7 LED Night Light Turntable for Crystal

7 LED Night Light Turntable for Crystal, retail $19.99 (http://www.goldengadgets.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=50)
Manufactured by (www.goldengadgets.com/default.php)
Last updated 10-30-03

When you first receive one of these, please check to be sure the included wall-wart transformer outputs 6 volts, not 9 volts like mine does. Another buyer of this lamp also got a 9 volt transformer, and had his lamp s**t all over the floor just like mine does.
What it's *supposed* to do though, is give you a mirrored surface to put clear glass or crystal articles on, and have them slowly rotate while 7 colored LEDs shine up through the lamp's center and shine into the object you place on it. The LEDs can be run through 7 different patterns, selectable through a red pushbutton on the side of the lamp. You can also turn the motor on or off if you wish with a black pushbutton switch on the side of the lamp, located 90 degrees away from the red button.


Before you use this lamp for the first time, check that wall-wart transformer to be sure the label reads "OUTPUT: AC 7 VOLTS 500mA" and not "OUTPUT: AC 9 VOLTS 300mA". Some of these lamps have apparently been shipped with the wrong AC wall-wart transformer, and that will cause the lamp to malfunction, and might even start a fire if you plug it in and then take off.

Assuming you have the right transformer, the lamp is ready to use right away.

To use this lamp, set it somewhere flat, plug the wall-wart's cord into the receptacle for it on the side of the lamp, and set your glass or crystal on top of it. Plug the square thing into a standard 2- or 3-prong 120VAC outlet. The lamp should come on at this point.

If the turntable isn't turning and you want it to, just press the black pushbutton switch on the side of the lamp (opposite of where the cord plugs in). If the turntable IS turning and you want it off, just press that black button. This is the "motor on/off" switch, and you can use it any time to turn the turntable motor on and off.

You can select 7 different "light shows" from the LEDs by pushing the red button on the side of the lamp.

Because this product is AC powered, this section can be skipped.

This product is meant to be used as a household lamp in a dry area, so I won't try to flush it down the toilet, bash it against a steel rod, let the dog go to the bathroom on it, run over it with a 400lb Rascal, or perform other indecencies that a regular flashlight might have to go through.

That said though, I was not able to test the test unit for more than a minute or two at a time because it came with the wrong AC adapter. I was able to take some pictures of the lamp, but that's pretty much it. Until I get the right adapter for it, what you see here is pretty much it. That rating below, "0 Stars - Whip Out Your Pe***r And Go To The Bathroom On It!" will stand until I get the right adapter and I'm able to test the unit more thoroughly.

An opalescent Hemingray glass telephone insulator on the lamp, ready for display.

And here's the same insulator on the lamp, with most of the other lights turned off.

Test unit was purchased with my own funds a couple of weeks ago (early August 2003), and received several days ago. It only took a couple of minutes before it began to malfunction because they sent the wrong adapter with it. Another user of this lamp also got the wrong adapter, and his light malfunctions in much the same way mine has.

UPDATE: 10-28-03
I bought a 7VAC transformer from American Science and Surplus, cut the plug off the wall-wart that originally came with the lamp, and attached it to the end of the cord on the new transformer. Then I tried it on the lamp. After 15-20 seconds, the LED display "froze" just like it did with the original adapter, but resumed operating properly about two minutes later. It's now been on for about 30 minutes, and it's still working.

The "0 Stars - Go Potty On It!" rating I gave it still stands - at least until they start shipping this light with the right transformer.

UPDATE: 10-29-03
The lamp has been running for almost 24 hours now. A short time ago on my way to the bathroom, I noticed all the LEDs steady on again, but when I came back out, the blinking pattern I had set last night resumed. So the lamp still {vulgar term for multiple feces} its pants once in awhile, but seems to still be running fine overall.

After Halloween when I've put the seasonal lighting back away, I'll put an insulator or bottle or something on it, set it in a cabinet or something, and let 'er rip.

UPDATE: 10-30-03
The lamp has been running for about 42 hours now. When I went to take a {vulgar term for feces} a short time ago, I once again noticed all the LEDs steady on, and they were still the same way when I finished up. So I went to add to this page and then screw with the lamp, and saw the LEDs were once again flashing in the same pattern I'd set a couple of nights ago. So the lamp still {vulgar term for multiple feces} itself once in awhile, but seems to come right back for more, all by itself.

(Edit, around 12:48pm the same day)
I've seen the lamp become "stuck" with all LEDs on steady at least four more times this morning. One of those times, I grabbed the rotating mirror plate on top enough to bog down the motor (and hopefully cause the input voltage to sag a bit), and it quickly blinked off and restarted. The other times, that trick did not work. Unplugging the AC adapter for a second or two did though. The lamp restarted in the same mode I had set it to, so there was enough voltage remaining across whatever controller it uses to preserve that. But because the lamp still poops itself, I won't change the rating I gave it farther down this page. And I don't know if I'll set it up after Halloween or not anymore. But there's still hope, so don't go away just yet. ;-)

(Edit, around 5:39pm the same day)
The lamp has been "stuck" for a couple of hours now. So it seems that even with a 7 volt AC adapter and having the turntable on (to help drag the voltage down a bit), the lamp still {vulgar term for multiple feces} itself. But as I understand, 6 volts isn't enough (the motor runs but the LEDs do not turn on), so I guess this is it. Unplugging the AC adaptor for several seconds does not reset it, the lamp emits a "hot" odour, and there's a spot on the bottom that feels very warm. I guess this is just about it for the poor little thing. :-(
It's too cute to throw away, and I blew $20 on it. So that would be like seeing a $20 bill whirling down the can. :-(

Beautiful to look at
Colorful LED display

Wrong transformer supplied with test unit.
Wrong transformer supplied with ALL units!

    MANUFACTURER: Unknown (sold by Golden Gadgets)
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED Nightlight/Turntable Underlight
    LAMP TYPE: 5mm LED, various colors
    No. OF LAMPS: 7
    SWITCH TYPE: Pushbutton to ctrl LED pattern, pushbutton on/off for motor
    BEZEL: N/A
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    ACCESSORIES: Wall wart transformer


    Star Rating

7 LED Night Light Turntable for Crystal * http://www.goldengadgets.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=50

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