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LED Wristwatch, retail $69.99 to $79.99 (
Manufactured by Megalaser (
Last updated 02-28-09

I've never reviewed a watch before, so please bear with me here. :)

You might remember LED wristwatches from the 1970s, heck, you might still have one. But this new LED watch from the UK features a longer battery life and a better module inside that keeps the time. These come in two models: the TX-1 with a rounded face, and the TX-2 with a squarish face. Both come in stainless steel cases, and feature an adjustable stainless steel band. So they won't get all stinky and yucky after a few weeks like many of those plastic band LED watches of the 1970s did.

In the early 1970s (1973, if I remember correctly), you could get a Pulsar LED watch, if you had around $500.00 to spare. You won't pay nearly that much these days, and (as far as I know), you can only get real LED watches from this company.


This picture shows the watch on my wrist, like it's supposed to be worn.

The LED wristwatch comes ready to use right out of the envelope. You may need to set the hour to the time zone you're in, but is otherwise ready to go right away.

To open up the wristband so it fits over your hand, lift up on the small "gate" (use a butterknife or similar instrument if necessary), then lift up on the tab you see underneath. This should allow a pair of metal strips to "accordion out" and expand the watchband to its maximum diameter. Slide the watch over your hand and wrist, then fold the metal strips back down until they "snap" shut. Then, fold the "gate" back down until it "snaps" shut too.
I don't know how to adjust the band to your wrist size, so please don't ask.

To set the hour & minute on this watch, follow these instructions:
  • Press and hold in the MODE switch on the left side of the watch.
  • Press and hold in the HOUR/MINUTE switch on the upper right side.
  • Release the MODE switch, then release the HOUR/MINUTE switch.
  • Press the HOUR/MINUTE switch on the upper right side of the watch to set the hour (PM is represented by the colon showing one dot on the lower half; AM by the colon showing one dot on the upper half), and press the DAY/DATE switch on the lower right side of the watch to set the minute.
  • Press and release the MODE switch to put the watch back into normal mode.
To set the day and date on this watch, follow these instructions:
  • Press and hold in the MODE switch on the left side of the watch.
  • Press and hold in the DAY/DATE switch on the lower right side.
  • Release the MODE switch, then release the DAY/DATE switch.
  • Press the HOUR/MINUTE switch on the upper right side of the watch to set the day, and press the DAY/DATE switch on the lower right side of the watch to set the date (month).
  • Press and release the MODE switch to put the watch back into normal mode.
The MODE switch is a recessed kind that you'll need to press with a toothpick, the point of a ballpoint pen, or the tip of the blade on a pocket knife.

To read the time, press the button on the upper right. The time will remain displayed for as long as the button is held.
To read the date, press the button on the lower right. The date will remain displayed for as long as the button is held.

The watch uses a single CR2016 lithium coin cell for power. Claimed lifetime is about a year, though I don't know how many activations (reading the time and/or date) per day this figure is derived from. So your battery life may vary depending on how often you view the time and/or date, and for how long you keep the watch LEDs activated for each viewing.

Although it is recommended you take the watch to a jeweler's to get the battery changed, you can do it yourself if you're feeling adventureous.

First things first... you'll want to take the watch off before changing its battery, so do that first. Flip the watch upside-down. With the TX-1 (the round face model), unscrew the back until it comes off. With the TX-2 (the square face model), pry the back off with a butterknife or similar instrument. Unscrew the battery retainer, and set it aside. Pay attention to how the battery is installed, as I do not have that info. Remove the dead battery, and insert a new one the same way the old one was. Screw the battery retainer back on, put the watch's back back on (for the TX-1, screw it on until it's tight; for the TX-2, press it in place until it's flush with the back edge of the watch), and dispose of the old battery in any way you see fit. Set the time and date (see above), and be done with it. You may now put the watch back on.

Because this is a watch, and not a flashlight, I won't try to flush it down the can, stomp on it, throw it in the tub, smack it against a steel rod, or run over it with my Rascal scooter.

As a wristwatch, I think it's quite nice. And to see real live LEDs in it, that's even better. :)
I love LEDs and things made with them, and this watch is no exception. To read more about these LED watches, and LED watches in general, go to this website and click on the FAQ link near the top of the page. (If you use Popup Stopper, hold down your right CTRL key when clicking.)

These watches are not waterproof or submersible, but they ARE splash resistant. That means if you get caught in the rain, you don't need to take the watch off and stash it away or take the time to cover it up with a coat sleeve. But you probably don't want to toss it in the bushes and let the dog take a whiz on it, because it *might* leak around the switches when you tried to wash the urine off with the garden hose or under the faucet. You should probably also take the watch off before taking a bath or shower, just to be on the safe side. The reseller did test the watch under water (probably in a sink) and it didn't leak, but why take that chance in the tub or shower?

I took a spin in my electric scooter outside this afternoon, and found I could not read the watch in direct sunlight, but could read it in the shade. So if you're in direct sunlight a lot, this may not be the right watch for you; but if you are in or have ready access to shade, or if you spend a lot of time indoors or in the shade, no problem at all.

A picture showing the watch displaying the time.
It was 2:02am when I took this picture. :)
(It was actually 2:02pm, but I mis-set it)

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the LEDs in this wristwatch.
USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

The picture above shows these "reflections" around the LED digits; they don't seem to exist (or are very, very dim) in actual use. In reality, the display has a very neat, clean look about it.

Unit was received on 08-28-03. I've never reviewed a digital watch before (and I haven't seen or used one since the late 1970s), so please bear with me.

UPDATE: 10-25-03
I set the watch back 1 hour to Pacific Standard Time (PST), and had no problems whatsoever.

UPDATE: 11-08-03
While getting a pop or something out of the refrigerator a little while ago, the watch fell off. One of the links in the band had somehow become undone, but it was easily repaired right on the spot (it just snapped back together), and the watch was placed back on my wrist where it belongs. I don't know how or why the band became undone, so please don't ask.

UPDATE: 02-29-04
This watch doesn't "do" leap year, so 02-29 shows up as 03-01. So you'll want to change the date late on the day of 02-28 or early on 03-01. I never expected this watch to follow leap year, so I don't consider this a fault of the watch. Besides, you only have to {vulgar term for intercourse} with it once every four years.

UPDATE: 08-06-04
I got caught in the rain today. Not just a light sprinkle, but a heavy downpour. I felt like a rat that somebody tried to drown in the toilet. But the wristwatch continued to function properly, and STILL functions properly. So, yes, it is water-resistant to the point where you don't have to go out of your way to cover it up in the rain.

But, there is one niggling issue: the band still comes apart for no apparent reason. It is easily repairable (the band just snaps back together), but due to the frequency of this occurrance, I'll have to knock half a star off its rating. It's still in The Trophy Case though, as it is a good product.

UPDATE: 10-27-04
The band still comes apart for no apparent reason. It is easily repairable (the band just snaps back together), but due to the frequency of this occurrance, I'll have to knock another half a star off its rating and remove it from The Trophy Case.

UPDATE: 05-01-05
The watch needs a new battery. The original battery installed in mid-summer 2003 still works, but the LED display has dimmed to the point where it can no longer be viewed outdoors in the daytime, not even on a cloudy day.

Here is a photograph I took just a few minutes ago (11:57am PDT 05-01-05), showing it still works on the same battery.

UPDATE: 06-18-06

I changed the battery early this evening, with help from my father, a vacu-vise, and I believe a couple of screwdrivers & a hammer in leiu of a spanner wrench. Although the case was not damaged in any manner, the LED display now has some dark segments.

In the above photograph, it was displaying "6 18", which is today's date.

Tough stainless steel body and mineral glass crystal
Very unique look to it when checking time or date
If you love LEDs, you'll love this watch!!!
Tested by the reseller to be water (splash) resistant
Setting time and/or date isn't troublesome at all

Possibility that it may not be submersible - take it off before getting into water. Many watches aren't water resistant though, so no points off for this
Adjusting band size could be a pain in the toilet muscle - I don't know how to do it anyway
Can't view time or date in direct sunlight (this is normal for any LED watch)
Possibility that the band may spontaneously come apart (see 08-06-04 update above)

    MANUFACTURER: Megalaser
    PRODUCT TYPE: LED digital wristwatch
    LAMP TYPE: LED (Display-type LEDs)
    No. OF LAMPS: N/A
    SWITCH TYPE: Momentary pushbuttons for setting, time, and date
    BEZEL: Mineral glass window protects LED display
    BATTERY: 1x CR2016 lithium
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Splash-resistant only
    ACCESSORIES: Includes battery
    WARRANTY: 1 year


    Star Rating

LED Digital Wristwatch * WWW.LED-WATCH.COM

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