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Last updated 05-20-02

What's new and improved about new and improved Hot Pockets?
{music} "More, more, more, more filling, of what you like!"

And what's new and improved about the new and improved Eternalight Elite X-ray?
{music} "More, more, more, more filling, of what you like!"

Yup, that's right. Same great light, but now it's even better than before.
The Elite Xray is a futuristic looking, bright white LED light with a built-in microcontroller that offers a host of features not found on most other LED flashlights. The ergonomically-designed, transluscent blue package features 4 brilliant white LEDs and runs off three AA cell batteries. (Please, no phone calls or e-mail about using "batteries" and "cells" together like that). ;-)


The Elite Xray is ready to use as soon as you receive it. The light comes equipped wth Energizer L91 lithium AA cells already installed.

If you just need some light really quick, press the rightmost button on the unit, and you've got light. Press it again, and you've got dark. But that's just the beginning of things for this light. Short of writing an instructional manual here, I'll outline the functions for the Elite Xray, and how to access them. When you use any of the extras, push the right button once to get the light burning first.

  1. Timer mode (One LED shuts off every 2.5 minutes until they're all off): Don't do anything after turning the light on, and this is the mode you'll get.
  2. Dimmer mode: Press center button. The leftmost button then dims the LEDs, from full power all the way down to a single LED burning weakly. Steps through all 17 brightness levels, then repeats.
  3. Flasher mode: Press center button again. The leftmost button controls flash rate. Light flashes brightly at around 8 flashes per second (adjustable).
  4. Strobe mode: Press center button again. The leftmost button controls rate. Like flash mode, but faster and with shorter bursts. This mode can provide some interesting stop-action effects in low light.
  5. Dazzle mode: Press center button again. The LEDs sequence in a neat, attention-getting pattern.
  6. S.O.S. mode: Press center button again (you may need to press it twice to get out of "dazzle" mode): Causes the light to flash the international S.O.S. distress signal; 3 short flashes, a pause, 3 long flashes, another pause, and 3 short flashes. Repeats indefinitely until you change modes or turn off the light.
  7. Pulse mode: Press center button again. The light goes out now, but you can push the leftmost button to turn the light on and off again at will (momentary operation). Useful for signalling or when you just need light here and there and don't need to burn it continuously.
  8. Off: Press rightmost button. You can turn it off from any mode with the rightmost button.

A thin magnet on the back of the Elite Xray allows you to just stick the light on any flat ferrous (nickel, iron, cobalt, or mild steel) surface, and it will hang there until you're ready to grab it again. It will hang happily from a metal doorframe, a refrigerator, or even to the side of your car door when you're changing a flat out in the middle of nowhere.

The light also comes with a unique, non-destructive break-away safety lanyard. With some other safety lanyards, once you get them snagged and they break away, they're broken for good. This one has a special fitting that allows it to break away with a certain, fixed amount of force; but also allows you to snap it back together just like a seatbelt. So you aren't out a $5 lanyard everytime you get your ass in a sling.

The first thing you'll notice when you crack open your Elite Xray for the first time is that it comes with the good lithium AA cells, not the regular kind. But it will be perfectly content with alkalines if that's what you want to feed it.

Use a good quality small or a medium phillips screwdriver (a big #0 or a #1) to remove the four screws on the back, and set them aside. With the flashlight still upside down so the magnet is facing you, carefully pull the two case halves apart. Remove the dead batteries and flush away! Well, OK, better not. Use the "round file" instead. :) Install three new batteries so the negative (-) or flat side of the battery goes toward the spring in each space. Check to be sure the silver gasket is properly seated all the way around, then lay the loose half of the light straight down over the guts, and replace the screws But screw them in only about 80% or 90% of the way down right now. Once all the screws are in, pick up the flashlight and squeeze the halves together to be sure the gasket is fully seated, and then finish off the screws.

The screw holes in the Elite are now equipped with threaded brass fittings, reducing the chance of breaking off the screw post when reinstalling the screws.

So how many ways have they improved thee from the "regular" X-ray?
Let me count the ways.
  1. Used the hard-to-find Nichia rank B1S LEDs for added brightness
  2. Added brass screw inserts to prevent stripping.
  3. Used stainless steel screws for durability and stripping resistance.
  4. Modified the Night Beacon feature to make it slightly brighter.
  5. Modified the battery holders so they don't "pop out" when changing batteries.
  6. Modified the battery retainer so the batteries don't stick to it.
  7. Used stiffer, higher quality springs to improve battery contact.
  8. Added a ceramic magnet so you can "stick it up" on steel surfaces.
  9. Modified the seal to greatly improve water resistance.
  10. Gave it larger "feet" so the flashlight is more stable when standing upright.
  11. Supplied it with lithium batteries as standard equipment.
  12. Case has a more appealing color and texture, and appears more reinforced.

[Page incomplete, stand by for more details]

Beam photo at ~12"

Testing is in the earliest stages, and this page is incomplete.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Stands on tail unattended
Brighter than most other "4 bangers"
Water resistant and submersible to 200 feet
Floats if lithium batteries are used
Comes with a non-destructive break-away lanyard
NightBeacon makes it easy to find in a handbag or dark room

LEDs could become damaged if it's dropped on rocks or concrete and lands face-first
Some people may find the flashlight a bit bulky or awkward to hold, at least initially; and it can feel a bit strange in pants pockets until you get used to the unique shape. Using lithium batteries can make the light more comfortable to hold for long-term usage; carry it in a coat pocket if it's too big for pants.
Requires a screwdriver for battery change.

    MANUFACTURER: Technology Associates
    PRODUCT TYPE: Handheld LED torch
    LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm white
    No. OF LAMPS: 4
    BEAM TYPE: Circular; hotspot with soft fall-off
    SWITCH TYPE: Snap-type dome switches, DSP
    BEZEL: None
    BATTERY: 3ea. lithium or alkaline AA cells
    SUBMERSIBLE: To 200 feet
    ACCESSORIES: Safety lanyard, lithium batteries, inst. booklet
    WARRANTY: Limited lifetime


    Star Rating

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