CR2 ION Flashlight, retail $145.00 (
Manufactured by Photons Int'l (
Last updated 05-06-06

This is the new CR2 ION flashlight, offered by Enrique from Candlepower Forums. It is a light for CPFers, made by a CPFer.

It has a 1 watt Cree XLamp white LED at the bottom of a polished metal reflector (protected by a glass UCL (Ultra Clear Lens) flashlight lens), and feeds from a single disposable CR2 or rechargeable RCR2 Li:ION cell in its aluminum barrel.

The UCL is double AR (antireflective) coated, giving it a 99% light transmittance.

It has two light levels: low and high. Both of these light levels are accessible just by twisting the bezel (head).

This is the first flashlight to ever use the Cree XLamp LED.


The CR2 ION comes with a CR2 cell already installed, so you can use it right away.

Turn the bezel (head) clockwise (as if tightening it) to turn it on in low mode. Turn the bezel clockwise more to get high mode.
Turn the bezel counterclockwise (as if loosening it) to turn it off.

Yes, it really IS that easy.

To change the battery when necessary, unscrew and remove the bezel, dash it to the floor, look at it all funny, cock your head like a puppy that doesn't understand what it had just been told, and kick it into the closet...O WAIT!!! THAT'S THE GOOD PART!!! So just set it aside instead.

Tip the used CR2 cell out of the barrel and into your hand, and dispose of, recycle, or recharge it as you see fit.

Insert a new CR2 or freshly-charged RCR2 cell, flat-end (-) negative first into the barrel.

Screw the bezel back on, and unscrew it slightly when your CR2 ION springs to life.
Aren't you glad you didn't kick that bezel into the closet with all those boxes, overstuffed plastic bags, busted "vaccuummnnes", and piles of dirty wash now?

Unable to measure current usage due to how the product was constructed.

Photograph of the front of the flashlight, showing the LED and reflector.

The flashlight appears to be ***very*** sturdy, but since this is a passaround, "The Smack Test" will not be performed on it. It has a Type III hard anodized finish on it, so it should be VERY resistant to scratching and scuffing caused by keys, coins, and other metal objects in your pocket or on your keychain.

The CR2 ION is water-resistant, and very possibly submersible to an unknown depth too. When I removed the bezel and performed that dreadful suction test on it, no air leakage was detected. There is a thick black O-ring between the bezel and the body; this should help seal out things like water, bird poop, mud, snow, pee, and other liquids and semiliquids; keeping them outside the flashlight where they belong. But since this is a passaround, "The Toilet Test" will not be performed.

The inside is treated with a gold-colored product called Chemcoat, which is designed to protect the metal against corrosion from water or bad battery juice.

There is knurling (crosshatch-shaped texturising) on the barrel and bezel of this product, so retention (the ability to hold onto the flashlight when your hands are cold, oily, or wet from water, booze, or pee) should not be an issue.

The CR2 ION can be stood up on its tail to function as an electronic candle; beaming its white goodness on the ceiling and illuminating a room that way. Assuming of course, your ceiling is painted white or in a light color.

Although there is a foam washer on the underside of the bezel (head) to help prevent battery rattle, some rattle is heard when the CR2 ION is shaken fairly vigorously. There is no battery rattle when the flashlight is handled normally however.

The light output by the CR2 ION is a pure white, with no red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, or "rotten octopus urine green" tint to it.
Not in the hotspot, not in the corona either.

Beam photograph on the test target at 12".

Measures 8,478mcd (low) and 84,700mcd (high).
I used a primary (disposable) lithium CR2 cell for this measurement.

Measures 41,400mcd (low) and 87,500mcd (high).
And I used a secondary (rechargeable) RCR2 cell for this measurement.

All of these measurements were taken on a Meterman LM631 light meter.
Remember, wider viewing angles always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS equal lower mcd values.

Spectrographic plot
The white Cree XLamp 7090 LED in this flashlight.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from TWO-CUBED.

Beam photograph on a wall at ~15'.

Those graphic things at the bottom-center of the frame are marquees from:
Cinematronics ''Star Castle''
Gremlin/Sega ''Astro Blaster''
Jaleco ''Exerion''
Venture Line ''Looping''
Sega ''Hang-On''
Williams ''Stargate''
Sega ''Star Trek''
Nintendo ''R-Type''
upright coin-op arcade video games from the 1980s.

And that red star thing on the wall is from an American DJ Laser Widow.

Test unit was furnished as a passaround by Enrique of Candlepower Forums and was received on 02-18-06.

Because this is a passaround and I'm certain its next recipient would appreciate receiving it with no dings on the bezel or yucky old dried up rat pellets or icky yukky dirty toilet water in the barrel, the more abusive tests will not be performed on it.

Product was made in the United States. A product's country of origin really does matter to some people, which is why I published it on this web page.

UPDATE: 03-31-06
I have decided to rate this product 4 1/2 stars and place it in The Trophy Case on this website.

UPDATE: 05-06-06
I have boxed this product to return it to Enrique, who was kind enough to loan it to me in the first place.

Durable casing
Two brightness levels
Ability to use rechargeable OR disposable cells

Brightness on disposable cells on "low" could have been greater - this is a rather subjective opinion though
CR2 cells may be difficult to locate in an emergency and/or expensive

    MANUFACTURER: Photons Int'l
    PRODUCT TYPE: Small keychain flashlight
    LAMP TYPE: White 1 watt Cree XLamp LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium flood with slightly brighter hotspot
    SWITCH TYPE: Twist bezel on/off
    CASE MATERIAL: Aluminum
    BEZEL: Metal; LED & reflector protected by glass UCL window
    BATTERY: 1xCR2 cell
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    SUBMERSIBLE: Unknown
    ACCESSORIES: Split-ring, CR2 cell
    SIZE: 2.15"L, <0.75" D
    WEIGHT: ~1.2oz) (Including battery and key ring)
    WARRANTY: Unknown/not stated


    Star Rating

CR2 ION Flashlight *

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