Energizer Folding LED Lantern, retail $7.95 (http://www.energizer.com)
Manufactured by Energizer Battery Co.
Last updated: 08-24-06

LED Light

The Folding LED Lantern is a new LED light by Energizer.
When folded, the 4-AA cell light is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and (when loaded), about the weight of a heavy cell phone battery. In fact, when set on its face, it LOOKS like a big cellphone battery.

When you unfold the white section, you'll find a clear chamber with a pair of milky colored plastic tubes; these look something like small fluorescent tubes but are in fact diffusers for the pair of white LEDs mounted at one end.
It is equipped with a switch that lets you decide whether to run one tube or both.


To use the Folding LED Lantern, you must first feed it. It does not come with batteries; so you will need to buy these seperately.

Once you've fed the beast, a slide switch on the back lets you select one or both tubes. Push it to the left to light up one tube; push it to the right to light them both. The center position turns the unit off.

The light's head folds outwards to any position within an approximately 225 range of motion, allowing you to direct the light where it is needed. It is also equipped with a built-in swing hook so you can hang it from the tent ceiling, a nail, a screw, a coathook, or other convenient place.

To install the batteries, unfold the light, and remove the battery door from the clip-end of the light. Do this by pressing in the small latch on the door and lifting it away. Install four "AA" batteries, following the polarity markings embossed inside the compartment. As with *most* lights, the spring-end is negative.
Place the tabs of the battery door in the notches on the body, and swing it closed until it clicks.

Published battery life is approximately 200 hours with one bulb lit, and 100 hours with both going.

The Folding LED Lantern appears to have been reasonably well constructed - it simply has too many screws for it to be a cheap piece of {vulgar term for feces}.
It feels solid and substantial in the hand, and doesn't have a cheap or loose feel to it at all, with the sole exception of the slide switch; this rattles about a bit, but this is extremely common to find, even in a few high-end lights.

The lantern's head seems to stay put when you open it. It will also stand on-end with the light head folded out to face down 45 (that is, swung out a full 225 from the closed position); in this configuration I can easily see somebody using it as a book light.

LED Light
Hanging from a mutilated coathanger like a tent light..

Spectrographic plot
Spectrometer plot of one of the LEDs in this lantern.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from TWO-CUBED.

As you can see from this picture, the Folding Lantern can also be hung up and used as a tent light, or hung above your bunk in an RV or camper. The handy fold-down hook on the Lantern allows you to hang it from just about anything that will fit the hook opening; a smaller hole is also provided for a more secure hanging method using a nail or a hook; or to string a lanyard through for light duty carrying. A better use of the lanyard would be to hook it to the light, drop the light in your backpack or bag, and leave the cord up on top of the pack or bag so the light can be easily and quickly fished out when you make camp.

This is not a bulletproof light - due to its large surface area it will probably crack or break if it is manhandled or stepped on with all your weight. But it will survive ordinary bangs and thumps OK. Great for use as a tent light or power outage light for the card table, or for a reading light for bedside or toiletside. :)
Brightness is actually adequate if you are adjusted to dimmer surroundings.

The light has a lifetime warranty, and the front says it has "lifetime LEDs", yet the warranty specifically excludes the bulbs. What's that all about?


Light was found at an out-of-state Wall-Mart. This is where you should look if you have one in your area.
Light has been used very frequently for the last couple of months. I'm still on the original set of batteries.

Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Wide, ring-free light pattern, long battery life, versatile hanging & mounting options, folds to a reasonably compact size & shape.

Not as bright as it could be. Not waterproof. Could break if stepped on.

          MANUFACTURER: Energizer
          PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld/hanging lantern
          LAMP TYPE: LED, White, 5mm
          No. OF LAMPS: 2
          BEAM TYPE: Diffuse, 180
          SWITCH TYPE: 3-position slide type
          BEZEL: Light diffusing tubes protected by clear lens
          BATTERY: 4 AA cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: To be determined
          WATER RESISTANT: Light weather resistance only
          SUBMERSIBLE: No
          ACCESSORIES: None
          WARRANTY: Lifetime, except bulb (!)

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: 8
                BRIGHTNESS: 6
                USEABILITY: 8
                BATTERY LIFE: 10
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: 10

                OVERALL SCORE: 42


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