MicroStar +12V LED Module

MicroStar Prewired LED Accent Light, retail $18.95 (quantity discount available) (http://www.theledlight.com)
Manufactured by Suncor Stainless Inc. (http://www.suncorstainless.com)
Last updated 08-30-09

New MicroStar

MicroStar lamps are all-metal 12V white LED lamps that use a tiny LED instead of a traditional light bulb.
The small rustproof stainless steel housings come equipped with a rubber grommet, and are prepped with 6" color-coded (red and black) wires for connecting them to any 12VDC power source. They are weatherproof and submersible, so they can be used in the fishtank or in a fountain.

They measure 1/4" in diameter, 7/8" tall with a 5/16" wide flange at the top.

To make them light up, just connect the red wire to (+) and the black wire to (-) on any 12 volt DC electrical system. They will operate at anywhere between 8 and 15 volts, so they are suitable for automotive & some marine power systems. (Hint: For a 24V system, just connect two MicroStars in series). They can also be operated from 110VAC if you use a 12VDC "wall wart" transformer. Don't just plug MicroStars into the wall, or they will go out with a bang and you'll be out $19. :(

Each lamp draws just 20mA (0.020A) at 13.8 volts, so you can connect quite a number of them on the same circuit.

Mounting them is totally up to you though. Put them under counters, in ceilings, in walls, in railings, behind furniture, behind toilets, inside your bed's headboard (they can be used as reading lights at night)around mirrors, or anywhere else you can drill a small hole and get 12 volts to. Stick them anywhere you need just a bit of light, or face them outwards if you want a tiny, bright blue-white "star" showing.

There are two ways to stick these in a hole. One is to drill a 1/4" hole, stick the Micro Star in, and use the rubber grommet like a nut to hold it in place. This mounting is generally suitable for thicker materials like plywood or tile.
The other method is to drill a 3/8" hole and work the grommet inside the opening, then fit the MicroStar in the hole. This mounting is most suitable for thin materials like sheet metal and plastic.

Operates from +8 to +15 volts DC only.
This can be from disposable batteries, solar cell rechargeable pack ("off-grid" applications), automobile or marine power, or an AC adapter.

MicroStar lamps are made from stainless steel, and are all epoxied up inside for total water/weather resistance. They are durable, dimmable, and waterproof - you can use these things indoors, outdoors, or in your hot tub!

The possibilities for use are numerous - only a small handful are listed above. Got a fishtank? Then you've found a home for some MicroStars. Garden? Fountain? They love the punishment.
Agumenting marine cabin lighting fixtures is another use. Berth or cabin lights, map lights, reading lights, footlights, you name it. If you can poke a hole in it, you can put a MicroStar in it. They'll even work embedded in sheetrock with only the flange tip exposed.

Connection is by way of a pair of wires. Looks like 20 or 22 gauge to me. You can extend these with any kind of thin low voltage wire, like bell wire, telephone wire, fire alarm wire, or even speaker cord.

1,910mcd typical, 2,636mcd max. at +12 volts.
NOTE this is the older, now obsolete version!!

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the older-style MicroStar.

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of the newer-style MicroStar.

USB2000 spectrometer graciously donated by P.L.

MicroStar lamps weren't as bright as I thought they would be. Then again, these units are one of the very few LED products which does *not* overdrive its LED(s). Measured current at just under 14V (typical automobile voltage) is 20mA.
Each one measures close to 2,600mcd, which is spot-on for 3mm white Nichia LEDs driven this way.
So they will perform as they were meant to, and last the full 11.8 years (typical) as stated in the spec sheets for Nichia white LEDs.

Testing is still being done. I have a LOT of lights currently being done, so it does take some time to get to each one. Patience, please.

UPDATE: 01-21-02
I have been informed by the man who developed MicroStar that these samples appear to be an early run where some Nichia NSPW300BS (narrow beam) LEDs were used. They have since switched to NSPW312BS, a wider-angle LED that should show less of a "blotchy" tendency and provide a wider angle beam coverage. I will test & compare as soon as I obtain a sample with the "correct" LED in it, and post pictures for everyone to see.

UPDATE: 01-29-02
The new MicroStar modules are here. As promised, these have a much smoother and somewhat wider angle beam than the original model did. For all intents and purposes, the original MicroStar is obsolete and should become status non gratis once the retailers have been supplied with the newer version.

Here are the main differences I noticed between the old and new versions:
  • Newer model has a smooth, wider angle beam more suitable for both architectural & decorative and truly functional lighting.

  • Newer model comes with a 24" long pigtail, not 6" or 8" like the original had. This makes them easier to connect and work with, and gives you more chances to undo a mistake simply by cutting a short segment off the end and starting over. :)
    This also allows for the units to be moved more often if necessary with less chance of running out of pigtail.

Smoother, more even beam from the new MicroStar lamps.

Nice looking units - very modern looking
All-stainless steel, rustproof housings.
Submersible, can be mounted & used underwater.
Not overdriving the LEDs means they will last and last and last.
Runs directly from 12 volts with no messy resistors.

Dimmer than expected - but this is done for a very good reason; please see above

    MANUFACTURER: Suncor Stainless, Inc.
    PRODUCT TYPE: Self-contained 12v LED with stainless steel housing
    LAMP TYPE: LED, White, 3mm
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Narrow, sharp-edged square (See 01-21 update)
    BEZEL: Flange. LED inset in housing.
    BATTERY: Any 8-15VDC source
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 20mA at 13.8 volts
    SUBMERSIBLE: Yes, depth rating not known
    ACCESSORIES: Rubber mounting grommet. Prepped with 6" wires.
    WARRANTY: Not yet known


MicroStar Prewired LED Module * WWW.THELEDLIGHT.COM

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