Energizer UltraSlim disposable, retail $TBA (http://www.energizer.com)
Manufactured by Energizer Battery Co.
Last updated: 10-11-01

LED Light

Are you a masochist? Do you love getting the crap beat out of you for no good reason? Then you'll love the Energizer UltraSlim disposable.

The ATM card sized flashlight comes with an amber LED and a built-in slim lithium cell. It is mostly made of a black plastic, with a soft foam-like material on the upper surface to make it easier to grip and use.


Like all disposable flashlights, this one is ready to go as soon as you rip open the pack. To get light, squeeze it firmly about 0.75" behind the LED, and it will light up. Releasing pressure turns it off automatically. A label on the bottom says "press" and that's where you should position your fingers.

The light has a small hole in one corner to hang it from a keychain, but I find it's a bit large, even though it is nearly flat.

The light is powered by a CR2016 lithium battery, with an unknown rated life.
Once the battery is depleted, you throw the entire flashlight in the garbage can. The UltraSlim is large enough to become lodged inside most household toilets however, so please do not attempt to dispose of it by flushing like the above graphic depicts. :-O

Battery life testing has yet to be done; as I will need to build a special jig to force it "on" continuously. Because of the small cell size, an intermittent use battery life in the 5-10 hour range is what you should expect.

As a flashlight, the UltraSlim is durable. It's almost a shame it's disposable. It can be stepped on, dropped, and even sat on with no ill effects.

Although it appears to be water resistant, I don't believe it is submersible for any prolonged time. It will do fine in a rainstorm and should survive an accidental dunking, but should probably be kept out of ponds, streams, or fishtanks whenever you can avoid them.
If it should fall in water though, it floats, so at least you can rescue it and probably be alright.

The light uses a squeeze type momentary switch, which I find can be tricky to locate and "hit" if you're in a hurry, fumbling with keys and whatnot because you heard something rustling in the bushes. You have to hit the "sweet spot" fairly accurately, or it is extremely difficult to turn on. And even when you hit it right on, it still takes a fairly high amount of pressure to get it to go on. This is a cruel, masochistic flashlight.

The LED lamp in the UltraSlim is severely overdriven. This was easy to spot for two reasons: one is the LED dims and turns distinctly orange, and two it gets hot very quickly when the battery is new. After it's been used on and off for a time though, the battery supplies less current, the LED doesn't get as hot, and it doesn't go as dim and orange as it does when fresh out of the package.

Distinctly orangish amber beam.
Initially measures approximately 4100mcd for the brightest
few seconds before the LED overheats and dims.

Measurement taken with less than 10 minutes total on-time on the unit.


I've been informed the light uses a single CR2016 coin cell.
Light has been kept set aside most of the summer, and only used very briefly a few times.
This review reflects the light in the condition that most people would likely find it in when they reached for it.

Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Floats if dropped in the toilet, tub, or other water

Overdrives its LED significantly
Hard to press on
Even harder to keep it on (you really need to squeeze)

    MANUFACTURER: Energizer
    PRODUCT TYPE: Slim style disposable
    LAMP TYPE: LED, Amber, 5mm
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Circular with ring artifacts
    SWITCH TYPE: Momentary squeeze-on type
    BEZEL: None
    BATTERY: 1 Internal CR2016, non-removeable
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unable to measure
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown. Positive buoyancy.
    WARRANTY: Unknown. Presumably only covers a light that is obviously broken right out of the package.


    Star Rating


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