Micralite, retail $TBA (http://www.tek-tite.com)
Manufactured by Tektite
Last updated: 09-22-01

LED Light

The Tektite Micralite is a single "AA" incandescent task flashlight. Housed in a sturdy ABS and polycarbonate body, the single "AA" cell powers a tiny bulb, giving you light for short range tasks like looking for objects, flashing around the tent at night, or reading dirty magazines on the can. :-O


To use the Micra, start off by installing a single "AA" battery (see below) if it didn't already come installed.
Give the clear head a firm clockwise twist to turn it on, and a counterclockwise twist to shut it off.

The Micralite comes with a tail ring which can be affixed to a keyring or a lanyard, and the body is also equipped with slots that you can insert webbing or your backpack strap into.

To change the battery, unscrew the head until it comes off. Remove the reflector & bulb assembly, and dump out the old battery. Drop in a new one, button-end (+) facing up, drop in the reflector, and screw the head back on.
It is easy enough to do in the dark if need be.

The bulb burns somewhat cooler than the bulbs of most flashlights, so it should have a longer than normal useful life. But eventually you'll need to change it. To do that, remove the head, then remove the reflector assembly. Pull the brass washer off the base of the reflector; note the bulb will also come out with the washer. Seperate the old bulb from the washer by pressing gently on the glass globe, and insert a new bulb into the washer until the flange on the bulb base hits bottom. Place the bulb/washer combo back into the reflector - the bulb fits through the hole in the bottom of the reflector so you really can't get it wrong. :) Then put the assembly back into the light body and screw the head back on.

Although it really sounds like a pain in the toilet muscle, it is really very easy - more so than changing the bulb in most other flashlights.

Availability of spare bulbs is unknown - you may want to order a couple with your flashlight.

True to Tektite tradition, the Micralite is a tough little flashlight. It has an ABS plastic body and a Lexan polycarbonate lens; and its small size also contributes to its durability. The Micralite just laughs off those accidental falls, bangs, dunkings, and errant shoes.

Two heavy duty O-rings seal out water and weather; the Micralite is said to be submersible to 1,000 feet.
A platinum catalyst pellet under the reflector takes care of any nasties the battery might produce while the light is being used.

LED Light
Brighter portions of the beam measured 2.3 foot-candles

The Micralite is not a *bright* flashlight, but it was not designed to be some supercharged blinder. It was meant to be used as a task light for shorter range chores like searching through backpacks & bags, checking the glovebox or other places inside the car, fishing through the tacklebox, or changing that blown fuse in the basement. For that, the Micralight is right at home. Just don't expect it to shoot a million candlepower death ray and light trees on fire from two miles away.

A faceted reflector helps to give a wider than usual beam, though because it is focussed close in, the beam does have a bit of a splotchy appearance to it. In most circumstances, this should not affect the overall functionality of the Micralite.


Battery life test and beam profile analysis have yet to be done... please stay tuned.

UPDATE 06-03-01:
Tektite has redesigned the light hood that fits over the head. Four ribs now line the inside to grip the serrated flashlight head and prevent the hood from "freewheeling" as you turn it.

Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Small, durable, weatherproof, submersible, fairly wide beam suitable for close up tasks, potential for long bulb life.

Dimmer than most incandescent flashlights (it is also smaller!), beam is a bit splotchy.

          MANUFACTURER: Tek-Tite
          PRODUCT TYPE: Mini Handheld Flashlight
          LAMP TYPE: Incandescent, type unknown
          No. OF LAMPS: 1
          BEAM TYPE: Circular with irregular patches & an outer ring
          SWITCH TYPE: Twist-on bezel
          BEZEL: Clear lexan bezel with ribbed outer wall
          BATTERY: 1 AA cell
          CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown
          WATER RESISTANT: Yes
          SUBMERSIBLE: To 1000 feet
          ACCESSORIES: Split ring, optional bezel hood
          WARRANTY: Lifetime

                PRODUCT RATING:

                DURABILITY: 10
                BRIGHTNESS: 4
                USEABILITY: 8
                BATTERY LIFE: 8
                BATTERY AVAILABILITY: 10

                OVERALL SCORE: 40


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