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This is another page full of pictures... please allow plenty of load time.

I received a new Pride Celebrity X3 scooter on 06-12-06. Here are a few photographs of it:

Above/side view (~isometric view) of my new wheels.

Another photograph showing much the same thing.

White LED forward running lights.

Red LED rear taillights.

Stuffed Digimon animals on the lower portion of the seatback.
(left): Gabumon
(center): Patamon
(right): Agumon

The unit comes with an offboard charger; today (06-26-06) I noted that the fan & LEDs were not working; turns out that the "catbeat segment of poo-poo momma farking" (toliet words replaced with innocous ones - the correct acronym is PWPOSMF) cord had become partially unplugged from the charger itself; which was a very easy fix and something I'll look for if the charger malfunctions in this manner again.

(Update 07-14-06)
While on my way home from the store this morning, the "feline flagellated stool sample female parent screwer" (toliet words replaced with innocous ones - the correct acronym is PWPOSMF) scooter tipped on its side, throwing me to the street. I sustained only some minor scrapes ("road rash") on my right arm & right leg; the scooter did not sustain any visible damage.

(Update 07-16-06)
There is a portable radar speed installation on the southbound lane of Rush River Dr. in Sacramento; both yesterday morning and this morning, it indicated my speed as 6mph while I was being bombarded with microwave radiation when I was within range of the device. So I know that the maximum speed of the Celebrity X3 scooter is 6mph on flat ground with the hammer down.

(Update 02-08-07)
I added a Light Cannon 100 HID headlamp to the scooter a couple of days ago. Here are a couple of photographs.

(Update 11-15-07)
My scooter blew up in late-October 2007; this is the "loaner" chair I received today so that I could at very minimum go to the drug store to get my prescription drugs.

(Update 02-17-08)
Forgot to update this web page saying that I received the scooter back from the shop on ~12-12-07. So I no longer have the "loaner" chair as shown in the photograph directly above.

(Update 06-11-08)

This is the seatback "basket mod" I made to the Celebrity X3 this afternoon.
I've performed this modification to every scooter & powerchair I've ever owned.

(Update 04-20-09)
Over the last ten or twelve years, I've seen a number of electric wheelchairs & scooters with this bumper sticker, so I decided to get one too - except that the version I got has had the toliet word censored.

(Update 11-23-09)
I've received several questions about my seatback "basket mod", so here is a little information about that:

I started by using the front basket from a Rascal scooter - the models 205 and 245 have identical front baskets. To affix the basket to the seatback, I simply screwed it on, using small metal brackets with a hole at each end. The brackets went over the "bars" on the basket, and were screwed to the wooden seatback at each end of the bracket. I used two of these: one at the top of the basket near the center, and the second one near the center of the basket near the bottom.

To hold something relatively heavy and necessary for life, I would probably use more than three brackets "just to be sure it's Westinghouse" as my now-deceased best friend would have said.

Simply meaning, I would use more brackets just to be absolutely, positively, 100% certain that the basket would not fall off with a life-sustaining piece of equipment (such as an oxygen bottle).

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