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LED Museum ''Cracktro'' (Single-Page Demo Program) (Win XP)
LED Museum ''Cracktro'' (Single-Page Demo Program) (Win 98)

Screen dump from the above demo program.

Sellers of super bright LEDs, LED car and household bulbs, accent lighting, truck lights, and many other LED products.
Get Bright White & Blue LED lights & bulbs

($10 min.)



Spectroscopy is pronounced ""; click on the pronunciation to hear it.

Random photograph
Eleven of the R/C helicopters that I fly on a regular basis.

Clockwise starting at upper left:

R/C Spaceman
V-Max Hypersonic
Syma S026G Tandem Coax Chinny (aka. "flying hot dog" occasionally aka. "flying penus")
Syma S031 Coax Heli
Hughes Defender Coax Heli
Syma S107G Coax Heli (red fuselage)
Syma S107G Coax Heli (yellow fuselage)
33cm Metal Series Coax Heli
X-Smallest Copter (from DealExtreme)
Air Hogs Stinger
Air Hogs Havok Heli

There's one more that isn't shown in this photograph because its fuselage consists of the "F" word -- it's the Flying Frack.


(Not yet received and/or evaluated unless indicated otherwise)
Priority is given to products which have been sent by manufacturers/retailers over products which I have purchased myself or which have been sent by private individuals. There may still be a wait on products sent by manufacturers/retailers, but it will be shorter.

A icon indicates that a spectrographic anaysis *alone* is to be performed on the product.

    08-08-12 In-Cabinet Light from Jenesis Int'l (Received 08-13-12)
    08-08-12 Motion Deck Light from Jenesis Int'l (Received 08-13-12)
    08-08-12 Mini-LED Guide Light 4-Pack from Jenesis Int'l (Received 08-13-12)
    08-08-12 Deck Marker Light from Jenesis Int'l (Received 08-13-12)
    07-26-12 Assortment of 1W LEDs from M.B. (Received 07-21-12)
    06-08-12 Greenie Light-Light (PA)
    06-06-12 Guillows Tuffoam P-38 Lightning Park Flyer R/C Airplane (Original is damaged beyond reasonable repair)
    06-06-12 CNI PGL-RG Red/Green/Yellow Portable Laser (PA) (Received 08-13-12) (Catastrohic failure during testing)
    06-04-12 Radio Shack Pro-51 200-Ch. Portable Scanner
    06-02-12 445nm Blue Laser 1200mW (Defective; returned it for repair in early-July 2012)
    05-30-12 Wispec Broadband LED from Electro Optical Components (Possibly)
    02-23-12 590nm, 660nm, 680nm, and 10mm pink LEDs from M.B. (PA)
    12-18-11 Xenon flashtube
    12-18-11 HPS (high pressure sodium vapour) lamp
    11-19-11 Reference board from M.B. PA)
    10-22-11 Zylight IS3 LED Photo/Video Light (PA)
    09-23-11 Five (5) Unknown Products from LC-LED (Received some LEDs on 11-12-11)
    09-07-11 Vintage LEDs from F.G.
    08-12-11 Actron Inductive Xenon Timing Light
    05-24-11 White phosphor neon lamp (NE2 size)
    05-24-11 Blue phosphor neon lamp (NE2 size)
    05-24-11 Yellow phosphor neon lamp (NE2 size)
    05-24-11 Red Sylvania edison-based S14 "Mazda" style LED bulb
    05-24-11 Yellow Sylvania edison-based S14 "Mazda" style LED bulb
    05-24-11 Green Sylvania edison-based S14 "Mazda" style LED bulb
    05-24-11 Blue Sylvania edison-based S14 "Mazda" style LED bulb
    05-24-11 Blue Phosphor Neon Bulb w/Bayonet Base
    03-22-11 "Black Bulb" (no NUV/UVA emission at all is expected from the suspected piece of caca!)
    03-22-11 75-watt "Party Bulb" (dark color)
    03-22-11 Kingbright WP7113LSRD High-Efficiency Red LED
    03-21-11 UniqueFire M2 SSC P7 5-Mode 900 Lumens LED Flashlight
    10-09-10 4-lead ("Piranha") Green and Blue Cree LEDs
    10-03-10 Unknown-type LEDs from J.T.
    09-17-10 Flashlight/water rescue light from Target
    09-11-10 Plasma Arc Floodlight 20+Klm (portable) {from Wicked Lasers}
    09-03-10 5mW 405nm Violet Purple Blu Ray Blue Laser Pointer Pen (Seller failed to ship )
    08-12-10 Radio Shack "Finger Lights" (Possibly)
    08-12-10 Radio Shack Subminiature Dynamo Light (Possibly)
    07-26-19 Zylight IS3 Intelligent Studio LED Light (PA) (Possibly)
    05-09-10 Kill A Watt Power Meter
    01-28-10 Unknown-type LEDs
    01-26-10 Showa Denko 660nm LED (Possibly)
    12-08-09 Unknown-type LED Signal Lights
    11-30-09 GE #D36 "Satan Bright" Christmas Bulbs (Possibly)
    11-24-09 Catapult
    11-08-09 Wicked Lasers 400mW Blu-ray (Violet-Emitting) Laser (Possibly)
    10-19-09 LED Tube from (Received 11-17-09) (Deader than a doorknob )
    09-16-09 Wicked Lasers Evolution PRO (100mW) Green Laser
    07-24-09 750nm, 880nm, and 940nm NIR LEDs
    07-06-09 ~635nm Red LEDs
    06-05-09 LED Safety Glasses
    05-24-09 Vintage Western Electric GaP Yellow-Green LED
    05-11-09 Texas Instruments TI-1200 Vintage LED Calculator
    05-10-09 MFlare 500 Lumen Flashlight
    05-06-09 Nichia NSPWR70CSS-K1 high-flux ("spider") low-current white LED (Received 06-01-09)
    05-06-09 Lumex SSL-LX5093PGD 550nm "emerald green" LED (Received 06-01-09)
    05-03-09 Unknown-type Laser Diode Module
    04-10-09 TLBV3.2 (Violet laser)
    04-10-09 TLBV2.1 (Violet laser) (Repair of the unit I already have
    04-07-09 405nm Blu-ray Laser (PA)
    04-03-09 Kryton Blu-ray Laser (PA)
    03-09-09 Fairchild FLV-104 LEDs (Possibly!)
    03-02-09 Osram & Vishay NIR LEDs from PLS
    02-24-09 Less orange than usual yellow LED
    02-24-09 "Pure green" GaP LED
    02-13-09 Power X-Bright (0.5W) Power SMD LED (LC LED) ( Received 02-14-09)
    01-21-09 High-Powered Red & Blue LEDs ( PA)
    12-15-08 RGB LED Strip from Copier
    12-03-08 LED Light Mine 360° ( PA) (Possibly)
    10-19-08 QuiqLite (Red/White LEDs)
    08-18-08 Hebei I.T. Shanghai Co. LTD. LEDs
    06-22-08 Various NUV LEDs (for test)
    05-15-08 Flame Tip LED Chandelier Bulb
    05-10-08 Possibly some Favourlight flashlights from M. in Hong Kong
    05-04-08 1970s Red LEDs (possibly Fairchild FLV-104)
    04-23-08 Unknown Product(s) from JTSpotlight (ETA ~09-22-08)
    04-07-08 Various LEDs for test
    04-01-08 Unknown Product (PA)
    03-10-08 QUADLITE UV (PA)
    02-21-08 LED module, 4-inch diameter from InReTECH (possibly PA)
    02-21-08 InReTECH AA cell K2 LED Adapter
    01-21-08 Multivision 10-n-1 Flashlight (Possibly)
    01-17-08 Mystery Product
    12-18-07 SHIPLED (PA)
    10-22-07 Goshen Solar Lantern (PA)
    10-18-07 Pink LED Light-Stick (Possibly)
    09-20-07 Photon ReX Li:ION Flashlight
    08-25-07 Vintage LEDs for the Museum (Received 09-06-07)
    08-08-07 FoxFury MF 1000 Flashlight (ETA ~11-15-07)
    07-23-07 c.1998 Lumileds Prototype Flashlight; 425nm (PA)
    07-14-07 Old (several decades) LEDs for the Museum
    06-01-07 10mm Keychain LED Flashlight
    05-29-07 Surtur100 (Lumileds K2) Flashlight
    05-25-07 Green HeNe Laser Tube (Received 06-02-07) (Returned for retrofit 06-06-07) (Received retrofit 07-07-07; retrofit is also defective)
    05-16-07 Cree XLamp LEDs (from ETG)
    05-14-07 Avago 3W Power LED (Possibly)
    05-07-07 Modified Arc LS Flashlight (PA)
    03-21-07 LED Lenser MR16 Bulbs
    03-12-07 Blu-ray Portable Laser (Possibly) (PA)
    03-07-07 VIP (from
    03-07-07 Lazer Stik (from
    03-07-07 Guardian (from
    01-29-07 Titanium Draco with TiAlN coating (PA)
    01-18-06 IR LEDs
    11-29-06 Coast Lenser 3xLED Flashlight
    11-18-06 Mini Bicycle LED Torch Red (from TokyoToys)
    11-18-06 Fluorecent Velcro Wand w/Flashing LEDs (from TokyoToys)
    11-18-06 5 diode Cap-Light (from TokyoToys)
    11-15-06 MAG 8xD Flashlight, Modified To Rechargeable Packs & 50W Halogen (PA)
    11-15-06 Yellow CFL non-bug light marked
    11-07-06 Huntlight Torches (from TokyoToys)
    08-17-06 Unknown brand LED Keychain Flashlight (Received 08-29-06) (Deader than a doorknob )
    08-04-06 Unknown brand "Shake" Flashlights
    07-24-06 NewScience LG-03P 150mW Green Laser (PA)
    07-21-06 Krill EL Lamp (Received 07-21-06) (Deader than a doorknob )
    07-16-06 10mm 15,000mcd MPJA LED
    07-12-06 Hebei I.T. Shanghai Co. Ltd. LEDs
    07-01-06 Hercules 450 Green Laser (PA)
    06-27-06 LUMITRONIX® LEDs (Received 07-10-06)
    06-08-06 Monsanto LEDs from the mid-1960s (Additions to Museum)
    06-03-06 IR Diode Laser Gun Sight (PA)
    04-14-06 600nm amber/orange LED
    04-14-06 Neon lamp
    04-14-06 A very lime green Luxeon Star LED
    04-07-06 Aitec® Luxeon® 3 Watt Tactical LED Flashlight
    04-06-06 Spotlight MR16 12V with 38 Warm White LEDs
    04-26-06 1 Watt LED Torch
    03-22-06 Blue LED Flashers (Received 03-22-06)
    03-04-06 Mystery product
    02-15-06 "Orange Crush" Luxeon III Flashlight (PA)
    02-13-06 Osram Golden Dragon LEDs ZW W5SG (white) & LCW W5SG (warm white)
    02-02-06 GE SSL-22 Red LEDs
    02-02-06 Mullard DM160 Vaccuummnne Tubes (Addition to the Museum) (Received 02-08-06)
    01-01-06 Philips LED White Icicle Lights
    12-16-05 Sho Me 2 Solid-State Strobe Flasher (Received 12-22-05)
    12-13-05 5-Year LED Flasher Unit (Received 12-28-05)
    12-04-05 AOT 370nm-430nm LEDs (Possibly)
    12-03-05 Christmas LED Projector Pen
    12-03-05 3-Terminal Flashing LEDs
    11-28-05 Red/Orange TriLight III
    10-11-05 Keycha in White LED Flashlight
    09-21-05 Live LED 100 (PA)
    09-20-05 Cree XLamp LEDs
    09-08-05 BestHongKong LEDs
    09-08-05 ***Possibly*** an Integrating Sphere!!!
    09-08-05 LED Grow-Master Plant Light
    09-05-05 1 Watt UV Flashlight
    08-11-05 35,000mcd 5mm LEDs
    08-09-05 Seoul Semiconductor W32180 Z-Power-LED
    07-27-05 Diamond LED Red/Orange
    07-27-05 Diamond 1W Luxeon LED Retrofit
    07-25-05 Hebei Shanghai Co. Ltd. LEDs
    07-23-05 Vintage LEDs for the Museum
    07-18-05 RGB Light Stick from Wallgreens
    07-13-05 Nichia NSHU550A LEDs
    07-13-05 Various LEDs from Besthongkong
    06-28-05 All in One Mini-LED-Display
    06-14-05 Assorted LEDs
    06-10-05 PowerLED High-Output LEDs & Collimators
    06-04-05 Cellular Phone Jewel
    05-29-05 Flashing RGB LEDs
    05-26-05 GLOW-ON Adjustable High-Current LED Driver
    05-21-05 RGB MR16 Light w/Controller
    04-29-05 MasterLED? TL268 Flashlight
    04-29-05 SevenSummits® TL257 Headlamp
    04-14-05 12" 300-Red LED Traffic Signal
    04-10-05 Wide-angle white LED
    04-01-05 LumiDrives Luxeon Lens Evaluation Kit
    02-28-05 Lamina Ceramics BL2000 RGB LED
    02-27-05 "Lazer Beam UV" Computer Light
    02-24-05 J and S Luxeon module
    12-31-04 "Finger Lites" Light-Up Candy Ring
    12-28-04 LED Color-Changing Holiday Globes from Wall*Mart
    12-20-04 Enlux LED Light Blub (PA)
    12-19-04 Red LEDs
    12-19-04 Yellow LEDs
    11-26-04 Nuwai Headlamp
    11-26-04 Nuwai 2 AA 1W Flashlight
    11-10-04 Diamond 5W Luxeon Retrofit
    11-08-04 Hebei Shanghai Co. LEDs
    11-02-04 Aitec 6-Nichia LED Camping Lantern
    11-02-04 Aitec 6-Nichia LED Tactical Flashlight
    11-02-04 Aitec Luxeon 3 Watt Tactical LED Flashlight (3xC)
    11-02-04 Aitec 6-High Brightness LED Flashlight
    11-02-04 Aitec 6-High Brightness LED Camping Flashlight
    11-02-04 Aitec Luxeon 3 Watt Tactical LED Flashlight (3xAA)
    11-02-04 Aitec Luxeon 3 Watt Tactical LED Flashlight (3xAAA)
    10-29-04 99¢ White LED Flashlight (Purchased 10-29-04)
    10-26-04 ISP LEDs (additions to existing page(s))
    07-28-04 FLT-5001 Multi-LED High Power Luxeon? FlashLED® Flashlight
    07-08-04 CooLanyard (Black)
    06-10-04 19-LED Cluster (Received 06-10-04)
    05-25-04 Milkmann LX Flashlight
    05-20-04 TNC N-cell Luxeon Flashlight
    05-19-04 Dollar Store 4xAA "Lantern" (Received 05-19-04; unable to install batteries in it)
    02-25-04 Gerber Tracer
    02-25-04 Gerber Infinity Ultra (update to existing CMG Infinity Ultra page)
    01-22-04 Fliklite 4 LED (update to existing page pending new sample)
    01-22-04 Fliklite LS:1
    Inlightens LED Pins
    High-Flux ("Spider") LEDs
    LEDSupply PowerPuck & MicroPuck
    NYOGEL Lubricants
    HubbelLite #3003-C
    Technology Associates 'MagmaLED' (prototype)
    Energizer® Double Barrel
    Derma-Spec UVA Fluoro
    Trek 4000
    Trek 400
    Trek 300
    Tektite Nav-Lite (part of it missing?)
    1-LED PLW Module
    2-LED PLW Module
    3-LED PR Bulb
    3-LED Screw Bulb
    CK iCOLOR Cove

This is a list of the requests I have received from my viewers and from Candlepower Forums members. I can't make any guarantee that I can get any of the products that I receive evaluation requests for. I'll accomodate requests and/or make purchases as time and resources allow.

Please feel free to contact the manufacturers of products you would like to see evaluated and ask them to contact me to have their product evaluated.

= Do not have or have on the way.
= Have on the way.
= Have at my disposal.

Lumalive light-up T-shirt
Photon ReX Li-Ion Rechargeable
Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight
Dorcy #41-2498 0.5W LED Flashlight
FoxFury MF 1000 Tac-Fire Osram O-Star Flashlight
Cobra StunLight
Jetbeam (any type)
SureFire Titan
Fairchild FLV-104 LED
Peak Beam Systems MaxaBeam
Pentagonlight L2
Enlux LED Light Blub
TNC N-cell Luxeon Flashlight
SureFire H-E-Double-Bendy-Straws-fire or Beast HID Flashlight
Dyson Sphere

° = "Uranated" - infused with an oxide anion of uranium, *NOT* piddled on.
Commonly referred to as "Vaseline glass" because it has a distinct pale yellow-green color when not being irradiated.

Note spelling: "urAnated", not "urEnated","urInated", "urOnated", "urUnated", or sometimes "urYnated".