way To China With A Little Plastic Spoon Bananas Don't Grow Out Of Little Panthers' Butts Pope For A Day Bowling For Jesus Flipping Off That Amish With 22 Fingers Masturbatory Pickle Fest Cruddy Old Antlers Calm Down, Wayward Moose! Chitlins Are Rightgeous Ketchup-Bottle Fart Fest Havin' A Seizure Shucking Clams While Only Partially Naked Too Many Stupid Tits The Sleep Number Must Die Farting At The Moon Five For Fighting The Urge To Piss On The Sidewalk In Broad Daylight Slutty Amish Chicks Flashing Their Boobies The Neighborly Genitals Get A Grip, Polident! Oh, That Guy Looks Dead We Can't Hear That Band Cock-A-Doodle Do -- Did Someone Say "Cock?" Ass-Crack Smack Dat Lookin' Fo' Da sh*t Sporkin' The Uvula L'il Enema Falling On One's Ass While Fondling The Neighbor's Cat's Stinky Balls You ... Are ... Not ... You The 26s The Choco-Nilla-Pudding Douche Syndrome Hint Of Testosterone We Have Arrived The Gosh-Rotten Dingleberries Amish Condom Cook-Off Kotex Koalas Cleaning Out The Spleen The Cast-Iron Pus Attack Fermented Fish Heads Not Permitted Goatee Meltdown Dick-Hole Pick-Fest Chicken In The Trunk! Lactating Pig Snouts Canker-Sore Outburst Tampon Tee-Pee Pimping It Out For The Sake Of Mankind Anal Derivatives Go Find A Lung Scrimmage That Pimple! Assless And Useless Dripping With The Runs The Goat-Soil Conservation Project Expanding Humus -- The Choice Is Yours Rotate Those Crops, Amish Man! Taking A Nap On The Third Rail Shortcomings Of The Anally Challenged Recycling Used Douchebags And Other Environmentally Responsible Acts Go See That Beyotch, Young Amish Man! Amish Scrapple Sex Swap M.C. Pimple And The Pus Festerings We Are Not Really On Stage Having 22-Dozen Eggs Doesn't Mean We Have Herpes Fry That Bacon, Amish Woman! Lancing Toe Blisters On A Saturday Night The New Nipples For A New Millenium We Suck Cabbage Cosmic Cum Go Churn That Rancid Butter, Amish Woman! Mole Pickers And The Pus Lickers Mo' Spleens! Spatula Sex Got Issues Mammary And The Nipple Fists Grotesque Cuticle Ewwwwwwwwwww ... Your Breath Married To Our Scrotums Muscular Gristle Piss Twisted Pig Conjunctivitis 101 Teat Baby Awaiting A Colostomy By Sundown Fo' Schnizzel, L'il Amish Man! Gelatinous Anal Residuals Creepy Nipple Pinchers The Who Made Who Rectal Bombardment Betty Crocker Coke Cake Set A Pick, Young Amish Basketball Player! Corroded Ass Flesh Phlegm Tastes Good Feeding The Fat And Assless Garbage Is Not Cynical Clam-Bakin' It Driving Miss Daisy Straight To The Grave Gimme That Tuna Sandwich, Amish Beyotch! Anal Finessing Goatees For The Needy Giving Head For All It's Worth Go West And Don't Come Back, Young Amish Man! Crapped On A Missle Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh! The Band Snowman Meltdown In The Middle Of Nowhere The Squirrely Nads Have You Seen Our Eyes? The Mosh-Pit Bloody Fists Gnawing On Forearm Hair Amish Man, Amish Man I Dunno Go, ME! Do You Hear Something? Kotex Dreams Gnu Gnu Scrotal Care Package Ass Wiping On A Friday Morning Fearing All Things Amish Buck Nekkid Cherry The Spotted Dick Tribute Band Sylvester And The Stallones Oily Bo-Hunks And Greasy Sluts BoinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Losing One's Cherry On I-80 Don't Know Road-Kill Stomp-A-Thon The Mighty, Mighty Poop Shooters We Might Be Trannies Our Cat Will Kick 10 Trolls' Asses Whoa, That Amish Is Hung! We Are Coming To Hurt You Throw Your Panties At The Pope The Walrus Cannot Stab The Giraffe Pissing On The Third Rail The Holy Crappers Ding-y, Dong-y, Ditch-y, Dong! Amish Who Are Not Going To The Mall Find My Spleen Time Drags On For The Constipated Living Clairitin Clear We Are Not The Band You Suck Pass The Budduh, Paula Deen! Shut The Hell Up, Rachael Ray! Get A Bra, Sandra Lee! The Mokie-Mokie Smackdowns The Craptastic Assholes Punchin' Yo' Mama's Face Pimpin' Yo' Daddy's Station Wagon The Hairless Pubes Cabbage-Patch Snatch Attack Mr. Rogers Sellin' Crack In Da 'Hood The Tubal Ligations Da Foot The Weezy Jeffersons Yo, Ho! Bake That Oppossum Pie, Old Amish Woman! The Bloody Red Kotexes She's Virginal, Not Vaginal The Duggars Will Have 25 More Babies George Washington And The 55,000 Lies He Told Don't Smoke That Crack, Amish Man! Scrotal Disaster In Progress Farting On The Dumb Martha Washington, That Ho! 2 + 2 Does Not Equal The Sum Of Nothing Positive Angry Esophagus Lint Pickers And The Shit Kickers Whoa, Grampa -- Pull Up 'Dem Knickers! Flinging Stale Hashbrowns At The Pope Go, Amish Man -- Fetch Me Some Scrapple! The Labial Dignitaries Pus-Bucket Greed Fest Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgh! Land Ho -- It's A Ho! Buying Kitty Litter, Not Clitty Litter We Will Be Fat Next Year Eating Ear Wax In Public And Other Socially Unacceptable Behaviors Found Nothing The What? You The Hey! There Scooby-Doo And The Mystery Poo Elvis Uranus And The Funk-Tastic Fish-A-Ma-Jigs Deciphering One's Anus Nasal Deception Finding 25 Slutty Chicks Under Church Pews Spermicidal Maniacs Give 'Em The Clap! The Advair Inhalers Go Buy A Condom, Amish Man Farting For A Penny Camel Toes And Other Fashion Don'ts My Fist In Your Face Sticking Our Toes In 55 Electrical Outlets Finding Al Pacino Jared, That Saggy Sack Of Flesh Forgetting To Choke The Chicken Beat That Rug, Amish Woman! Beat That Rug Ass Manglers And The Tit Squeezers Geezers And Sneezers Pissing Off The Pope Go Raise That Barn, Amish Men Da Shit Joe Pesci's Missing Left Nut Getting The Measels For Free 'Sup Scrimmaging With Midgets Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The Happy Periods Playing Gnip-Gnop With Our 30 Testicles The Amish Britches The Poli Dents 10,000 Homicidal Maniacs The Swingy Gonads Poisoned By A Garden Gnome Pissing Without A Valid Reason Tripping On Grass Tricycle, Not Trisexual The Fat Elvis Tribute Band Watchu Talkin' 'Bout, Willis? Up Yours The Anita Bryant Connection Amish Men Can't Jump Corn For The Dumb The Magic Mammaries Douchebag Bowl-A-Thon The Mormon Sex Scandal Tribute Band Chunky Phlegms Toenail Clippings And Anal Drippings Fear Of Pilgrims The Time-Of-The Months Shucking Corn With The Amish Peeing With Two Fingers Up One's Ass Twisted Holy Sister 25 Goombas Bratz With Gnatz Finding Hell In My Left Ear Obdula Oblongata Cock Certain Whisker-Biscuit Brush-A-Thon Shrinkin' Da 'Nads The Hey! Hey! Heys! Vulva Ol! Dead Ciccadas Playing Tag On The West Side Highway Gloves For The Fingerless Partying Like The Amish Having Paul Anka's Baby Crotch Phobic Frogs With No Frogs Look At My What? Poultry Farmers' Gang Bang-A-Thon Where In The World Are Those Things That Are Those Things That ... ? Digging In The Dirt For Diseases Picking No Noses The Ass-Candy No-No's Tony Orlando And The Dawn Of The Dead Shania And The Mark Twains The Shameful Pubes Tampon Strings And Other Things Don't Piss Off That Amish Man Flipping Off The Judge Spare A Square Potato! Potato! Truckas Without Muthas We Might Be Black 'Cause We Don't Know If We're White The Dangling Participles Feelin' Nipply We Might Be Dead Right Now The Tomato Pasties Unka-Dunka And The Chunka-Lunkas The Backside Boys Buying Corn From The Amish And Sticking It In Your Butt Crack Piss Away, Li'l Piss Ant! Ass Jiggler's Day Off Cow Tipping For Manure Jingle, Jangle, I Smell A Dingleberry Sniffing Our Armpits For No Reason At All Been To Hell In A Handbasket The Lowly Spleens Soup For The Lame The Greedy Asses Rise And Shine Your Own Pecker Filling The Douchebag Making Pizza With One's Feet We Are Scum Wife-Swapping With The Amish Praying To Be Pissed On Don't Look At Us Penis Of Doom Baking 10-Dozen Cakes For The Lord Don't Grope My Crotch Narutards And The Sass-Gays The Pudding Tastes Like Ass We're Not Your Mentors Doing Something Perverse With Pocky Did That Penis Spit? Serial Killers And Other Charming Folks Enzyte Bob's Bogus Erection Justin And His Timbercrotch Dead People Tell Lies The Stringless Tampons Don't Go To The Bathroom Unless You Have A Good Reason Missing Testicles And Other Mysteries Of The Universe That Groundhog Phil Is A Blatant Liar Bad Pee Crackers For The Titless Little Debbie's Hair-Pie Snack Attack The Lost Gonads Crazy Nekkid Amish Men Running Amok Don't Let That Baby Spit Ripped Nylons And Other Fashion Don'ts Please Poke My Eye Out Fourth Ear Deaf We Said Multiplication, Not Defecation The Crusty Panty Crotches Extra-Bright And Multi-Purposeful They Eat Snot Diapers That Leak We Suck Alphabetically We're Life Threatening! Dionne Warwick Is Really Ugly 26 Toes Too Many Our Blondes Are Dumber Than Your Blondes Amish Folks Making Merry Mischief Giant Cockroaches Up The Whazoo My Son's Fourth-Grade Teacher Is A Bitch! (this is true!) We Want Those Onions Between Our Toes Stop Shouting, Billy Mays! Keven Trudeau Sucks His 25th Nipple My Mother Wasn't Choosy 'Cause She Didn't Choose Jiff The Road-Kill Thrill-Kill Cult Jared, The Band The Menstrual Tribute Band, Featuring Kotex Key Your Own Damn Car Fish Do Not Swim In My Uterus Killing The Dead The Jolly Spermicides We Want Ass You Are Not It Does Your Breath Smell Like Dick? That Amish Can't Fry His Own Frigging Fish Pigs Don't Pork Going To The Cornfield For Fear Of Lepers Parachutes Suck Fear Of Leprechauns Till The Soil, Amish Woman! Till The Soil Pimples For The Meek The Testicle Awareness Syndrome Getting Stoned For Nothing Check Out Our Douchebags Simply Scrotalicious! The Pee-Hole Ass Whackers Leprechauns Spitting On Old People's Cuticles Farting Because The Pope Said 55 Ways To Really Suck Don't Let That Amish Shoe That Horse He's That Coach We Said Peanuts, Not Penis Envious Of All Things Up Your Ass Suck That Twig! Pigs Can't Spit Your Legal Right To An Enema They Piss In Buckets, I Tell You If 67 Is The Number Of Times We Told You To Add This, Then What's The Square Root Of 5,319? That Amish Man Is Asleep The Wussie Dribbles Kick That Cabbage Hey! You We Fart With Our Eyes Closed You'll Break That The Barking Labias Horrible People Making Soup Twisted Nipple Medicated On Unfriendly Terms Menopause, The Band Cuticles Suck Coming To Terms With One's Rectal Disorder The Viral Instigators Crotch! His Saggy Scrotum, Her Hanging Labia Yabba-Dabba You Suck Sassy Spittle Stricknine Fun Fest Puking For Laughs The Vas Defrens Dead Cicadas Don't Tell Anyone We're On Stage Gay For A Day Where Is Larry King's Neck? Whatcha Got? No Soup For You You Are A Giraffe Ass Jigglers' School For Beginners Bela Lugosi Will Find His Way Home Whoring For A New Nation The Pope Does Not Lie Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chick-A-Chick-A-Cha! County To 9,153,457,101,009 Sucks! Eskimo Madness! Gotta Find Pudding Elmer Fudd Does Not Smoke Crack We Choke Our Own Chickens Bunions For A Dime We Said Fatality, Not Fecality Bake That Cake, Amish Woman! Spacklin' Da Baby Chalupas For The Buttocks The Urinary Migranes The Douchebag Wannabes Shhhhhhhhh ... Armpit Hair! Sandra Lee, Put Down That Drink! Spackle, Spackle, SPACKLE! Chicken Blisters And Lots Of Junkies We Live In A Nutshell Same Old Garbage You Can't Suck As Much As We Do Baking Cakes With Dandruff Flakes Ear Wax Is Tasty The Camphor Pheniques Milky Mollusk Cherry Poppers And The Toilet Stoppers The Molten Lavas Find Your Own Nipple Your Feet Are Useless Vaginal Intolerance Nipplectomy For A Penny Ugly People Live In Our Sinuses Whoa Grampa! Pull Up Them Knickers Grandma's Depends Are Stinky The Dead Gotta Fuck Herpes Complex Seasonal Slut Feelin' Pimply 153 Varieties Of Mustard In The Fridge Uncle Joe's Whisker-Biscuit Showdown Triathalons For The Limbless Fried Some Eggs But They Tasted Like Ass Meal Worms And Other Tasty Snacks Scratch Our Pubes Jinkies! Found The Reason That You Suck Pause That Dumpling Stalked By Baby Fish Heads Urinal Dilemna Chip-Chop Us Some Ham Junk In Da Trunk Make Those People Be Nice Donating Used Douchebags To The Needy The Barnyard Orgy Dork Band Found A Pimple The Dysfunctional Amish Labia Mennorah! Angry At That Guy's Penis Illegitimate Acts Of Fecal Confusion Sprout Some Boobies, Rachael Ray! Telling Time And Knowing Nothing The Monthly Testicles We Said Enigmatic, Not Enematic Fry Your Own Goat, Paula Deen! Proud Of Peat Moss Get A Life, Barney Fife! The Amish Whoopie-Pie Project Skunk'd Stop Chewing Those Oats! Kleptomaniacs And Other Socially Acceptable Types The Dead Hangnails Penis Piss-Off Session The Dilapidated Vulvas Parade Of Idiots We Don't Like That Guy's Dog The Bitty-Titty Band Tired Driving With Both Eyes Shut Taunting Our Cell Phone Furnace Frenzy George Washington Doesn't Want To Be Dead Approximately 224 Shopping Days Left 'Til Christmas Making Apple Butter With The Amish Missing Tire Fire Frenzy Uvula Of Mishap Mysteries Of Spit You've Got Two Stinky Ears Kats Kan Kount Hang Up That Phone, Priscilla! That Whore Is No Good We Will Get Sick In Three Weeks From St. Swithen's Day 35 Pizzas Taste As Bad As One Dancing With Porno Stars Mr. Rogers' Snot Brown-Paper Lunch Bags And Other Neat Things To Puke In Inviting Lice To Your Sister's Next Tea Party Origins Of Moldy Shower Tiles Eating Pizza With One's Scrotum Got Rot Whoring For Raisinets Shake A Leg, Amish Barn Raiser! Random Thoughts Can Kill No More Pudding For Da Baby Smoking 99 Joints 'Cause It's Bitchin' Pip-Pip Doodly-Doo Marshmallows Are Not Allowed Painting Crown Moulding On A Sunny Texas Afternoon (this is really what I just finished doing!) Christmas Does Not Come Only Once A Year Enema Magnet Evil People Cannot Eat Cake Penny Douche Bodacious Ta-Ta's Those Amish Can Sure Drive A Mean Buggy Hooray For Crown Moulding! Don't Look Spitting Out Our Toenails On Wet Paper Towels Porno For The Pope! Can Of Smegma Contact My Udder Hoofin' It! The Greedy Lentils Hangin' Out With 35 Drunken Amish Quilt Makers Triple-Decker Pecker Trekkers Seize The Corn Pimples On Ice Stock-Market 2-For-1 Sale Enablers And Generators Can Cabbage Kill? GOSSIP (or Getting Only Spicy Stories Is Paramount) Labia Of Girth King Kong Got No Dong Intimidated By Hamster Dung Toenail Hangover Accosted By The Dead Nervous Breakdown A-Okay Gobbler Gill Pork Shopsh An' Appleshaush Habitual Lying Only Permitted In The Pope's Presence Amish Women Do Not Wear Depends Vegan Wench Tickle That Pope! Fishing For Sand Whoa! Nellie Braise That Beef, Amish Woman! Braise That Beef Mary Poppins Will Not Feed Your Lizard Suicidal Chicken's Flea-Market Surprise You Are Not Sexy The Hunka-Lunka Lunkas Fetching The Mic Those Fish Might Be Impotent Ass Kickers Don't Like Cotton Candy Giving The Pope $10 For Every Hail Mary He Recites Wannabe? Soiled Knickers Can You Smell The Sex? Gummy Tampons And Other Candy-Shop Treats Recycling Condoms For Environmentally Conscious Playuhs Snowmen Without Frosty Weiners Cow Tipping With The Amish Get The Pope His Own Toothbrush! Crab Lice For The Holy Found A Disease Psoriasis Gone Amiss Hedge Slut Sensational Nipple! That Snake Will Hiss Cranial Discharge Disenchanted With Lepers Menopause For All Ages Whoa! Nellie Your Life Is Not A Fact Giddy Up! The Heinz Ketchup Tribute Band No Rinsing Necessary Pandemonium! Lives In My Ass Taunting Bears And Other Not-So Sensible Things To Do While Camping Go To The Gas Pump, L'il Bow-Wow! Is That Lady In The Mood? They Will Be Horny Two Hours Before Thanksgiving Eve Assaulted By A Grit HmmmmmmmmmmPHFFF! Llamas Will Rise That Squirrel Is My Sex Slave Jeffery Dahmer And The Closet Cannibals Grunge Tampon Stick-O'-Butter Sprinting For Santa Recycling Tampons For Environmentally Conscious Chicks This Means YOU! We Have Many Heads Cats That Need Tummy Tucks Shun The Non-Believer Tic-Tac Toe, We Blow Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ... No Pumpkins 510,969,101,763 Is Not It No Shit We Are Fickle, Not Fecal Butt Decals And Tittie Tatoos Dying Is Not An Option Placenta Showdown Cheese For A Peek! Popular Mechanics, The Band Where Are Grandma's Dentures! Menagerie Of Mayonnaise No Harsh Fumes Squeezy Turds And Greasy Curds Plethora Of Nipples Nipplemania! The Band Fathom Your Own Spasm A Plethora Of Angry Amish Teens Farting In The Rumpus Room At Half-Past 3 Rumored To Be A Nosehair Got Pulled Over The Pope Is A She Terrorized By Microscopic Scrubbing Bubbles Algae For Brains Hannah Montana Is Not From Montana Nor Is She Joe Montana's Daughter Gigantic Terrible Gonad Don't Take That Amish Fishing! Put The Litter In The sh*tter And Go For A Run The Pope Likes Naked People Denstination Ventricle 20 Nipples For The Price Of One Fudgie-The-Whale's Super-Delux Scrotal Hernia We Are A Violation Of Federal Law Decadent Mollusk Shrimp-Posse Invasion Wanna Be? Nifty Nipple Walruses Thrive On Nudity Give That Sweater Back To Will! (based upon a true story) Nads Of Distinction Picking Lint From The Pope's Belly Button Lexmark And The Z51s That Amish Guy Won't Spit In The Bucket Call The Police! It's That Pope sh*tfaced Because It's Nice We Are The Department Of Public Safety Sausage Is Not A Lie Patchy Pubes Transfer My Uvula The Pancake-Batter Splatters We Do Not Hyphenate Hung Lo! Jittery And Radically Edgy Dieters (or JARED) Martha Washington Does Not Blow Suckle Them Teats, L'il Amish Nursing Baby! Git Along, L'il Dogie! Git Along Lesbian Nipple Friskers We Said Call FTD, Not STD Mariah Carey's Left Nipple Is No More Drill Bits Make Crappy Suppositories Mysteries Of Frozen Testicles We Are The Global Standard! Will The Pope Drink Coffee? Don't Eat That! Soy-Milk Vomit Splurge Don't Take Those Amish Tweens To The Mall We Sweat Shake A Peg-Leg, Cap'n Crunch! Shake A Peg-Leg Anal Pirates And Other Crazy Characters The Pope Likes Naked People Sally Field Is Too Busy To Remember To Take A Pill Every Day! Robert Goulet Had Emerald Nuts Don't Buy Beans For That Pilgrim Maxi-Pads And Other Trendy Things To Decorate Your Home With My Sink Is Stylish! Trying To Sue George Washington Give That Amish A Shovel And Tell Him To Dig Me A Ditch! Reunion Of Once-Popular Chemical Reactions And Their Components Pilgrims Lurk In My Brain I Can't Tell Cuticle Chip-Chop Fest Festivus! For The Rest Of Us The Amish Are Having A Pool Party, Oh My! It's Raining On My Moldy Old Grandma We Hate Onions The Lactose Intolerants Tell The Pope To Knock It Off Leprechauns And Hookers Don't Mix We Want Salty Peanuts, Not Salty Penis! Give Me Back My Urine Sample! (based upon a true story) Butter-Churning And Other Activities For The Lame Maxi-Pad Meltdown Those Stale Chips Does The Sun Shine On Your Spleen? Sex-Rompin' And Barn-Stompin' With The Amish Nipples On TV Fetch That Holy Water, Pope! Fetch That Holy Water Placental Illusion Cabinet Chicken Fed Up With Lard Jack-O'-Lanterns Live In My Ass Pudding Blister Button Your Frock, Scandalous Amish Woman! Button Your Frock Don't Blame That Nipple! We Will Crash That Prom Opening Christmas Presents On The Fourth Of July We Are Pomp And Circumstance, Not Pimp And Circumcision You Will Dance 'Cause It's Not Gay Mrs. Butterworth Is Sticky Pasties And G-Strings For The Little Ones I Am Pre-Owned, Not Used We Are Famously Fresh POPE!, The Band (or Polishing Our Pricks Everywhere) Fine, Young Presidents Of The Venereal Disease-Of-The-Month Club Magnificent Mongoose Circumcised By A Lawn Mower Skydiving With Oysters Ledge Slut Don't Punch That Duck! We Are Your Fetish That Nipple Knows You'll Call Now! Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut After Nut Bananas Have A Peel Cut That Chicken, Little Mikey! Cut That Chicken We Ordered A Dr. Pepper, Not Dr. Pecker Being Inbred Is Illegal In Only 2 States Don't Take That Amish Trannie To The Mall! Does The Pope Eat At The Olive Garden? Get A Nipple Buying That Baby Some Beer We Have An Amish Dingleberry Soap-Making Fetish The Pope Will Confess Do You Think Rod Stewart Is Sexy? Take A Bath, Stinky Neighbor! Take A Bath Swimming In Lake Placid, Not Lake Flaccid Shooting Hoops With Buffalo Balls Bath-Fitter Anal Jitters Nipple!, The Band (or Nineteen Idiots Pooping Pearly Little Eggs) Damn That Pizza! Listen To That Man Who Listens To That Guy Who Listens To Those People Who Dry Eyes Suck Gettin' Jiggy With The Amish Seasonal Rabbii Boston Bibb And The Arugula Wannabes Bustin' A Move With The Pope Strippers Who Won't Wear Mascara Pubic Stroke Magnificent Cucumber My Ass Is On Hiatus Donkeys Without Soup Comes With Standard Crap Ardvaarks Without Trust Funds Vista Business Cards Just Sent Me An E-Mail Bought 410,573 Postage Stamps At Sam's Club 2,698 Months Ago Those Guys! Being Nice To Other People's Nipples Singing To No One Fun With Hair Folicles Those Amish Just Keep-A-Comin'! Paying To The Order Of The Pope Gets His Groove On They Won't Eat Their Chicken! We Won't Ask Sherwin-Williams We're A Summer Style Event Blowing Up Steven Tyler's Lips Our Boobies Feel Good That Lady Needs A Hangover Whoring For Pecans Pull Up Those Depends, Grandma! Pull Up Those Depends Is Liza Minelli A Man? Dead Folks Need Love, Too Pimping My Circumcision Take That Biscuit Back To The Baker! Conditional Porno Fixin' To Sew A Quilt With That Amish BeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYOTCH! Suicide March Of The Wooden Soldiers Almonds Are Deadly Sugar Rush In My Jockstrap Oprah's Time-Of-The-Month Tribute Band Don't Drink That Holy Water, Pope! Don't Drink That Holy Water Piss Baths For Piss-Ants Pisano!, The Band Joe Pesci Is Not A Midget We Got Clamydia And Other Fun Veneral Diseases Taking The Amish To The Rocky Horror Picture Show That Cat Has Scabs Will The Pope Fart At Half-Past Twelve? We Know They Know Peeing Without Pity Eating Crab Lice Just For The Hell Of It We Are Loose Math-Tutoring Experts Are Ugly Crack-Smoking Peanut Farmers Five Won't Stop Blinking Got A Headache But It's Okay Formerly Born Pimples Know All About It! You'd Better Feeding The Amish Salty Snacks Sludge Biscuit The Extracirricular Dead Bathing In Chicken Fat Squirrelicious! Tyrannasaurus Cox The Overactive Anal Glands Sailing The Seven Seas With Cuddly Butt Pirates That Deviant Pope Can't Find Lice Delusional Snapper Two Green Chairs The Declining Cost Of Cupcakes Eating Grass At Two In The Afternoon 10 x 10 Really Doesn't Equal 100 Cotton Is My Downfall Frosty Slut Wilfred Brimley And The Diabeetus Trio Delusional Midget Billy Ray Cyrus, Where's Your Mullet? TimberCock Where's My Calzone, Papa John! Where's My Calzone! The Decision To Neuter One's Self Elvis' Corpse Will Rot Some More Pubic Enemy Dolly Parton Will Never Have Large Breasts Again Makin' Bacon Out Of Swiss Cheese Anal Adjective That Bear Is Crispy Frying Snot On St. Swithen's Day Did Uncle Charlie Pass His Urine Test? Throwing Clocks At Ugly People The Amish Shouldn't Drink And Raise Barns Does The Pope Sleep Naked? Eating Potato Chips While Peeing In A Cesspool Starting Fires In Dresser Drawers Delusional Eggplant No More Wire Hangers! We Are Now Available In DVD Format Suntanning Easter Eggs 'Til They Smell Bad Crotch Spitters 10 Angry Llamas Are Better Than None ǩ{ Means Absolutely Nothing! Paying Homage To Ear Wax Amish For A Day! The Salt Teens Go, Pope, Go! Yodelling And Waking Up Old Folks The Leaky Shower Stalls Looking For Nothing Bowling With No Balls It's Not Our Leather Jacket Leaving Pencil Shavings In Ashtrays Don't Give That Amish A Butter Knife I Am An Afterthought Basking In The Afterglow Menstruating On A Nocturnal Basis Only Mocking My Left Nut Donuts Don't Come Cheap Tatoos For The Pope Jiggle Them Nads! E.T. And His Extra-Terrestrial Nutsack The Jim-Bob Duggar Vasectomy Project Please Read The Following Instruction Manual Select Your Mode Of Disappearance We Do Not Have All Your Septic Solutions The Fallen Never Take An Amish Fishing After Midnight In July Pheelin' Phallic E-Mailing 10 Popes In Less Than 29.5 Seconds CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 CL 0 The Gee Daveys Delete Ringer Program Do Those Tits Tat? Pimples Are Hot! Squirrely Armpit Hairs And Other Rodent-Like Qualities Add Nothing And Get Nothing Subtracted Nor Nothing Divided That Equals Nothing Times Nothing Splenda For The Dead! Condoms For The Duggars! We Eat Molars Broken Toothpicks Do Not Equal Broken Spleens Squat-Thrust Ass Bust Fonzie Will Not Sit On Your Face Get It We Are Not Of This Dimension Funny Hairy Boobs! The High-Society Penile Agility Club Wait A Minute And Don't Look At The Naked Little Midget Trying To Fry Those Eggs In That Igloo With No Mittens And 15 Boots Seeing What Deciding Not To Poop In That Sand Did To Those Dung Beetles Taking The Amish Gambling In Las Vegas Growling At Lepers Growing Pot In Luvs Diapers Mopping My Snot Giving The Pope A Wedgie Taking The Amish Gambling In Las Vegas Growling At Lepers Growing Pot In Luvs Diapers Mopping My Snot Giving The Pope A Wedgie Bulbous Blackhead Parade Of Germaphobes Don't Sniff That Old Lady's Pot Roast Tell That Amish To Clean Up His Mess Giving The Pope A Sex Change Fecal Casualty Finding Lint In One's Molar You See It Grateful To Take A Piss With No Means For Support Jumping On Angry Dead People Thar's Scrapple In Them Thar Woods, Yosef! Talking To Penises Can Be Good For One's State Of Mind The Delirious Colons Oprah's Nipple Ring The Tempest Bledsoe Tribute Band Rockin' It Out Wit' Da Dentures! Put On A Diaper, Pissy Old Man! Put On A Diaper Drag And Drop Left-Click My Ass Hustling To Feed Our Pores Amish Shoe-Leather Chewathon Mama, Mia! Toss-a Me A Big-a, Spicy Meat-a-ball-a! All Grammar Is Bad Grammar Katie Couric's Colonoscopy Woes Taking 26 Drunk Popes To The Playboy Mansion The Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-Ya-Ya-Yas! The Slim-Fast Santas Vs. The Jennie Craig Humpty-Dumpties The Politically Incorrect Jack-O'-Lanterns Eating Pumpkin Pie While Puking Little Bits Of Shrapnel Mighty-Puttying Billy Mays' Mouth Permanently Shut Snippin' Dat Dog Gonorrhea Is Way Cooler Than Syphillis The Jolly Butt Plugs Eating Earthworms And Other Not-So Hygenically Correct Activities Ear-Wax Suckathon Emasculating Our Methods Of Pest Control Our Corpses Smell Pretty Weebles Or Ben-Wah Balls? Letting The Amish Ride The Staten Island Ferry For Free Fidget McNipple And The Raucous Testicles Giving Apples To The Dead 'Cuz They Smell Bad The Slap-Happy Earwigs The Pope Will Find You Stalked By Pilgrims Milk That Mollusk, Fisherman! Milk That Mollusk Sheer Boredom Terrible Ewe The Mother's-Milk Martinis 33 Naked Wallabies Eating Pizza Two Days Before Thanksgiving 'Cuz They Want To The Freeze-Dried Belly-Button Lint Affair Hi! You're Killing Me The Gritty Spores Get A Fish! Testicle Gigantis (a.k.a. The Squirrels' Nuts Tribute Band) The Powers That Be The Crispy Dead The Storm Within My Bowels That Udder! Menstrual For The Bloody Fun Of It Shellfish Shindig Leprechaun Madness Jackalope Jerk-Off Session It's So Quiet You Can Hear Yo' Mama Fart The Cat-Scratch Phinger Phukkers Nad-Nokking For The Next Millenium Giving Pork To The Amish 'Kuz It's Kool Spitting At The Pope For The Hell Of It Hot-Tuna Toenail-Fungus Jam Band Slathering Mayo On Unidentified Body Parts Sciatica That Bitch Losing One's Molars After Swimming In Lake Erie For 15 Hours Cats Can Pee He's Spiked 199,05,876 Fevers Last Month Walrus-Rally Dill Dip Smoking Pot Out Of Rotten Potato Skins Those Amish Have No Legs Telling The Pope He's Hung Tampons Without Strings Sexual Landfill 39 Is An Imaginary Number You Are Not Yo' Mama's Daddy 'Cuz I Am Yo' Dog's Cuzzin Her Jangly Beef Curtains 101 Ways To Tell If You're Dead Taking 12 Amish To Las Vegas Pity That Pope! Cantelope Of Doom My Big Toe Is Depressed My Spleen Has ADD/HD Do You Know If You Don't Know About Knowing Nothing About It? We Can Be Sluts Eating Lima Beans With The Amish The Pope Can Count You Cannot Look At Us Varicose Veins For The Next Generation We Are Not The People The Bloody Fists Raging Fury Of 1,000,001% Angry Fire-Ants Bear Them Children, Hot Amish Mama! Bear Them Children Living Beyond The Realm Of All Things Sane Catch That Pickle, Pope! Catch That Pickle Crotch Shot The Snotty Attitudes Longitudinal Latitudes Spitting On Triscuits And Giving Them To Rachael Ray We Get No Fan Mail Pissing On The Dead Is Therapuetic We Don't Feel Our 'Nads Anal Temerature-Takers' Tribute Band The Booby Jigglers' All-Star Connection The The The Sphincter Suck-Along Gang Git Along, Little Dogie! Git Along Douchey Mama And The Scrotalicious Daddies We Have Many Long Fingernails You Should Run That Red Light Chasing Deer Along I-80 Fantastic Anus And The Boom-Boom Testicles Dry Up My Spittle, Little Jerk! Dry Up My Spittle Your Pimples Are Ill Chillin' To Be A Monk Talkin' Amish 'Cuz It's Such A Pissuh Celebrating St. Patty's Day With The Pope Picking And Grunting While Farting On A Rope Give Me The Clap 'Cuz I Need A Disease Chillin' Wit' Yo' Crappy Assed Fart-Knockin' Beyotch Snip Dick Got A Rash Potato Testicle Hooray For Hidden Nipples! Petting Zoo For Lepers Do You Douche? Dry Your 'Nads, Sweaty Ball Man! Dry Your 'Nads Doing Jell-O Shots With The Amish The Pope May Not Pull His Pants Down Yet Crock Of Shit Tittie Zits The Kinky Scottish Kilt Bagpipe Wannabes The Big-Toe Hi-Jinx Luau Project Automatic Rejects Society Of Drunken Phist Phuckers Tisk, Tisk, You've Got Big Suckage Syndrome Go Taunt That Hornet's Nest, Foolish Idiot! Taunt That Hornet's Nest My Gay Cousin Won't Go Home Picking My Platypus My Pussy Is Infected The Mighty Clusterfukks Digging For Butthole Cheeze Whiz My Grandma's Drunk And My Dad Doesn't Know A Thing Those Amish Can't Square Dance Ringing The Pope's Doorbell And Running Away Got Dirty Fingernails We Don't Have 50 Friends Braise That Goat, Paula Deen! Braise That Goat Frying Pork Chops In The Pouring Rain Dont'cha Have A Cuppola? His Old House Is Something Different Moldy Old Belly-Button Lice Investigation Came Across A Horsehoe Snakes Up My Butt Riding The Range Without A Condom Stealing From Dumb People We Don't Hear You 'Cuz We're Not Deaf In Any Of Our Ears Metal Railings Don't Smell Like Pine Trees Your Garage Is Not Multi-Functional Enough For That Farmer Giving That Amish The Finger Hey, Now, Pope! Don't Even Go There Toe Ten Smelling Raunchy Like A Sewer Got A Crotch Can O' Moldy Beans Share, Store, Protect Can't We Give That Amish Some Cookies? Telling The Pope There's No Such Thing As Santa Claus Pulling Glass Shards From One's Big Toe While Naked On A Ride-On Mower Giving Us 22 Peanuts Does Not Mean Your Sorry Shampoo In Yo' Mama's Eye That Lamp Broke A Zillion Bees In The Bathroom Phishing Phor Phukkers The Singer Formerly Known As Douchebag Eeeeek! Smack Dat! Go Get Drunk, Crazy Alchoholic! Go Get Drunk Pissed 'Cuz I Can't Piss Swallowing Batteries For Kicks Done With Phonics Liable For 10 Ass Whippings Slutty Old Amish Women Who Don't See Their Left Nipples The Pope Has Not So Many Nipples Oh, That Nipple I Was A Nipple Coconut Nipple Eeeek! A Nipple All That Is Nipple Feelin' Like A Nipple Does Your Nipple Bite? 25 Nipples Are Not The Equivalent Of 25 Penises Have You Seen Our Nipples? Tweak That Nipple, Slutty Bimbo! Tweak That Nipple Farming Nipples For The Price Of A Meal Painting With Nipples Nipple Of Madness Unfaithful Nipple Life In The Mind Of A Chemically Unbalanced Nipple Nipples Gone Wild Don't Lie To That Nipple The Wayward Nipple Tribute Band Amish Crotch Fest Ten Popes Sniffing Nine Crotches Bowling For Crotches Crotch Snot Diagonal Crotch Crotch Beyotch Critchety Crotch We Said Hop Scotch, Not Cop Crotch See And Behold That Crotch Don't Sue That Crotch Crotch-Witch Piss Fit Crotch Stitch Crotch Is A Funny Word Catch A Crotchasaurus Amish Are Not Your Friends Poping Around With A Dozen Swinging Popes Negative Stool Sample Don't Poke That Salmon In The Eye Elvis Had No 'Nads Go Home, Stupid Man! Go Home Got No Cuticles Onion Bunion Disaster Feelin' Like A Spleen Pudding For The Amish Rectalizing The Pope Scrubbed A Toilet Saluting No One Peanuts And The Like Squat Not, Poop Plenty Searching For 1,349,091,463 Leprechauns When It's Not Your Birthday Squirrels Will Be Sure To Piss You Off Someday Idle Nuts Feed That 'Gator! Finding My Mind Weasel Stomping And Opossum Pruning We Floss Our Intestines Junky Skunk Got No Eyes Piss On That Grave, Disrespectful Tween! Piss On That Grave Banana Picking With The Amish Eat Some Cabbage, Pope! Eat Some Cabbage Feelin' ShamWow-eee! Got Some Thunder In Our Pants Picking And Jabbing Our Teacher's Tits Not Able To Find Your Nostrils Fixin' For An Ass Kickin' Don't Fry Those Eggs Tonight Or Santa Won't Bring You A Present Your Ass Smells Like Ass Deciding Not To Grant That Amish A Fishing License Doing Jell-O Shots With The Pope Snorting Mayonnaise And Other Weird Hobbies Tepid Tampon Rusty Nostril Trying To Break Both Legs On St. Patrick's Day Get That Nun Out Of The Mall Chee-Z Boogers Give That Nipple Two Dimes Instead Of Five Cheese Feet Dance That Jig, Little Elf! Dance That Jig Peach-Pus Snack Attack Crotch-Crab No-Show We Have Seeds Jumping Rope With 10 Angry Pygmies Shopping For Pudding Skin Scrotum On The Edge We Sneeze It's Liver Time! Army Of Angry Christmas-Gift Wrappers The Not-So Waxy Q-Tips Plethora Of Pancakes Needing A License To Lick Toe-Jam Biscuit Bastard Clown Bait Comical Spleen Driving Limbless Cracking Eggs With 27.6 Drunken Amish That Pope Spiked Our Punch Irate Peanut Brothel Of Banshees Mullet Madness Abe Vigoda's Tooth Your Cereal Suckle That Baby, Lactating Mama! Suckle That Baby Manage Your Mustard The Spastic Stools Syphillis For The Weary Permitting The Dead To Make Decisions You Will Be Sorry Tickle-icious Scrotal Descent Mary Palm And Her Five Sistas Crotch Shock The Cock-A-Doodle Don'ts Jism Fist The Dairy Farmers' Milky Tit Jamboree Succumb To The Craziness Fanatical Foreskin Malicious Kidney Terrible Toupee Magnificent Gonad Eating French Fries While Farting All Night Testicle Of Confusion Eating Scrapple With 29 Naked Amish No Pudding For The Pope Dead People In The Sink Can't Find A Brain Hot Ice Go Away! Scream For Nothing Butter Sucks Giving The Amish Fireworks On The Fourth Of July Can Be Deadly Running Rampant With The Pope Got A Headache 25 Days Is No Excuse Finding Our Virginity Believable Lies Stretching And Farting With Angry Old Midgets Custard For Santa Ass-Kicking And Tit-Picking Measles For All! Don't Eat The Baby's Pudding Salmonella Rules In My Underwear Police Will Sneeze 1,000,369 Times What The Fuck? Amish Telephone Woes In A Pickle With The Pope Smelly Little Liver Feverish Showdown Don't Arrest That Crook Go To Hell, Brazen Amish Ho! Go To Hell Picking Your Nose With The Pope My Wish Is Your Death Heh, Heh, Heh ... We Got Lice Boombox Butt Chillers My Grandpa Is My Grandma Grilling Steaks Without Hands Sex-Change Phobia Seeing No One On The Toilet You Eat Rotten Poo We Hate To Piss On The Roof I'm Stuck That Man The Sun-Burnt Pissaholics Pssssssssssssst! ... You're Amish Poping Around With That Guy Toaster Dingo Puke On My Back Stoop (I really did see this yesterday!) Carry Your Own Liver Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! Don't Mock That Squid Coupons And Crap I Fester That's My Faucet Snowshovel Woes Fear Of Ketchup Foot Puke SCURVY! (a.k.a. Selling Coke Under Rancid Vagrant Yachts) Hoodies And Beer Stressed Out 'Cuz He's Amish Got A Tatoo Of The Pope Lying To All My Moles Wanna? Lost His Basketball Jersey But Now It's Found î晚%! Havin' A Holly-Jolly Buttfest Attack We Have No Pudding To Give To The Lepers Down The Street Kicking Your Ass Into The Next 25 States We Have To Cut Our Hair 'Cuz It Smells Like Shitty Donuts Garbage-Baggin' It Lumpy Galoshes And Hairy Booze Hounds Go Get A Waffle Dead On I-80 But Not Unhappy About It Not Feelin' Comcastic This Morning Gone Amish Jealous Of Mangy Popes Foliage Hang-Ups We Like Fruit In Our Ears The Dead Can Cuss Telling Miley Cyrus She Sucks Steak Tartar! Ouch My Back Simple Carcass Android Up My Ass Pickles Can Dance Muck-Bucket Mercy Fest Feeling The Urge To Spew Don't Lie To Those Amish The Pope Can't Cure My Flu Give Us A Break 'Cuz We Can't Help That We Suck Went To The Movies And Saw Nothing Giblets Don't Suck Adopting A False Sense Of Security Testes In Motion Hot On A Hoveround Real Food For Real Guys Put Yo' Mama On A Leash Crack-Addicted Former Amish Farmers Testing Out Waterbeds With The Pope Ugly Hair Is Not Kool That Cat Smells Like Dog Historically Perverse Sassy Embryo Chicken-Fried Zipper Showdown Smelling Like The East River And Thinking It's Cool Gravy Shampoo Lockjaw Can Be Good Stirring Up Trouble With Foul-Mouthed Amish Tweens We Can't Fry Eggs On The Pope's Back Porch Ain't Got A Crocodile We Want Our 21 Breakfasts Suckage Counts Topiary Head Case 10 Gay People Coming To Stomp On Your Face For Having A Lack Of Fashion Sense Inviting 25 Lepers To Your Next Cocktail Party Slipcover Rooster Effect Scrimmage That Cabbage, Sucky Baskeball Team! Scrimmage That Cabbage National Cheese-Fritter Day Butt-Fugly Nekkid People Hemoglobin Horror Fest Fear That Angry Amishman Who Smokes In The Cornfield Asking The Pope For A New Bike We Touched His Boner But We Washed Our Hands Suing Our Podiatrist On Sunday Sanding His Bathroom Cabinets 'Cuz He Can't Get Laid Confused About Our Lack Of Amishness The Pope Is The New Billy Mays Met Some Crack-Addicted Amish While Vacationing In PA My Amish Staw Hat Was Made In China Get That Pope To The Cracker Barrel On Time! Can't Find Any Popes In King Tut's Tomb Elvis Is Not Living Among Us But Hidden Away In Amish Country Paula Deen Will Not Have A Heart Attack On December 5th Auuuuuuuuuuu Grautin! Those Vengance-Seeking Amish Found A Cracker Question Our Existence My Diet Sucks Having One's Face Ripped Off By The Family Cat (based upon a true story!) Dedicating One's Studies To 10-Dozen Rats' Testicles Lost My List Lisping With A Lesbian Astronauts Do Not Dance For Donuts Tittie-Flapping With The Amish Find That Pope! Pudding And Pimples Gelatinous Sex Douching Like We Mean It Carrying Garbage For No One Recycling Snot Ten Gardens Growing Inside My Belly Button The Big Toe Mish-Mash Affair I Like My Brain 22,000 Little Crumbs Lepers Will Bite Our Pores Are Open Hannah Montana Is Not A Legal Resident Of Montana Getting To Be Gay For A Day Swimming In Manure Pork-Pulling With The Amish Hip-Hop Amish Bowling With 10 Scruffy Amish The Amish Fun Never Stops My Amish Straw-Hat Was Made In China No Sugar For The Pope! Monotone Popes Frosting Cakes With The Pope Pimples And Beer Kettle Fist Counting Down The Seconds 'Til We Blow Our Snot Deodorant Cocktail Secret Third-Testicle Of The Guilt-Ridden Potato Farmer The Elmer Fudds Put Down That Leper! Growing Pumpkins Out Of An Ass Gila-Monster Mayhem Chinese-Checkers And Beer-Bongs For Mom The Nipply Few Needing A Noose The Jolly Ass-Ranchers Nevermind Happy-Go-Lucky Snot Huskers Shitting For Sport Lower-Back Combustibles Thighs Tell Lies Mice Can Throw Rice We Don't Rhyme Piss In Your Own Pot Smoking Pot With Prospective Employers Knitting On The Shitter Romaine-Lettuce Flashback Christopher Columbus And The Flashbacks Cheating To Pass A Stool Sample Healthy Habits Suck Shoot That Phone Chuck Woollery Will Be Dead Got That Deed? Lacking Compassion But Finding A Tack That Phone Never Stops Ringing! Sludge Deaf Ass-Bangers It's Likely To Be Telemarketers Commonplace Commotion Of Angry Hornets Anna Nicole Is No More Laughing Like Mr. T On Acid Rancid Chuckwagon Robert Goulet's Dead Nuts Forgetting To Wear A Crucifix While Floating Down The East River Giving Pennies To Nuns Without Habits Amish Women Wearing Red Hats And Purple Dresses Politically-Incorrect Popes The Decision To Not Give Up Doritos For Lent Sanding The Deck And Hating Every Second Of It Vagi-Spastic Sporadic Fever Sore Knees And Tattered Undies Hanging One's Artwork Way Too High Trampoline Sex Party ^^^^^^^^^^Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh************** Feed That Crocodile A Carrot Sudden Limp-Dick Attack The Fruity Asses Testicle Letdown Million-Dollar Canker-Sore Smiling At The Dead Coconut-Tit Party Crew Dead Folks Are Not Gracious Your Face Is For Sitting On The Money Costs Nothing Ultimate Summer Moose When Good Amish Go Bad Popin' Yo' Crib Who Dat? Jell-O Will Rot Cavity Fukkers The Leaky Vestibules Potato-Virus Panic Attack Knitty-Kitty Kalamity Nurse That Nipple, Little Newborn! Nurse That Nipple Galant Gallbladder Gay Is Good Lost Nipple Michelin-Tire Diaper Romp Ostrich Orgy Many Are Dead They Smell Like Cheese Giving Freebies To The Amish Angry Popes Wielding Malatov Cocktails Can't Find My Style Bag O' Batteries Squalid Potato Fishing In A Well And Not Having Free Reign Of Texas Squash Soup Is The New Peat Moss Pine-Needle Facial Not Wanting To Meet The New Neighbors 79 Days 'Til Halloween ... Silver Shamrocks! Burger Blister Hemoglobin Hodgepodge Right-Wing Sluts Vs. Left-Wing Anarchists Pleasant Placenta Flaccid (a.k.a. Fucking Limp And Clammy Cocks In Distress) Canned-Fruit Temper Tantrum We've Decided Decimals Are Hot Ficticious Anus Fleece Can Happen Opening A Can Of Whoop-Ass And Charging The Neighbors To Watch Good Ta Know Ya Polenta Plasma Fact-Filled Anal Secretions Corn Creamin' With The Amish Fix That Pew, Negligent Pope! Fix That Pew The Men-O-Pauses Tampon-A-Go-Go It Doesn't Take A Genius To Sing In This Band Periodically Menstrual Shovelling Snow Without Gloves Massively Shrimptastic! Those Amish Don't Picnic On Halloween Popes Who Trick-Or-Treat All Night Paint-Primer Spasms Jack-A-Lope And The Low-Slung Lobes Hash-Brown Horror Fest We Are Capable Duck-Pond Architectural Disaster Anorexic And Bulimic But Still Fat We Are In Touch Joint-Compound Trust Fund Call The Number On Your Screen RIGHT NOW! Fecal Matter Of Fact Porking That Little Amish Slut Just Pope It Kettle Humpers WhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Narcissistic Needs Of Old Dumb People The Yumpin' Ya Yas Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Cast-Iron Spleen Affair Needing More Pudding But Not 'Til Christmas Eve 2026 Where'd Ya Hide Yee Inhaler? Hysteria Tactics Of The Feeble Minded School Is For Those With 1% Brains Burning Hay And Whacking Off Y'All Go Home Tumbleweed Schematics Amish Women Frying Up A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Giving Lots Of Counterfeit Cash To The Pope Smidgen Of Snot The Dudes Dominos Pizza Just Sent An E-Mail Gotta Smell You My Scoochy Ass Cat We Are College Ruled That Man Is Aged Peanut-Butter Shenanigans Of Lofty Clam Diggers Those Amish Are Amiss Picking Peppers And Pooping Upon Pleasant Popes Turnips And Beer Sitting For You Buying Condoms For Grandma 50-Cent Amish 'Fessin' Up To The Pope Cast-Iron Ice Cream Cones UDDA (a.k.a. Ugly Dogs Doin' Asses) Good Bees Gone Bad Steak For A Trick Pissing All Alone On Halloween Chop Your Head Off The Friendly Dead Eliminating The Guess Works, Not The Guests' Works Amish Wannabes Midget Popes Tampon Strings And Other Stinky Things Gorilla Gone Dead Lentil Tendril Radiant Gonad The Swanson-Entree Trio Two Cups Of Flour Goblet O' Jism Cankersore Awareness Golf-Ball Guffaw Corn Sex Hysterical Fornication Top-Notch Pimento And A Bag O' Corn Wafflecrisp! The Band Mustard Mania Pudding Snatch Ponderosa Diarrhea And L'il Tex Manhole Mayhem Primary Reason Millionth Mayonnaise Dilapidated Dolphin What's Your Excuse? Imaginary Band Performing Before Your Eyes Hannah Montana Got Her Period Drug Pushers And Other Folks You Should Get To Know Amish Country G-String Fest Owing Big Bucks To The Pope Dust Pans And Goat Cheese It's Hangin' Goatee Trim-Tastic! Cussing 'Cuz It's Limp Dingleberries And Other Oddities Corn Can Bake He Needs A Pringles Can For School (based on a true story!) Amish To A Fault Pickled Popes Need A New Wallet Urinalysis Showdown Jury-Duty Poopy Pants Nose-Snot Treat Bag Anal Fluid Rising Forgetting The Lime In One's Corona Big Nut-Sack Shimmy Clock One, Clock Two Vacating The Premises On Good Friday Stuck Zippers And Moldy Toenails Amish Lap-Dance Society Amish Birth-Control Mishap Poped Out Irregular Popes Soup Will Boil Fudge For Plywood Cheese Douche Orville Redenbacher Shops At Kroger Penis Calamari The Chef In Charge Shellfish Costume Party No Six In Sex Glaucoma For Less Sludge Whore Tampering With Tampons Uranus Is Not A U.S. Postal Slot Burnt-Umber Ass Cocktail Zoo-Baby Shop-A-Thon Yodelling To Piss Panty-Line Cut-Off Zone 15 x 5 May Not Equal 75 Got No Syrup Pubeless Dinosaur Sushi Kleptomania Finding Chicken In A Soup Can Praying For Cabbage Meager Poopings Comatose Pancreas Lusting For Your Disease Dead Astronaut Contact Info Gulp Glub Sump-Pump Awareness Factor The Burning Lungs Itching To Be Amish Calling Your Next-Door Neighbor Amish Low-Acid Orange-Juice For The Pope Washing One's Hands In The Pope's Presence Heightened Sense Of Smell Vagina Light! Brand-New Salad Dressing The Kotex Know-It-Alls Jack-A-Lope! Ed McMahon's Dancing Dead Testicle Panhandlers Without Hands Carnivorous Omelet The She's-All-Advil All-Girl Lesbian Cavalcade The Bartlett-Pear Supository Project Ear-Wax Shit-A-Thon Adding A Pinch Of Anise To The Recipe, Not A Pinch Of Anus Attending A Party Without Toast Points Piss-Brigade Mighty Marathon Spitting Out Snake Teeth Occupied By Diarrhea Squeezy Tampons Jack-Fruit Jack-Off Session Spectacular Homicide Menstrual Flow Wiggin' Vegan Damning The Giblets Thinking Outside The Box And Regretting It The Next Morning Sucking Up To The Dead Eustachian Tube Be-Bop Suck-A-Plenty Fuck That Horseshoe Masturbation Discovery Olive-Oil Pronoun Give That Holiday Back To The Amish, Greedy Calendar Maker! Give That Holiday Back To The Amish The Pope's Toes Trident-Gum Prophylactic Seeking A Property In Arizona Where We Won't Get Attacked By Mutant Scorpions Red-Hat-Society Panty Raid Plantation Shutters Won't Hide Your Ugliness Skunk Your Own Ass My Personal Check Sucks One-Day-Only Pass To Be Amish Fishing With The Pope They Drool Weeping For 20 Cents Ulcer Inductee 100 Crusty Old Bearded Amish Men In Search Of 99 Labia Apiece Amish Imposter Society Phantom Popes And Anti-Popes Just A-Peelin' Grapes With The Pope Bowflex Masturbation Hour Who Put The Pain In The Toe? Chip-Chop And The Hams Wagon-Wheel Sex Scandal Hung Like Stallone Rooster And The Cock Burns Cuticle Mayhem Abundance Of Buns, But Not Enough Franks Salsa Roja And The Toe Jerks Carrot Top's Trivial Testicle Those Amish Are A Hoot Peanuts For The Pope Calamine-Lotion Jiggily Jab Dreaming Of Being Bitten On The Right Calf By A Turkey Vulture Ouch! It's Too Big Shovelling Shit On A Blustery Fall Afternoon They Shook Hands He Has A Hooky Nose Hey! That's Our Furniture Unfriendly And Amish Pope Snorters Mad At Him Corn-Casserole Ass Role They Suck Right Now Two Times Isn't Enough To Feed That Baby Pudding Rioting And Riviting Who? Who? Who? The Who! Wheeling No Hillibillies Amish Bake-Sale Woes Inviting The Pope To Your Next Halloween Bash Mama Cass Never Knew Jenny Craig 10 Toes Are Not Enough To Dig For Bellybutton Lint Porno For The Amish! Forgetting To Buy The Pope A Diet Cola Angry Presidents With Sweaty Armpits Bees In The Shower Trusting The Lifeless Finger Crust And Toe Lust God I'm Having A Brain Fart Thinking Of A Number, But Not For Credit-Rating Purposes Amishly Asexual Angry At The Pope And Wanting A Dollar Pissing Mad Menstrual Overflow Launch-Pad Jerk-Off Session No Fooling Crumbly Telethon A-Tisket, A-Tasket Dignified Rejects Ascot Arrival Campaign Branding-Iron Birth-Control Mishap Penis Gone South

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