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Welcome to Paul's Waka Waka

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"We Are Not Alone"------------- written March 1992 by Paul Casey

As I sit here in my warm comfortable home, I think of all the people in our world. Some are poor, some rich, some in between, but we all share the same fate. We are born and we die. But what is important is what we do with our "Lives" while in between. We work for the "Man", to bring home the grocery's, pay our rent, or our house payment, and all the general overhead of just plain living. The cycle of our lives remains laid out for most of us here on planet earth. Some of us, there remains in our hearts a feeling of helpless and loneliness, because of our sexual orientation. We feel that we are rejected by society and other men that we see and meet on a daily basis. Its a feeling deep down inside, in our hearts. We want to be happy and not sad. We want to be accepted by who we meet. So we MUST all say to ourselves: "I Am As Good, As Kind, As Honest, As Human, As Anyone Else In This World" We have to take the time out of our hurried lives, and take a stroll down the road, down the beach, down the park, and put on a "Big Smile" on our face. A smile is a small thing and yet it relates to others in a "Big" Way. It says something that no words can be spoken. So put on that "Big Smile" and say "Hello How Do You Do, My Name Is------- . We have to come out of our shell, that we ourselves made. Boy it does seem a little scary, but one must make that jump into the "Real World" Some of us are thin, and some chubby, some are different colors and different nationalitys. But we all are human beings and need "Love", "Companions" and "Happiness" in our lives. Life is too short to Play Games, no matter what your age is. Lets all strife forth with a totally new outlook on our own lives and take a Look in the Mirror of Life. I say to the world: Hello, my name is Paul and I care to Listen! "Live Long and Prosper, and be Happy"

Located in Seattle, Washington U.S.A.

Call with your Modem direct 206-783-7979

Latest Waka Waka NEWS May. 04


It is with sadness that Paul's Waka Waka BBS has closed its system; maybe to come back in the future.

What started out March 1989 as a local BBS for Seattle's G&M Club to post messages to one another; somehow word spread like wildfire!

Gosh, did you hear Seattle has a safe place for chubbies and chasers to download pictures of same? A year later, it was so busy 24 hours a day that I had to add four more modem lines (in those days there was no internet to speak of).
Waka Waka BBS was created as a safe place for chubbies where you are not harassed or ostracised because of your weight, no matter what you weigh because there is a secret community of chasers (men who like their men big).

Oh! Those modem days, they sure were happy memories, watching users on all five lines in chat mode.

People from all over the USA, and overseas including countries such as France, Germany, and Japan called. They so wanted the BBS to continue that they sent in donations to cover the cost of the phone lines.

Note: On April 20, my right leg was amputated due to infections. On May 01 I was transferred from Swedish Hospital to the Parkridge Skilled Nursing Center for healing and physical therapy.
You can reach me there at 206-957-8434.

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