Blink Blink LED Sucker, retail $2.32, Wits' End Corner Country Store and Bakery (No web URL)
Manufactured by (Unknown) for Squire Boone Village (
Last updated 07-20-04

These are candy suckers (lollipops) with batteries and an LED in the handle. A yellow pushbutton switch on the lower portion of the handle allows you to operate the LED in fast blink, slow blink, and steady-on modes.

These suckers come in three flavours: raspberry (blue), apple (green), and strawberry (red).
The varieties I have here are the raspberry and apple ones.


The sucker can be licked or sucked on as soon as you remove the plastic overwrap from it.
To use the blinking LED handle, first, remove the plastic overwrap from the lower half, then pull the white round tab straight out. Dispose of the wrapper and tab as you see fit.

Press and release the yellow button on the lower portion of the handle once for slow flash, again for a faster flash, again for steady-on, and again to turn the LED completely off.

Just like it reads on the back of the shampoo (or shampee) bottle; lather, rinse, repeat.

Once the candy portion of the sucker is gone, you're supposed to just throw the handle in the garbage. But if you're a true flashaholic, you'll probably hang onto it.

This is designed to be a disposable product; once the sucker is gone, you're just supposed to get rid of the rest. But the batteries are replaceable if you wish to do so.

At the tailcap, you will find a seam. Pry this seam open a bit with the blade of a knife (I used the blade on a Swiss army knife on mine). Once this seam has a gap of a couple of millimeters, put the knife down. Pull the tailcap straight off the handle; jiggle it slightly if necessary; it should then come off. Set the tailcap aside.

You'll see a spring with a thin wire soldered to it at the newly opened end of the handle. Carefully move this spring off to the side. Remove the three used LR41 cells from the handle; tapping it gently on a table or using the blade of a knife to help pry them out if necessary. Dispose of or recycle the three used button cells as you see fit.

Insert three new LR41 button cells into the handle, button-side (-) negative first. Lay the spring on the topmost cell, narrow end facing outward. Press-fit the tailcap back on until the seam is no more, and you're done.

Remember, this is designed to be a disposable product; I cannot guarantee absolute success with the battery change.

Last night, while I was setting up for photographs, the tab in the handle of the blue sucker broke off, leaving the insulating piece still in the battery compartment. That's why I know the batteries can be changed - I took it apart and found out that way.

These are candy suckers, not flashlights. So I won't strike them against a steel rod, run over them, try to drown them in the toilet, stomp on them, throw them, or inflict upon them other "punishments" that flashlights might have inflicted upon them. So this section of the web page will be a lot more bare than the same section of the page about a flashlight.

When the LED is operated in steady-on mode, it really isn't steady-on. It blinks on and off very fast; I believe it is driven by a PWM (pulse width modulation) circuit. It looks steady-on, but when waved about rapidly, you can see it strobing.

Photograph of the suckers in steady-on mode

Photograph of two children using the suckers, courtesy of a Candlepower Forums member.

Test units were sent by a Candlepower Forums member (not the same person who gave me permission to use the photograph directly above), and were received on 07-16-04. Testing started late on 07-17-04.

UPDATE: 07-20-04
Wits' End has given me permission to use his email address if you wish to inquire about the Blink Blinks.
if you wish.
He was also given permission to use this page on his Ebay listings.
So don't be surprised to see this page when you click on one of the links.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Candy sucker with LED in handle
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton on/mode change/off
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 3x LR41 button cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Light splatter-resistance at minimum
    ACCESSORIES: 3 LR41 button cells, neck lanyard
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Star Rating

Blink Blink LED Sucker *

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