Expedition 1900 Ltd. Edition Aluminum, retail $174.95 (http://www.tek-tite.com)
Manufactured by Tektite (http://www.tek-tite.com)
Last updated 05-14-02

Trek 1900 Ltd. Ed. Aluminum

The Expedition 1900 Limited Edition Aluminum is the luxury model of the Expedition C-cell flashlight lineup. Outfitted with 19 bright white LEDs and a newly-designed Fresnel lens, the spiffy looking and easy-to-hold aluminum light is ready to light your way through just about any chore or recreational activity. No need to worry about taking the Cadillac out in the rain - this light just shrugs it off and can even go deep sea diving with you if that's what you're into.


The Limited Edition 1900 comes with a set of 3 name brand alkaline batteries, which you will probably need to install (see below). To turn the light on, give the bezel (head) a clockwise twist; to turn it off, turn the bezel the other way.

It comes with a generous wrist lanyard with a spring-loaded stopper and a rubber wrist cussion so it's comfortable to carry and use. The lanyard is long enough to go all the way around the flashlight body, making it possible to hang from tree branches, pipes, or tent poles. The lanyard is attached to a large and beefy "nipple" on the tail of the flashlight, and is easily removeable & replaceable as desired.

To change the batteries, just unscrew the bezel and remove the one-piece LED assembly, dump out the dead batteries, and insert three new C cells, button-end facing you. Then drop the LED board back in the barrel & screw on the bezel.

Fewer parts to screw with

One of the upgrades made to this light is that the LED assembly is now essentially a one-piece unit. No seperate reflector and PCB to worry about, and no more misaligned LEDs caused by the catalyst pellet holder knocking them out of whack. That's all been taken care of with this light. The other thing you may notice if you've already owned earlier model plastic Expedition lights is that there is no longer a metal strip running up the side of the light and contacting the LED board. This has been eliminated, and the contact is now made by a shelf or lip milled right into the aluminum body which contacts the entire perimeter of the board without digging into it. In my opinion, this makes the new Expedition more reliable than ever.

The flashlight body is heavily knurled or textured, and provides a very secure grip, even with gloves. Being a limited edition model, it is also individually serialised and engraved on the barrel between the cylindrical barrel and the head assembly.

Beam profile

Comparison: The new aluminum vs. the old plastic.
While the newer one is dimmer, both its batteries & LEDs will live longer.

The new Expedition comes complete with the all-new Fresnel optics assembly already installed. This narrows the beam slightly and gives it a bit more of a "throw" than the LEDs by themselves would have.

Also new with this model is a black rubber shroud or hood that fits over the clear Lexan bezel; this serves two purposes. It protects the bezel against damage when the light is dropped or struck against something hard, and it eliminates the side glow or "spill light" that some users have found annoying. It is removeable if desired, it simply slips on and off with no tools needed.
Beam profile analysis.

Beam contour analysis.

Charts made by the ProMetric system, on loan from Radiant Imaging.

All new C cell Tektite LED lights are using a new optics package that helps give the beam a bit more punch. This consists of a specially designed Fresnel lens that fits in the existing bezel. This upgrade is available seperately so you can retrofit your existing C.Crane-7 or Expedition C-cell lights; in this form it includes both the lens and a black rubber lens shroud to kill the peripheral light that some people find annoying.
new optics

UPDATE: 04-27-02
Testing is in its earliest stages; stay tuned for regular updates to this page.

Light was dropped face-first from 3 feet, causing it to emit a solid but soft metallic clink and also causing it to extinguish. Nothing's wrong with the light, but the batteries inside it were slightly flattened. Replacing them restored proper operation. Battery companies need to make the end caps on their batteries out of a stronger metal. :-O

Durable construction
Uses common, easily available batteries
Long burn-time
Submersible to 1000 feet
Does not appear to overdrive its LEDs, will retain "like new" brightness longer.

Slightly dimmer than its predecessor.
Dropping face first extinguishes the light by ruining the batteries.

    PRODUCT TYPE: Medium sized hand torch
    No. OF LAMPS: 19 ea. 5mm white LED
    BEAM TYPE: Medium flood, soft falloff
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist bezel on/off
    BEZEL: Clear Lexan with Fresnel lens & rubber shield
    BATTERY: 3ea. "C" cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to 1000 feet
    ACCESSORIES: Generous wrist lanyard with cussion, lens shield, batteries
    WARRANTY: Limited lifetime, including LEDs


    Star RatingStar Rating

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