ASP Mirage

ASP Mirage, retail $14.95 ( (URL was dead at last check, so here's another place to buy: Texas Tactical Supply)
Manufactured by ASP (1-800-236-6243)
Last updated: 08-05-04

LED Light

The Mirage is an updated model of the popular ASP Sapphire light. It is a single LED, lithium cell microlight that can be clipped to just about anything to give you a bright light anytime you need it.
A single white Nichia LED is powered by a pair of lithium CR2016 cells, activated by the press of a rubberized button. The transparent "I-Mac" style case lets you see the "guts" of the little flashlight.


The Mirage comes ready to use right out of the package. To get light, give the black rubberized button a squeeze; release the button to turn the Mirage back off.

An integral clothing clip allows you to affix the Mirage to just about any clothing article or attach it to a keyring with just a flick of the wrist.

The batteries in the Mirage are non-replaceable, so when they poop out, you mail the Mirage and $3 to the address on the package and they simply send you a new light. The instructions state that battery replacement is a warranty item

The Mirage is reasonably durable, but these lights have been known to break open after a high fall. Should this happen, you can usually reassemble it and have a working light. It is composed almost entirely of clear plastic, with a metal spring and a metal counterbalance weight visible inside. The all-plastic construction is not quite as durable as the largely metal construction of the Sapphire, so you probably don't want to step on the Mirage.

The lifetime warranty covers the batteries (see above) and the LED, but I don't believe it covers the light if it blows up all over the floor after a fall or if someone stomps on it. Damaged lights will be repaired for a "small charge".

The spring loaded clip is a nice feature, you can just flick it right onto your clothing or other object; to remove it, depress the clip and remove. Don't just yank on the Mirage, as doing so will possibly break the clip. As of 08-05-04, I've been informed by a user of lights with clothing clips like this that the clip can become broken with only a minor pull if the two ends do not latch.

LED Light
Beam from the Mirage at 12".
Peak brightness 21,700mcd, this drops rapidly to ~15,000mcd like all coin cell lights will.

The Mirage is about as bright as a single LED light can get. It is meant for momentary use; the batteries can be drained fairly quickly if it is used frequently for long periods of time. Use a bigger flashlight with user-replaceable batteries for this kind of task.
The Mirage works best when used for such tasks as looking for keyholes, digging through purses or bags, searching for lost items, rummaging through the glovebox, or changing that blown fuse in the basement.

In case you lose the package and it's time to send it back, here is the address you mail it to:

ASP, Inc.
2511 E. Capitol Dr.
Appleton WI. 54911

UPDATE 08-12-01:
Note the retail price is $14.95, not $14.00.

Manufacturer also contacted me with the following information regarding the warranty:
"Guarantee is for life irregardless of what is damaged. If the clip is broken we provide a new light. We ship replacements the day they arrive."
"Some of the stories are great. 'Went through the ran over were fighting and it was even chewed by a dog'. All of them are replaced. The best part is if the light is logo engraved we replace the unit with a new engraved one."

Although hacking one open to change the batteries is still a "no-no", don't be afraid to send it back if the kid gets ahold of it or it falls into your roto-tiller.

Any updates related to this review will be posted as they happen.

Pleasing appearance, handy clip attaches to almost anything, small size, durable, very bright initially.

User cannot replace batteries. Momentary-only pushbutton - light won't stay lit unattended.

    PRODUCT TYPE: Clip-on LED light
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    BEAM TYPE: Medium spot
    SWITCH TYPE: Momentary pushbutton
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 2x CR2016 lithium
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Sealed unit, unable to measure
    WATER RESISTANT: Splash/sprinkle resistant only
    WARRANTY: Full lifetime


    Star RatingStar Rating

ASP Mirage * Texas Tactical Supply

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