The LED Museum is staffed and funded by a workforce of ONE.
Contact information for that ONE is as follows:

Our mailing & shipping address is:

As of 01-07-09, my new address is:

Craig Johnson
c/o The LED Museum
P.O. Box {box number available shortly}
Federal Way WA. {zip code available shortly}

All public and private carriers will deliver to this address.

I moved again on 01-01-09!!!
I modified the ~1,954 web pages that make up this website (I do have a "search & replace" program that I purchased approximately two years ago; so this did not take all that long like you might think it might have - I believe it took approximately one hour) to point to this web page - otherwise I'll have to go through all of this rigamarole again in early-2010 when I move *BACK TO* California.

Unsolicited flashlights and other lighting products appearing in the mail or via other shippers are welcome, and it will automatically be assumed that you sent it/them in order to have it/them tested and evaluated for this website.
Please be sure to include contact info or your company website's URL so visitors here will know where to purchase your product.

Telephone numbers:
1-253-653-1743 (cellular)
Incoming cellular costs me ten cents a minute, so please keep it brief - and related only to the content of this website or specific LED questions.

Please : contact me for address.

(***VERY IMPORTANT!!!*** This is a new email address as of 02-07-10; however, my old email address will continue to be good indefinitely. So if you sent an email to my old email address, there is no need to resend it to the new.

If you wish to make a donation to help keep The
LED Museum running, you may do so via PayPal:

Donation will appear on your PayPal account as "LEDSaurus".
You may also donate to the site by mailing your donation to the address shown above. Please make your check or money order out to Craig Johnson. Thank you!

(IMPORTANT!) The Paypal button above does not function properly for everybody; if you receive an error, you may donate by going to Paypal, logging in, selecting the "Send Money" tab, and entering as the recipient.

The LED Museum is provided as a public service, and is funded out of my own pocket. Living on a $400 a month disability stipend makes it difficult to maintain the website and the internet service hosting it; this is why donations are requested. Nobody is ever "forced" or pressured to donate or punished for not doing so - you do so completely voluntarily and of your own free will.

Like those Bartles and James wine cooler guys said in the 1970s, "Thank you for your support".

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