Update 04-09-09
My father was royally urinated (pissed) when UPS delivered a small package yesterday morning. He says that it was just "more garbage to fill up your room" - yet it was originally intended as a birthday present for him. Happy birthday dad.

Update 02-18-09
My stepmother is forcing me to dispose of most of the LEDs in my custody ; though I *AM* attempting to "hide" the vintage, antique, and downright rare ones.

Update 01-23-09
Here are a couple of photographs from in front of my new residence:

Update 01-16-09
I now have full internet access (including FTP), so I can update this website and read/post to the other websites I normally do.

Update 01-11-09
I've made it safely to my destination (as of 01-07-09); although the internet hasn't yet been installed, there's an unsecured wireless connection somewhere nearby that I'm borrowing. My FTP client does not function, so I cannot make updates to my website, but I *CAN* read my email online via webmail.

Update 12-22-08
The moving plans are beginning to come together now...we'll be leaving here on 12-30-08 as previously indicated; we'll then spend several days in a motel in Sacramento, and then leave for the Seattle area on 01-03-09.

Update 12-12-08
My stepmother flew up to western Washington (or "Warshington" if you prefer) yesterday in order to scope out some houses that are potential candidates for us to move into later this month. She is expected to be there until 12-15-08.

A "big old jet airliner" {Steve Miller Band reference here} like my stepmother got on yesterday.

I went through more boxes of my belongings selecting what to keep and what to dispose of; the "Big Fat Meanie" (from SpongeBob SquarePants) {garbage truck} is going to get a lot of my lights and other belongings - out of approximately nine medium U-Haul boxes, I'm keeping only a single medium box (slightly smaller than a U-Haul medium) - so you can see a lot of stuff will end up at the dump real soon...possibly as soon as later today.

Update 12-11-08
The move date has now been "set in stone" if you will, to 12-30-08.

Update 12-09-08
There is a possibility now that we'll be moving to Kent WA. USA - this is only approximately six miles NNE of Federal Way however, and really isn't a major issue here.

Update 12-07-08
Many of my lights and other products are to be put out for a multi-family garage/yard sale today; those that do not sell will be donated to charity. The dreadful "" icon won't begin to appear en masse on my website until ***AFTER*** the move though, when I can inventory (in detail) the remaining products.

Update 12-06-08
The move date has tentatively been set to a narrow range from the morning of 12-27-08 extending through the morning of 01-03-09.

Update The Day this Website Died :-( (12-01-08)
Today is "Beelzemon's Big Day" {obscure Digimon reference here} - this website is now officially mainly archival-only; however I will still be testing LEDs (providing beam photographs, Vf and If measurements, intensity measurements, performing spectroscopy and {when possible} beam cross-sectional analyses) -- and evaluating small lasers much as I always have.

Evaluations of flashlights and other products (other than small lasers) are now only being performed if the sender pays for return shipping. "The Smack Test" and "The Immersion Test" will only be performed with explicit written consent (not just implied oral consent) and the sender agrees to the product's return even if one or both tests result in damage to the unit that would prohibit its resale.

The decision to scale back like this *** IS NOT *** mine; my parents (whom I live with primarily for financial reasons) are absolutely, positively, 100% adamant that I dispose of much of my existing test stock and limit new evaluations to only those products for which return shipping is paid.

Update 11-30-08
The move date has been bumped back slightly again; plans are now to be out of this house sometime *BY OR BEFORE* December 31, 2008!!!

I've been asked to start packing right now (as in TODAY!), so I'll be losing the use of my beam cross-sectional analyser (a rather large piece of test equipment I use for characterising the beams of LEDs & flashlights) right away.

Update 11-26-08
Although some packing has begun to take place in the garage already, *SERIOUS* packing is to commence in 10 to 14 days. It is not yet known when I'll lose the use of this computer, or how long it will be before I have internet access at the new location in Washington.

Update 11-20-08
The move date has been bumped back to very early-January 2009.

Update 11-16-08

This website is to go mainly archival-only in approximately two more weeks.
Although no new flashlights or other products can be submitted for analysis & evaluation (other than those which are "loaners" and the sender pays postage to have them returned), loose 3mm and 5mm LEDs plus small lasers can be tested here.

This website will STAY ONLINE - all ~0.01333216 terabytes (~1,333,216,000 bytes!), so everything you see here now will be STAYING here.

Once again, I must reiterate:
THIS IS NOT DUE TO MONEY ON MY PART!!! The LED Museum going primarily archival stems from my parents, who are absolutely, positively, 100% adamant that I get rid of most of the light-emitting devices in my custody prior to our temporary move to Washington state in early-2009!!!

Update 11-14-08

I have been allowed to keep several flashlights and all of my R/C aircraft; the R/C aircraft I'm disposing of is being disposed of voluntarily as it has never flown well - at all actually.

Update 11-12-08
I'll be moving yet again (this will be the fifth place I've had since putting this website up) sometime in late-February 2009; I don't yet have the new address.

Once again, it isn't because of a tragedy or a missed HUD appointment; it's because my stepmother (whom I currently live with primarily due to financial reasons) wants to move to the Federal Way / Tukwila WA. USA area (~40 miles SE of Seattle) to be close to her sister, who is dying.

The duration of our stay is expected to be ~1 year, then it's probably back to Sacramento CA. USA.

My previous "Moving News" web page is right here; this page was created because the last one was simply getting too big for its britches.

I also used a Global Search and to change the address on the 1,954 web pages that make up this website; I changed them to a link that points to a single web page because if I didn't, I'd have to go through all of this rigamarole again in early-2010.

I will have to leave behind *MANY MORE* lights than was previously expected as well.
However, I will be keeping at least several; among them, the Arc LS prototype, the royal blue Arc LS, and a fair percentage of SureFire products. I also intend to keep at least some of my lasers: all Blu-ray (violet-emitting) lasers, at least one blue DPSS laser (probably this one), at least several green DPSS lasers, both yellow DPSS lasers, and several red lasers.


No, this is not a joke.
This website may be forced to go mainly archival in several months; new evaluations will be much fewer and farther apart. However, I *WILL* continue testing new LEDs, and intend to keep the Museum itself active.

Do you manufacture or sell an LED flashlight, task light, utility light, or module of some kind? Want to see it tested by a real person, under real working conditions? Do you then want to see how your light did? If you have a sample available for this type of real-world, real-time testing, please contact me at

Please visit this web page for contact information.

Unsolicited flashlights, LEDs, and other products appearing in the mail are welcome, and it will automatically be assumed that you sent it in order to have it tested and evaluated for this site.
Be sure to include contact info or your company website's URL so visitors here will know where to purchase your product.

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ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
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BLUE Silicon Carbide
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GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
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ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
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