Lord Of The Rings LED Goblet

Burger King's Lord Of The Rings LED Goblet, retail $1.99 w/ purchase of value meal
Manufactured by Burger King (http://www.burgerking.com)
Last updated 12-18-01

LED Light

This is the promotional "light up goblet" you've seen advertised on TV promoting the movie Lord Of The Rings. Burger King is offering these things for $1.99 when you buy a "value meal".

The glass goblet is fitted to a plastic and vinyl puck-like base containing two bright red LEDs and two LR-44 button batteries.

To the best of my knowledge, there are four different goblets available with the following Lord Of The Rings characters: Frodo the hobbit, Gandalf the wizard, Arwen the elf, and Strider the ranger. A fan of the website dropped a Frodo goblet by; and another fan mailed an Arwen goblet several days later. I'll include pictures of both goblets in use (one may even have Litecubes in it) in the near-future.

The goblet comes with batteries already installed. A small slide switch on the bottom turns the LEDs on and off. One only needs to affix the base to the glass; it simply presses in place once a notch in the base and a projection on the glass are aligned.

The goblet is powered by a pair of LR44 button cells in a small compartment on the base. The battery door is held in place by a combination screw; which can be removed with either a Phillips or a regular screwdriver. This screw fits into a metal threaded collar, reducing the chance of stripping.

Remove the screw & door, and tap out the old batteries. Install two new ones according to the polarity markings embossed on the bottom of the battery chamber. Then reinstall the door & screw, and your goblet will light up like new once again.

You do not need to remove the base from the glass in order to change the batteries.

This is an interesting piece. Considering it is a promotional item, it is surprisingly well-constructed.
The goblet is real glass, and the base is made from a combination of grey plastic and clear vinyl. Screws affix the two halves of the base together; and the battery door screw hole is threaded with a metal collet to prevent stripping. The LEDs are unexpectedly bright for a "toy", and the base can be detached and used as an emergency flashlight should the need arise.

The "puck" containing the LEDs and batteries.

The packaging indicates this product is for people 8 years and older, primarily because it uses a real glass and not a plastic one.

The glass itself can be treated like any ordinary glass - wash it in the sink, let it get all mouldy, or just throw it in the dishwasher. However, the LED module should be removed when you clean the glass as it is not submersible or dishwasher safe. The module may be cleaned with mild detergent on a damp cloth and then "rinsed" with a clean damp cloth whenever necessary.


The LEDs appear to be in the range of 627-630nm and could be termed "HeNe Laser Red" in color. Probably HP parts.



    PRODUCT TYPE: Novelty light-up goblet
    LAMP TYPE: LED, 5mm, red
    No. OF LAMPS: 2
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide type on/off
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 2 LR-44 cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Not yet measured
    SUBMERSIBLE: Module is not; the glass itself is dishwasher safe
    ACCESSORIES: Batteries
    WARRANTY: None stated


Burger King promotional light-up goblet * Burger King (http://www.burgerking.com)

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