Update 04-16-10 My father has had a stroke -- well actually, a whole bunch of little strokes.
For this reason (he cannot go up the stairs to use the shower!), we're looking for an emergency 1-story house; moving could take place on ***VERY*** short notice now.

Update 02-28-10 I've been informed that packing is to begin in less than one week; an intracity move is expected to take place sometime in April.
I know it's only a short distance, but "moving" is "moving" -- what a pain in the toliet muscle.
I will be without internet access for at least several days; but possibly close to a month. That one month value is not super likely, but the probability of that occurring is not mathematically zero.

Update 12-19-09 I've been told that my computers ***MAY*** be taken away from me by my parents (whom I live with for primarily financial reasons) - apparently they think I'm piddling away too much of my time on this website.
My sister told me this today while my parents were gone.
If this occurs, there will be a suspension of updates to this website for an as-of-yet unknown period.

Update 06-29-09
I've been asked to pare down my belongings *AGAIN* prior to our move in February 2010.

Update 05-28-09
I'll be moving again sometime in February 2010.
It isn't going to be very far, but "moving" is "moving" - what a pain in the toliet muscle.

Do you manufacture or sell an LED flashlight, task light, utility light, or module of some kind? Want to see it tested by a real person, under real working conditions? Do you then want to see how your light did? If you have a sample available for this type of real-world, real-time testing, please contact me at

Please visit this web page for contact information.

Unsolicited flashlights, LEDs, and other products appearing in the mail are welcome, and it will automatically be assumed that you sent it in order to have it tested and evaluated for this site.
Be sure to include contact info or your company website's URL so visitors here will know where to purchase your product.

WHITE 5500-6500K InGaN+phosphor 
ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
BLUE 450 and 473nm InGaN
BLUE Silicon Carbide
TURQUOISE 495-505nm InGaN
GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
AMBER 595-605nm
ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
INFRARED 700-1300nm
True RGB Full Color LED
Spider (Pirrahna) LEDs
True violet (400-418nm) LEDs
Agilent Barracuda & Prometheus LEDs
Oddball & Miscellaneous LEDs
Programmable RGB LED modules / fixtures
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The World's First Virtual LED Museum
The Punishment Zone - Where Flashlights Go to Die
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