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12" Fiber Optic Pumpkin, retail $14.99 (Bartell Drugs,
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 10-26-03

This isn't really a flashlight, and it's kinda seasonal (Halloween), and it doesn't use LEDs, and a member of Candlepower Forums DIDN'T need it tested, but here ya go anyway...

What this is is a 12" diameter pumpkin with a black and silver witch's hat and a purple "collar" surrounding its base. A bunch of optical fibers completely encircle the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin itself, go along the front brim of the hat, and some come out the top of the hat itself and aim forward. The inner parts of the eyes, nose, and mouth "cut into" the pumpkin are lined with a green fabric, and the outside of the pumpkin is covered in an orange and yellow fabric that looks nice whether the lamp is on or off.

A 12V 10W incandescent lamp is inside, lighting up the pumpkin that characteristic "Halloween Orange" color, and also somehow facing a motorized plastic disk with colored panels on it. One end of the fiber optic bundle faces this, so the colors appear to change from the other end of the fiber optic strands.

Place one of these in a window or on a rain-shielded porch with the front aimed out, and it'll scare your little trick-or-treaters so much that some of them might develop enuresis (they might pee the bed) that night.

To use the Fiber Optic Pumpkin lamp, first you'll need to get it out of its package. I think the easiest way is to open up the bottom of the package, and cut the four plastic ties that hold the pumpkin in place. Lift the pumpkin straight out, and it ought to be good to go. The AC adapter is in a small box toward the back of the larger one the pumpkin comes in; remove it from its box, and remove it from its plastic bag. The cord is attached to the pumpkin lamp itself, and is tied with a twist tie. So remove that to free it up.

Plug the cord from the pumpkin lamp into the small receptacle for it on the larger square thing, then plug the larger square thing into a 115VAC outlet. The light should automatically come on.

Set the lamp down on a level, heat-resistant surface like a shelf, dresser, or table. The lamp can be placed aiming any direction and above or below eye level, as there is nothing inside that isn't meant to be seen.

The Fiber Optic Pumpkin lamp uses a 12V AC adapter, so this section can be skipped.

The Fiber Optic Pumpkin lamp appears reasonably durable, but remember it only costs $15 from Bartells, so it could be made of materials which could become broken if the lamp is dropped or falls off a table. Care should be taken not to bang it against walls or in doorways while you're putting out the Halloween decorations. While I don't think the "guts" will care very much if you do this, the outer "pumpkin" could crack or become broken, some of the fabric accessories on it could become torn, the light bulb filament could break, or the optical fibers could become broken or dislodged.

I just got this lamp (10-11-03), so I'll need more time with it before I can update this page much more.

Here is a picture of what the lamp might look like in a very dimly lit room.

Unit was purchased at Bartell Drugs on the afternoon of 10-11-03.

The AC adapter is rated for 12 volts AC at 1000mA. It does not have a cord of its own; the lamp's cord terminates in a wierd looking polarized (Polarized? Why?!?) plug which fits into a receptacle on the bottom of the wall wart transformer itself.
I cannot measure open circuit voltage without cutting the lamp's cord up.

The lamp has been on for around 5 hours now, and the AC adapter is not running too hot. Maybe 100F to 105F at the hottest. But like any AC adapter powered appliances, you should not cover the adapter with curtains, bedclothes, piles of dirty wash, boxes, or other materials - just to be on the safe side.

The packaging and instructions state that this lamp is for indoor use only, so it's probably not very water-resistant at all.

UPDATE: 10-26-03
I finally broke down and bought one of those non-contact laser-guided infrared thermometers, so I'll measure the AC adapter temperatures with it in a couple of weeks when it gets here.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Decorative holiday lamp
    LAMP TYPE: Incandescent, 12V 10W
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: None
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Not that I'm aware of
    ACCESSORIES: 12V AC adapter
    WARRANTY: Not stated


    Star Rating

12" Fiber Optic Pumpkin lite * (URL unknown)

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