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Pelican Mini-Flasher, retail $7.50
Manufactured by Pelican Products Inc. (
Last updated 08-29-05

LED Light

The Mini-Flasher is a tiny, keychain-sized flashing LED marker. The weatherproof and waterproof unit comes in both visible red and invisible infrared styles, and operates from a pair of L1154 or LR44 button cells. The tiny thing blinks at around 1.3Hz, which is just fast enough to be *truly* useful on a moving object.

Mini Flashers come in an orange-red color, and in an infrared (IR) version. The IR version appears to radiate near 900nm where night vision goggles & scopes would be most likely to image them.

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LED Light
Size reference. Note the keyring & keys.

The Mini Flasher is ready to go right out of the package. To activate it, twist the colored (or transparent) lens clockwise until it starts blinking; to turn it off just unscrew it until it quits. The instructions advise against overtightening, but I haven't found it to be a problem yet. I've turned it until it stops with no damage.

The Pelican Mini Flasher uses a pair of LR44 button cells ("the laser pointer battery") for power, and should blink up to 100 hours on a set.

To change them, unscrew the clear or colored bezel until it free-wheels, then pull it gently off the body of the unit. Disembowel - er - pull out the "guts". You'll find a neat one-piece carriage assembly with the two batteries in its built-in tray. Remove them, and place two new ones in, flat (+) side towards the back. Drop the carriage back in the light body, and screw the lens thingie back on.

For a button cell type package, changing batteries doesn't get much easier than this.

Pelican Mini Flashers are tough & durable, and seem to be bright enough for most low-level marking needs. Hang one from the tent door, put them on your keys, clip them to your clothes, attach to the dog's collar, or just stick them anywhere you need to call attention to something with a blinking light.

They come equipped with a split ring attachment and two different kinds of clips moulded into the case; see photo below.


The large clip on the left lets you affix the Mini Flasher to clothing much as you would use the clip on a ballpoint pen.
The unusual clip on the base seems to be made to hang it from a lanyard around your neck or from any other hanging location; this would seem to allow the light to hang straight down and ensure that its own body doesn't obscure the light from some direction or other; giving it a nearly true 360 visibility (actually, about 345-350 when you count the side clip).

Red and infrared units are being tested as of 11-27-01.
As I do not have a night vision scope, I will have to rely on my digital camera to view the IR and determine when the unit poops out when testing its batteries.

The red version actually has an orange LED under the red lens... how bizarre. If you were to swap out the lens with the IR model, you would have an orange flasher instead of a red one.

UPDATE: 08-29-05
I used my digital camera to take a photograph and a movie of the infrared (IR) Mini Flasher.

Photograph of the IR version of the Mini Flasher.
This photograph is of the unit from an almost top view as it stood upright.

Quicktime movie (.MOV format) of the IR Mini Flasher in action.
Again, a near-top view of the product.
File is 853,792 bytes in size. I cannot provide it in any other format; please do not ask.

Very tiny things
Water-resistant, even submersible to 300 feet
Batteries are easy to change

Uses batteries that could be difficult to find in an emergency

          MANUFACTURER: Pelican Products
          PRODUCT TYPE: Miniature flashling marker
          LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm red or 5mm infrared
          No. OF LAMPS: 1
          BEAM TYPE: Toroidal with 360 side dispersal
          SWITCH TYPE: Twist action bezel
          BEZEL: Tinted diffuser with magnifying end
          BATTERY: 2 LR44 button cells
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: To be determined
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, to 300 feet
          ACCESSORIES: Batteries, split ring
          WARRANTY: Lifetime


          Star RatingStar Rating

Pelican L1 * Pelican Products Inc (

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