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LEDs - Gallium Indium Nitride UV, violet, purple, blue, aqua, turquoise, green, white. Also Gallium Arsenide and others. New LED MUSEUM! GaN, InGaN, SiC, GaAs, GaP, GaAlP, ZnSe, flashlight, flashlights.
Other kinds of light bulbs

7443 Refractor 13 High-Flux LED (Red) Stop/Taillight Bulb
(Purchased 09-15-05, tested 10-25-05)

I purchased two of these on Ebay for $12.50 ($6.25 each) - though I no longer remember exactly *why* I purchased them. :/

These LED retrofit bulbs fit in wedge-base sockets (on 12 volts DC electrical systems) and are specifically designed to use the reflector already in your taillight housing. They feature 13 high-flux ("spider") LEDs; arranged in five groups of two on the sides, and three at the top so that they'd be aimed directly out the taillight fixture.

Here is one of the bulbs in its feral state.

And here is an oblique view, showing the side and top LEDs.

And finally, here is one of the bulbs, lighted.
Consumes 152.3mA at 13.12 volts DC.

Ismay 230V 15W sign and theatre marquee bulbs
This unusual little light bulb came with a shipment of neon bulbs and other stuff I received from Scott T. in Kentucky USA back in July 2003. It's rated for 230-250 volts, 15 watts; and has a bayonet base and two solder nipples on the bottom. This is known as a B22 base. The base has two pins right near the bottom, angled 1/4 of a turn from the two solder nipples on the insulator. Since I neither have the correct socket nor the 230 volts to run this lamp, I'll send it to
Chris M. in the UK, who probably can run this bulb.

The left-side picture shows the top of the bulb; the right-side picture shows the bulb compared in size with a standard sized Ray-O-Vac alkaline AAA cell.

According to Chris M. at The Bulb Museum, this bulb is known as a "Pygmy", alternatively "sign lamp", and sees widespread use in the UK as nightlights and cupboard lights. They are sometimes used in signs and theatre marquees to form letters and such.

Giant "Blacklite" Bulbs
black lite bulbs
While on my way home last night, I stopped by the City Market, a small grocery store at the corner of Olive Way and Bellevue Ave. E. just east of downtown Seattle. This is normally a stop I make on the way home from a night out on the town, so I don't show up here more than every couple of months or so. After grabbing an artichoke calzone from the deli fridge, I checked out the "Bargain Barrel" and found these for 99 cents apiece. That's a normal sized "blacklite" light bulb on the bottom of the picture.

black lite bulbs black lite bulbs
As you can see, these things are quite large for "blacklite" bulbs. They are not very good however. The dye they used for dying the glass purple is not very even, and from some positions, the bulb appears to glow blue instead of a reddish violet normally associated with incandescent "blacklite" bulbs.

The one that looks like a spotlight is rated at 150 watts, while the big round one is 100 watts. A normal sized "blacklite" bulb is usually 75 watts.

A quick test showed they produce very little actual UV, and are essentially useless in this regard. A 4 watt battery operated fluorescent BLB light does a better job. So I won't be actively using these light bulbs; but will instead hang onto them only for their value as an odd curiosity. It's a good thing they were only a buck apiece or I would have been rather pissed off. :-)

WHITE 5500-6500K InGaN+phosphor 
ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
BLUE 450 and 473nm InGaN
BLUE Silicon Carbide
TURQUOISE 495-505nm InGaN
GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
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ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
INFRARED 700-1300nm
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