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Halloween Shadow Lamp, retail $9.99 (Found at Wallgreens)
Manufactured by (Unknown)
Last updated 11-01-03

Once again, this isn't really a flashlight, and it's kinda seasonal (Halloween), and it doesn't use LEDs, and a member of Candlepower Forums DIDN'T need it tested, but here ya go anyway...

What this is is a small, squat disk that sits somewhere and projects shadow figurines on your ceiling and maybe your walls if you set the lamp near a wall or in the corner.

A 12V 10W incandescent lamp is inside, along with a 12VAC gearhead motor that slowly spins the dome on top. This dome has ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, witches, tombstones, haunted houses, and other Halloween-themed graphics printed on it, done so the graphic is clear on a black background. The light bulb has a very small filament, so that sillhouettes of the graphics on the rotating dome are projected on your walls and ceiling in a reasonably clear manner.

Because some of the characters have smiles, your trick-or-treaters probably won't pee themselves or pee the bed that night. But they might. At least you probably won't have to hose off your porch the next day so it doesn't smell like ammonia. ;-)

To use the Shadow Lamp, first you'll need to get it out of its package. The lamp and AC adapter are in a styrofoam piece inside the box, and are easily removed. The AC adapter has a tie wrap holding its cord together, so you'll want to take that off.

Plug the cord from the AC adapter into the jack for it on the side of the lamp, then plug the larger square thing into a 115VAC outlet. There is an on/off switch right next to the AC adapter jack on the side of the lamp. Slide it to the "on" position to turn the lamp on, and slide it to the "off" position to turn the lamp off. What else did you think I was going to say? ;-)

Set the lamp down on a level, heat-resistant surface like a shelf, dresser, or table. The lamp can be placed aiming any direction, and preferably above eye level. That little bulb in there is bright, so you probably don't want to view it directly.

The Halloween Shadow lamp uses a 12V AC adapter, so this section can be skipped.

I just got this lamp (10-14-03), so I'll need more time with it before I can update this page much more.

Here is a picture of what the lamp might look like in a very dimly lit room.
Yes, it's really sitting on top of a 20 year old Commodore CBM 8032 computer.
The computer has a metal chassis, so I'm not at all worried about bulb heat.

Unit was purchased at Wallgreens on the afternoon of 10-14-03.

I've had the lamp running for an hour or two now, and I don't particularly care for how warm the AC adapter is running. It seems to be around 120F on its front, and around 130F on its sides. As with the other Halloween lamp who's adapter temperature I didn't care for, be sure there are no curtains, bedclothes, piles of dirty wash, or boxes right up against the adapter, and I think you'll be alright. I'll check the adapter again in about 4 hours (10:00pm PST 10-14-03) and post here if it gets any warmer.

Ok, it's just after 9pm now, and the adapter hasn't changed in temperature. Not perceptibly, anyway. I don't have one of those laser-guided infrared thermometers, so my fingers were used for these tests, as they are for all products.

I haven't yet identified *all* the figurines it projects (there are two I don't know what they are), but I've got most of them identified.
Late on the morning of 10-15-03: I kept it on all last night as a nightlight, so I had more than enough time to watch the figurines go 'round and 'round on my ceiling. :-)

The AC adapter is rated for 12 volts AC at 1000mA.

UPDATE: 10-26-03
I finally broke down and bought one of those non-contact laser-guided infrared thermometers, so I'll measure the AC adapter temperatures with it in a couple of weeks when it gets here.

UPDATE: 11-01-03
I got that thermometer today, so let's go check the AC adapter on that lamp...
Ouch!!! I measured 154F on that adapter - so while you might not burn yourself on it with a short contact, you'll receive a very nasty surprise if you brush a bare arm or leg against the adapter by accident. You definitely want to keep this adapter away from curtains, vaccume cleaner bags (I have a Eureka upright standing up right near this adapter), sheets, blankets, pillowcases, piles of dirty wash, cardboard boxes, and other articles.

I later measured temperatures as high as 159F on that adapter...makes me want to unplug the adapter, dash it to the floor, and stomp on it with steel toed boots. I'm guessing the temperature inside the adapter is a good 20F higher, or even more. :-O

Quiet operation
Bright "shadow figurines" are projected

AC adapter seems to run a bit on the warm side
Could become broken if dropped, especially face-first

    PRODUCT TYPE: Decorative holiday lamp
    LAMP TYPE: Incandescent, 12V 10W
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Lighted sillhouettes of characters on dome
    SWITCH TYPE: Slide switch on/off
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: None
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Not that I'm aware of
    ACCESSORIES: 12V AC adapter
    WARRANTY: Not stated


    Star Rating

Halloween Shadow Lamp * (URL unknown)

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