Gentle LED Birth Light, retail $22.00 (
Manufactured by Barry Rubenstein
Last updated 09-23-08

Barry sent me one of his cool LED lamps to me late last year (late-2002), but he didn't know I was away and that somebody stole the package, but he was kind enough to send another after I got back home (early-January 2003) and we ironed things out. So I've had this lamp for the last several months, and it's time to put it on my website.

Barry originally made these lamps for midwives, doulas, and expectant mothers (see paragraph just below this one); to be placed on night tables or other locations where candle lamps might normally be placed. But this lamp can be used where candles are unwanted or even forbidden, like in hospital rooms and maternity wards. And if you knock one of these over, it won't go out or set something else on fire like candles could.

Here's something that Barry wrote:
Lovely and practical alternative to candles at births. Created by a childbirth educator and doula in response to the need for subdued lighting at births without the concern for the safety or mess or prohibition of using candles. Useful during the middle of the night in the months after birth too!

These lamps are made using a dried leaf & flower motif; and the top of the shade has a thick string or twine sewn into it, giving the lamp a "finished" appearance that is pleasant to look at whether the light is off or on. The dried flower & fern leaf design comes with a translucent white shade, or a tea-stain shade.
The one I have for testing is the dandelion seed motif, which I'm sad to report is no longer being made (as of 08-19-03) because the manufacturer of the shades quit making the dandelion motif.

To use the Gentle LED Birth Light, pick it up near its base (so the lampshade doesn't come off in your hand), turn it upside-down, and flip the toggle switch. Set the lamp down where you want it, and that's that.

To turn the light back off, flip the toggle switch in its base to the opposite direction, and the LED ought to go off.

To change the batteries in your Gentle LED Birth Light, grasp it near the bottom (or near the top if you want to take the shade off first) and turn the lamp upside-down. Remove the two dead AAA cells (bang the bottom of the lamp against your palm if necessary) and dispose of them as you see fit. Place two new AAA cells in the battery compartment, so the flat (-) ends of the cells face the springs. Place the shade back over the lamp if you took it off earlier, and be done with it.

Current usage was measured at 30mA on a pair of brand spanking new Universal alkaline AAA cells.

Battery life in this sample is several days at high brighness, and many additional days at ever decreasing brighness. I run this light from approximately 11:00pm to 10:00 to 11:00am - that's 11 or 12 hours a day on a consistent basis.

This is one LED lamp you shouldn't throw in the toilet or stomp on, because it simply wasn't meant for it. It was made to be a lamp, not a hammer or a toilet plunger, so I've been treating it pretty kindly while I've had it. The most abuse it gets is when I smack the bottom of the lamp in my hand to dislodge dead batteries. And that's probably the most abuse you'll give it too.

I've had it fall on the floor from night-table height a couple of times because I forgot the lampshade is not attached with any type of fastener, and it just comes back for more. If yours falls on the floor and the LED becomes misaligned (points off to one side), just straighten it and it ought to be good as new. You don't want to do this too many times though, or the metal of the LED leads could fatigue and become broken. A couple of times is probably OK though.

Here is a picture of the lamp lit up.

I use the lamp every night, and find it makes a GREAT nightlight even though I don't plan on having a baby anytime soon.

First test unit was sent while I was away in late 2002 and somebody kyped it...hope they enjoy it!!! :-(
Second test unit was sent in April 2003 - and I got that one. Thanks for sending another one Barry. I use it all the time, and like it a lot even though I'm not giving birth! :-)

Because this is a homemade, limited production lamp, conventional ratings will not be assigned to it.

UPDATE: 08-12-03
If you want to buy one of these lamps, please contact Barry Rubenstein to get one.

UPDATE: 08-15-03
Gentle LED Birth Lights come in this nifty "flower and fern" motif:

(Picture was provided by Joni Rubenstein Nichols for use on this website)

UPDATE: 08-19-03
Barry R. has sent another lamp for testing. Since the dandelion pattern one is no longer available, I re-shot the pictures on this page with the new lamp, and will start using the new lamp tonight instead of the dandelion motif original.

UPDATE: 10-17-03
The Gentle LED Birth Lights now have a new home on the web!!!
Here, you will find ordering info, testimonials, additional pictures of the lamps, and more. I recommend visiting this site if you're interested in this lamp.

UPDATE: 03-20-06
A few days ago, I ordered a new Gentle LED Birth Light with the "dragonflies" motif shade, because my original one had become lost and I liked it so much. The new Gentle LED Birth Light arrived a few moments ago today (1:09pm PST 03-20-06).

Thank you very, very, VERY much, Joni & Barry!!!

Here is a photograph of the lamp, showing you the "dragonflies" motif shade.

UPDATE: 03-27-06
Here is a photograph of the product at night, sitting near a wall and beaming upward toward the ceiling.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the white LED in this product.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from TWO-CUBED.

UPDATE: 06-10-06
Guess what I found this morning while unpacking boxes at my new home in Sacramento?
That's right - my original Gentle LED Birth Light with the maroon flower motif shade, as shown near the top of this web page!!!

UPDATE: 09-23-08
I have been informed by J.N. (Barry's daughter) that these lights are no longer being manufactured; however, a good variety of shades are still for sale on the website - priced at $6 each or four for $20. After 10-13-08, that'll be the end - so if you want additional shades for this wonderful little lamp, you'd better jump right on it.

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