Ever-Star LED Bulb, retail $10 (No URL known)
Manufactured by Hurd Solar (Again, no URL known)
Last updated 12-27-03

Earlier this year, Glen Hurd of Hurd Solar sent me the Ever-Star LED bulb he was working on, including the Aztec 4xAA flashlight that it fits in shown farther down this page. Yours probably won't come with a flashlight - you'll have to get that for yourself.

The Ever-Star LED bulb features two screaming white Nichia LEDs, and some circuitry (probably a resistor) in the PR-type bulb base. It was designed to fit in any 4-cell (6 volt) flashlight that has a PR-style bulb and a (+) positive bulb nipple polarity. While most barrel type flashlights will have a (+) bulb nipple polarity, some types of lanterns may not, and won't work with this bulb unless you {vulgar term for intercourse} with them to change the bulb polarity.

Since most flashlights this bulb will work in have different bulb changing procedures, follow the procedure for your particular flashlight. The goal here is simply to change the bulb in your light with the Ever-Star.

Turn your flashlight on and off like you always did. Instead of a yellowish beam, the light should now produce a very slightly bluish-white light. While it might not have the reach or "throw" of the original incandescent bulb, you should get a significantly better battery life, and you'll never have to change a flashlight bulb again.

Because the battery changing procedure will differ from light to light, this section can be skipped.

Peak current can be as high as 40mA with fresh alkalines, average current is said to be about 20 mA. Battery life with AA cells is said to be between 150 and 180 hours, depending on how dim you allow the bulb to become.

Durability will depend greatly on what flashlight you put the Ever-Star bulb in. Treat this like a regular household light bulb when it's not in a flashlight, and it shouldn't give you any guff.

Although the beam is mainly produced by the LEDs themselves, some of the beam is determined by what kind of flashlight you put it in. In the Aztec flashlight I was provided with, the main part of the beam is slightly irregular with a usable amount of side-spill or "waste" light, lending some usefulness to the light as a "walking around the house after dark" light. I can aim it forward, and have enough side spill that I won't step on squeaky pet tails or kick boxes and furniture legs at night, because I can see where I'm going using the light's side spill.

This isn't a super bright bulb, mind you. But it does make the flashlight's batteries last significantly longer, and it's tough enough to withstand drops and kicks that might cause an ordinary flashlight bulb to burn out. The Ever-Star bulb (when installed in a flashlight, of course) should take this kind of abuse with impunity.

Beam photo at ~12".
Used in the Aztec 4xAA flashlight it came in.
Measures 18,300mcd in this flashlight.

Ever-Star bulb and Aztec 4xAA flashlight were provided early this year by Glen Hurd of Hurd Solar. I apologise for the tardiness in getting this product on my website.

This picture shows the Aztec 4xAA flashlight the Ever-Star bulb came in.

UPDATE: 10-23-03
If you want an Ever Star bulb, you can email directly and get one that way.

UPDATE: 12-27-03
I bought a Turtlelite II knock-off from a Candlepower Forums member who found them at a local (to him) dollar store for - you guessed it - a dollar. I figured this would be a good place to put my Turtlelite II bulb, after the flashlight itself was destroyed in early 2001. This flashlight has a very similar battery configuration, soft rubbery material on the outside, and has a faceted reflector. I have no idea where my Turtlelite II bulb went, so I installed an Ever-Star bulb in it instead.

Here's a picture of the flashlight I installed the Ever-Star bulb in.

And here's a beamshot, at ~12" on the standard test target.
This flashlight has a faceted reflector, so the beam is a little
smoother than it is in a flashlight with a smooth reflector.



    MANUFACTURER: Hurd Solar
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED replacement lamp
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 2
    BEAM TYPE: Depends on what you install it in
    SWITCH TYPE: Depends on what you install it in
    BEZEL: Depends on what you install it in
    BATTERY: 6V (4xAAA, AA, C, or D cells)
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Supposedly 20-40mA (Unable to measure)
    WATER RESISTANT: Depends on what you install it in
    SUBMERSIBLE: Depends on what you install it in


    Star Rating

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